Saturday, August 30, 2008

Christmas in AUGUST!!

So me and a friend drove the 40 miles to a real mall today and you would NEVER BELIEVE what we found??

A NEW DSW!!! Opening soon less than 40 miles from me!! Can you tell how excited I am???

Oh and I bought these black and white ones twice... Yeah I bought them once before Vegas and then because I paid almost $40 for them (I rarely pay over $20-$30for shoes) and never took them to Vegas and they were so cute and they are Jessica Simpson shoes.. But I returned them. AND THEN I went back this week and they had been marked down AGAIN and still had my size for an additional 40% after being marked down 75% already. It was ment to be. They were $12.00.

And then I found these BEAUTIES for less than $30......

I do love me some shoes!! But even more I do love to get shoes on sale!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


*School is not going to happen. I was schedualled to start yesterday and remember this? How I was worried about starting and then not being able to finish. I just got to thinking IT WAS A LOT of work and was not fair if I took advantage of the situation?

*Anyways. Work now knows I am leaving, I gave them my notice today so they can post my job. Because its a Gov position it takes FOREVER to hire someone.

*We have a tentative "idea" of where we may be moving. Its somewhere in Florida and I am SO excited!!

*My best friend is having a baby boy! And I am SO excited.

*My friend I went to Vegas with is moving September 19th and I am very sad about it. But we will always be friend so I am not so worried. And if we move to Florida then we will be closer to each other (she is moving to Dallas, TX)

*Project need to lose weight starts again September 1st. I have maintained for over 8 months so its time to step it up and start losing again.

But to sum it up. Life is good and I am blessed.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

When "I told you so" is a little funny

This was on the way home from Mount Rushmore for our anniversary. Needless to say the hubby did not find it funny, but I could not stop giggling. I even went as far as to say "Well don't day I did not tell you to "maybe" slow down a bit."

His response "Your not helping"

You do have to find the humor in it really.... Oh and we were doing 82 in a 65. Well its one way to remember our 5 year wedding anniversary

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I DO!!

5 years ago today I married the love of my life.....

Happy Anniversary Love, where did the five years go?

I love you today, tomorrow and forever...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trip to Vegas

Was so much fun!! We started with pre-drinking at the airport and then after we were good and giggly I looked out the window to see this....

Which of coarse the only thing to do was BURST out laughing because "Really? Have I had THAT much to drink?"

We got a free upgrade at the hotel because we checked in so late and UMMM yeah lets just say the Tropicana has not been updated in about 40 years...

Yes that is us laying on the bed, and YES those are mirrors on the ceiling above the bed!

Sooo lets just day Friday night WAS SO FUN, in the morning I had a conversation that went like this with hotel security

"Hotel Security how can I help you?"

"Umm yeah, did you happen to find a random shoe in the hotel anywhere?"

"Which night mam and where do you think may have lost the shoe?"

"UUmmm I think it could be, well umm, anywhere from the front door to the 18th floor..."

**snickers*** "Lady what did the shoe look like?"

"Well its black in the back with a round toe and it fades into red, its fabulous really"

"Ok lets see.... Nope we have a silver pump, black slip on, black pump and pink, no red"

***BUST OUT LAUGHING*** "So you have gotten this call before?"

"Every day lady"

R.I.P beautiful red and black shoe. At least you did it big one more night and went out like a champ in Vegas... You will be sorely missed!!!

And OH YES it is COMPLETELY acceptable to sleep on the floor in the Las Vegas airport......

Monday, August 18, 2008

I am back from VEGAS!!

And I have many bruises to prove it!!

I am just hoping my body will forgive me for this one.... Update with pictures coming soon! Oh and not to disappoint there will be another "What not to wear to Vegas- Second Addition"

Monday, August 11, 2008

I need help

Yes they are a bit trashy but they are HOT.

Perfect for Vegas this weekend...

Oh yeah I am going to Vegas with a friend for the weekend... WEEEHOOO

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Oh to be a six year old!!

True story:

I walk up to one of my tables tonight and this little boy (who I later find out is 6 years old) asks me

"Hey you, whats your name?"

"My name is Random, what is your name?"

"Well Random MY MOMMY SPANKS ME ALOT!!!!!"

I bust out laughing so loud anyone that can see me is now staring at me, and at my table. This little boy is SO PROUD he just announced to a COMPLETE stranger that his mommy spanks him ALOT.

When I am done laughing and the shock on the mom's face has worn off, she says to the little boy.. "Tell her WHY you have been getting lots of spankings"

"I am a VERY bad boy"

Later in the evening he is waiving his hands frantically and calling my name..

"Random, random can I sing you a song?"

"Sure I would love for you to sing me a song"


He did the dance and everything..... 6 years old, I wonder what he will be like in 5 years!

I need to get back to the gym.....

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Live it!

Each day is a gift, so live it like you stole it....

Just my motto for the day. Its funny how you can go through some days without giving a second though to your health, your well being.

And then something sets you off.

Say a phone call from the boob surgeon and for some reason they hang up.

And then your head does that thing where you FREAK THE HELL out? Yeah and you start thinking
"Maybe they got your results messed up and need you to come in right away" (you see it all the time in the movies)
"Maybe its REALLY worse than they thought and need to see you RIGHT away?"

Anyways. It was nothing.

But sure makes me want to live for today!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I am an official college student

Friggin hell.

So yep. Testing done and REGISTRATION done... But now I understand why so many people are in debt from school.

Holy batman its expensive! So this community college for a 3 credit course is $375 NOT including books.

For 3 credits!

SO I am still trying to decide if I am going to do a full course load or not. Its SO expensive so I think for now I will just be taking classes for work.

And then my guilty conscience is thinking "Why are you bothering?" seeing how we are moving probably before the end of the semester.

But I can not tell work that... ** sigh**

I am going back to school!

Friday, August 01, 2008

OMG y'all


It all started innocent enough, woke up, jumped in the shower and then BAM my first muscle spasm in FOREVER. And we are not talking just any kind of muscle spasm. THIS ONE KICKED MY ASS SO HARD I BARFED! It was THAT painful.

Oh and while barfing I got one in my shoulder. That was fun.

Then I called work and explained due to barfing (and the runs that would follow) I would not be making it in.

Then I laid down thinking I would go back to sleep.

Yeah right, spasms EVERYWHERE. So I googled it and it seems that yesterday morning I drank milk and spasms happen from Calcium build ups and I need vitamin C that and water.

Who knew?

Friggin hell though this sucks ass, I can not even walk to the bathroom without a spasm somewhere.
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