Saturday, April 29, 2006

Blog Shopping?

I know I am a horrible blog person.
But in all seriousness.
I LOVE reading blogs, and I must say I have gotten down to a pretty good schedule as to read all my FAVS on a regular basis--as she points to the side bar.
But I have a secret.


I HAVE A LIST OF 30+ blogs that are not listed.

WEWW I got that off my chest. Serious I must confess.

I feel better now.
I am a lurker, I guess the first step is to admit it. I lurk at these blogs and peak into these lives and have never left a footprint. Well for the technically inclined they all have my lurking IP address and then they also see my work one (I know I have no shame) and they have been wondering for weeks who the hell surfs there blog from a company with a REALLY weird name.
that's me.
But it leaves so many questions.
Is there blog friend etiquette?
I mean how do you breach the subject? Do you comment and tell them you think they are FABULOUS and you want to link them?
DO you just link them?
What if you have nothing spectacular to say and "fear" they would think you were a freak anyways.
I have put this all out there do I have lurkers? And how does one get so many fabulous comments. Do they have secrets? Did I miss the naked pictures?
I LOVE getting comments. But do you lurk?

I think I have blog OCD? IS there such a thing? Actually I know there is. The hubby calls me BLOG HOG (how gross I know)
But when I get home (after being on the Internet all day at work) I must check for comments?
Does anyone have anything to say?
Are they all lurkers too?

Oh I also will try to brush up on my comment etiquette. I always look back to see if someone has commented on my comment and I LOVE this but never did it myself.
So from here on out. I will comment on my comments.

And this is where I should say something witty along the lines like "I do not give a damn what you think anyways"

But I do care.

Why else would I publish all the events of my life in cyber world for all the world to see? And then check my email feverishly for comments.

**sigh** Yes this is me. I have issues

*** ha ha you think that's bad? I also feed Polly my penguin at least a few fish a day because I am worried in some sick way that if she's not feed they may kill her**

Any recommendations on a doctor for this sort of thing?


jennster said...

you are so cute! please tell me my post somewhat inspired this adorable rant of yours? lol.. do you use bloglines or any organized form of reading blogs, or do you visit each individually?? bloglines make things SO easy- and puts ALL THE BLOGS YOU READ in ONE place. you know when they've been updated, how many posts they've written since your last bloglines visit, and it's just so freaking cool!!! you still have to click the actual blog IF you want to comment, but for you little miss non commenting lurker face, it's perfect! LOL.. SMOOCH!
and hell yeah, if you like a blog, you just link them! i don't think i've ever asked anyone if i can link them. i just do it! i'm rebellious that way! :o)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

YES JEN, you were my inspiration.
I was reading yours then I thought about the secrets I was keeping.
I am going to have to look into the bloglines thing.
They let me lurk in secret?
Ha ha
Now everyone knows anyways.

T-girl said...

ME TOO!!!! LOL No one loves my blog but you and a few close freinds though! :( Someday someone will "discover" me and I will be famous and you will be about to say "oh I read her before she was famous!" LOL)

I am with Jennster, just link, the more links the more love! LOLOLOLOL I am all about he love, this is like the modern version of hippidom! Link away, baby, link away!

MsPinkSlip said...

Just link them. I haven't asked anyone if it's ok. If you have a blog, I take it as an open invitation to link it.

Battlerocker said...

Yes, just link them, and feel free to just leave comments/compliments as well. I have never had a person complain of being told they had a nice blog. With so many worthless ones around, a comment as short as nice blog ought to be appreciated. As for linking, if I ever meet a Blogger who gets mad about increased traffic from an unsolicited link, I’ll tell you. :)

Anne said...

You are too funny..I link away..

I am not a good lurker though..I have too much input. I always leave someone some kind of comment..I guess because I love them so much.

I wonder how many lurkers I have? I wish they would come out so that I could offer them a junior mint and an invite to me and your BIL's wedding shower..just because they lurk doesnt mean they dont have to buy me a present!

astrocoz said...

Well, if you want to delurk, just leave a comment about the post they made. Simple as that.

I must admit though, I've got a crap load more blogs that I don't link on my sidebar...partly because most people read them and partly because I'd be ashamed to link some of them. I have this secret attraction to train wreck blogs. I'll read them and not link them and not comment on them...because I know that I'm probably the only one who finds interest in them...then there are other blogs I don't link, but do comment on, because I don't want some trollish people causing them problems.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

There are a few blogs that I read that are as you say "train wrecks" but I read them anyways.
I do leave comments if I see fit but some people I am not so sure I want them lurking around here?
Ha ha
What a double standard, if they only knew how crazy I really am.

Oh and HR professional and Alexi I will link tonight too

MsPinkSlip said...

There are a few blogs that I read that are as you say "train wrecks" but I read them anyways.
I do leave comments if I see fit but some people I am not so sure I want them lurking around here?Ha ha What a double standard, if they only knew how crazy I really am.
Oh and HR professional and Alexi I will link tonight too

I was beginning to worry if I was a trainwreck!

Anne said...

Hmm..I want a list of everyones train wreck blogs...I want some blog addiction to be ashamed of too!

that girl said...

holy shit, that's you! you work at an online porno site!!!

I had no idea. you really do have some skillz! so then, sharpening pencils *wink, wink* must mean something else?


I do get attached to my blog reading. like a junkie. and then I worry. and then I want to make sure they are okay. but they don't know me. what's a girl to do! aaahhh. good grief.

Tiffanie said...

hehe. I guess I lurk at your site. I so appreciated this post because this is EXACTLY HOW I FEEL. So, nice to meet you. I am Tiffanie. Came here from Anne's site.


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