Friday, March 31, 2006

It's the weekend!!!

I sometimes wish I was a police officer.
This lady was driving in the car pool lane the entire way to work.
What makes me mad is she was in the car by herself.
Piss me off.
Oh and then she decides just before the car pool lane ends that she will just cut me off and cross across the double yellow line.
Crazy ass drivers.

I had chocolate cake for breakfast.

And I had vanilla cake for lunch. In my defense I brought a lean cuisine and it was gross. Grilled Salmon with basil, I ate the salmon but the rest was GROSS!!

So I have been hiding my tats all week.
Not because I have to just because some people get the wrong impression about tattoos. They see them and they stereo type you. I am still a good girl I just like tats.

Anyways the Vice president outted me. He saw them yesterday. Then today (now that I do not care) I wore capris as to expose my feet.

I was cornered by 2 people as of 9am asking what they mean. Oh well I guess one of my secrets is out.

One of them said "You do not cross me as someone who would have tattoos?"

Ha ha

Thursday, March 30, 2006

So my fat ass is getting fatter!

Ha ha, So I am supposed to be losing weight and I am actually putting it back on.
Need to get back to it.
Trust me you really do not want to see me in a bikini.

Oh and the new apartment is coming along, the stupid rental lady called my job 3 times today, and because I pick up the phone the coversation looks like this.

"Good morning (company name) (in case you were confused as to what I said)"
"Hi, um I um am calling um about umm....."
"Humm I am calling about a umm employee verification"
"Oh? Is this employee (my name)"
"Humm yes"
"Ok then"
"Hum I think I need humm"
"Would you like to speak to HR in regards to the employee verification?"
"Hum, I'm not sure"
"So what would you like me to do?"
"Humm I guess humm, yeah I could speak to HR"


And then I think she called back to see if I would pick up the phone again.
I did
"Humm Ok then Humm"
And she hung up.
I think I should have told her to apply to be on South Park.
Hum k?

Even the HR lady came back to say she was an idiot.

But the unit is beautiful and the pool is beautiful and it's closer to work, not to mention they have a 24 hour gym. The hubby and the brother in law also said I would not have to move anything (like they have a choice with my back and stuff) so I get to put things in boxes and have them move it.

OK I love my job

Serious. I never thought I would say that other than about my last job. But I really LIKE this job. I have my own space, the people are great, my manager is awesome I am really happy.
Other than I can no longer sleep in I think that's its only fault!
Not bad a guess. I wonder if I am just loving it because I only have to stay 6 months or so?
Naw its really great.
The Vice-president said it seemed like I had been there forever. What a nice compliment.
That or he's sick of me already.
Oh and I forgot to brag about getting to listen to Sirius radio ALL day on any station that I choose! It's cool really.
One more day to go till I get to sleep in... WEEHOO so excited about a sleep in!

To poop or not to poop

Ok so you all know I started my new job. Its great. OK so I have a question, actually a comment really. So at my new job there is about 20 people who work in the office, about 12 of them are female.
Well my problem is (like I think you care) I have been holding my poop.
Ok laugh if you must but I can not poop at work. I just can not do it. I am worried that if I do then someone else will walk in after my poop and that would just not be funny.
See the thing is the 12 of us women share 1 bathroom!! I mean there is no where else I could go, I would be stuck, not to mention that I would need to walk away from the phones for a few moments then someone would look up and wonder outloud "Where is that girl" and when I walk back from the bathroom I would need to walk past 10 of the 12 people who share this bathroom and I am worried that they will look up from there work thinking "I know what you did in there!"
Its just something I have not ever been able to do. I know its "natural" and shit (so to speak) but I just can not do it....

I guess I need to wait to poop at my new job. Maybe its just new job poop jitters.
Or I am just crazy, I have never been good at poopiing anywhere but home...
I am nuts

Graduation Night

So finally school is done for the hubby. Well at least till he plans to get his masters. Its funny cause for 4 years he worked full time and went to school full time now he has so much time on his hands that he is looking for a part time job. Not that he needs to, he just feels strange and out of place with all this new free time.

Coming home from the cerimonies we both got lost on the vast amount of highways. I really hate driving in Cali unless I know for certain where I am going.
On a different note I did not realize how hard it is to take pictures and scream at the top of your lungs while still trying to get a moving object in the frame...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I need a vacation

Ha ha, I was off work for a whole year and I have been back 2 days and I feel like I need a vacation. But serious though its so good to be back its just hard to get adjusted. Getting up is not so bad its just staying up all day. I should have weaned myself off the naps and sleep ins. And I am going through some serious blog withdrawal. I have not been able to keep up with my infinite amount of blogs I read nor been able to update mines as much as I want. Oh well I will get into the swing of things soon.

The hubby's graduation is tonight. I am so excited. 4 longs years and he finally gets his diploma. I am so proud of that man. I am a little sad that his mom and brother will not be able to make it, but you know me I will be standing on my chair screaming and clapping like a mad man when he walks across the stage.

Monday, March 27, 2006

1st Day At Work

Yesturday went great! I had so much fun really. I was a bit anxious to see what it would be like. The girl who is training me is super cool. The company is Huge but everyone I work with is really laid back and fun.
I keep telling myself that its only for 6 months so I do not want to get too attached to the place and its good I keep telling myself that because I think I would need a little more stimulation than what's being offered.
Yeah its pretty exciting to screen calls for the President and the VP and using the fax machine is the high light of my day but all in all its not a bad job. I am just the type of person that always has to have something to do or I lose my mind and I feel my "talents" are going to waste.
I am thankful for this job though. Its fun to have a job and a purpose again.

Oh and we are moving to a new place. The hubby and I out grew our apartment about 2 years ago and we found a beautiful place closer to my job and because we are leaving in about 6 months they are offering a 6 months lease. Roger (the brother in law) is going to move in with us too.
I am a little hesitant about that but we will see how it goes. We have been married almost 3 years and I do not want to really live with anyone else but it helps Roger out and the place is so nice and its brand new, crown molding and its HUGE and has a full size washer and dryer, and the kitchen us SOOSO nice.

Ahh I guess I should get used to moving because there will be a lot of it in the next few years.

Quick Post

So I am off to my new job. For some reason I thought I would be nervous but I guess I am not I am so excited about getting back to work.

BUT I am a little upset that I still am not sure if I will have internet access and if not OMG what the hell am I going to do without being able to feed my crack habit during the day? I am going to wither away till I get home...

Oh please have the internet! And please allow me (of coarse not till I figure out if it's "frowned" upon) to check on breaks and lunches. And I am curious to see who's going to 'befriend" me and give me all the office gossip. You know there is that one person everywhere you go, that's all up in everyones business?

WEEHOO off to work I go!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

UGG I hate hospitals!

So the phone rings this morning at 8am, its Nora (mother in law) she's out of breath and tells the hubby when he dropped her off at home this morning she walked in the find Gerry (her roommate) passed out in a Coma on the floor, she proceeded to do CPR and call 911 till the paramedic got there, they whisked him away to the hospital and Nora needed a ride to go check on him I volunteered to go because that's just what I do. Anyways I get her she explained to me that Gerry's blood sugar level was at 20 (it should be 140) he's diabetic and always forgets to eat (he's old too). Turns out he will be ok they are keeping him over night for observations and I drove her back home to rest. Poor thing had just worked the over night shift and has still not been to bed yet. I was going to leave her my car but I start my new job tomorrow....

And I also am feeling really bad about plans I had with a friend. We have been trying to get together for 3 weeks now and some how something always comes up. I am sure she will understand that today was out of my control, but I can not even call her to explain because I gave my cell phone to Nora when I went to get food for her and I forgot to get it back, and I only have her phone number on that.

Oh well, so new job tomorrow weehoooo
I am a working lady again!!
Wish me luck. And those bitches that gave me dirty looks better watch themselves!! Don't make me slap you down my first day.

This is my life

Ok this will be a long one... You can fast forward to the bottom if you wish. I will forgive you.

So when I was a baby I used to get sick all the time. I would cry endlessly and barf almost daily.

They told my mom that I was a colicky baby and I would grow out of it and the barfing part (cause colicky baby's rarely barf ALL THE TIME) they told my mom it was because I was allergic to milk.

Thus my mother immediately stopped giving me milk. I would have a few "better" days but her mothers intuition told her there was something wrong and kept taking me back.

They kept sending me home with my mother with another excuse "She must be allergic to the cats, or the plants in your house, maybe its your perfume, does the house have any mold?

This went on for years, and when I say years it went on till I was about 4 and my mother took me to a specialist in child medicine. She explained all my symtoms to the doctor "She's fine one minute runny outside playing and then all of a sudden she have violent attacks of vomiting and hide in the bathroom with her baby blanket. I have often found her inside the coffee table (you know the old ones that parents used to hind liquor in?) Which I think is because she wants to be in the dark, she also tells me her head hurts all the time, sometimes a cold cloth will sooth her, she sleeps under her bed when she gets sick."

The doctors run tests. The tell my mother I must have a tumor.

They give me a spinal tap (one of many I will receive in the following years) they run there tests. They find nothing. They suggest to my mom I may be allergic to the sun. She kept me inside for a week then finally let me go, they were grasping and there was no way my mother (unless proven otherwise) she was not going to let me stop living.

They tell my mother the tumor must be hidden and it will present itself in due time, they give me a CT scan. (mri's had yet to be used this was early 80's) They find nothing and send us home.

My mother was asked to keep a food journal, she was told to write down everything I ate so that they could analyze it and maybe come up with a solution to what's making me so sick.

They found I was allergic to red meats, anytime I would eat them I would get really sick. I stopped eating red meat. (much to the amusement of my 2 older brothers because we were very much a meat and potatoes family)

Years went by I was in and out of the hospital about once a week sometimes for days on end. I was vomiting so violently that I started to throw up the lining of my stomach. They would keep me for observations. Then they would say they have no idea what's wrong and when I was feeling better send me home.

By the time I was 9 my mother and my family was at wits end I was sick all the time and even though I was a great student our family had no life, we could not plan anything in advance, because we never knew when I would get sick. And it was not just me who suffered when I got sick the whole family was thrown into turmoil, either rushing me to the ER, getting me some juice a cold clothe taping up the windows so no light would get in...

So finally they referred me to a neurologist to run more test. The neurologist told my mom I was epileptic and we should start medications. My mother being the women she is was not having it. She question the doctors and said there was no way I was epileptic cause I had never had a seizure. The doctor told her "the spells" I was having must be epilepsy cause there was no other way to explain it. Again my mother pushed forward and refused the doctors recommendations, she did her own research about epilepsy and I stopped seeing that doctor.

It was one late night for about the 1000 time in the emergency room with yet another doctor explaining what was going on and how long this has been happening that a doctor asked my mom "Do YOU get migraine headaches?
"Yes I do, I have gotten them since I was a teenager and my mother had them as well"
"have anyone ever mentioned this may be what she's having?"
"I have told the doctors this a million times and they say there is no way because she has gotten sick like this since she was a baby, when she learned to talk and she got sick she would always tell me her head hurts and she's sensitive to light, smells and sounds"
"Have you seen a neurologist?"
"Yes we saw one a few weeks ago and they said she was epileptic"

Anyways this doctor referred me to another neurologist that specializes in child hood diseases and illnesses.
I spent a lot of time in the hospital for more test after all these tests, it was in deed proven that I suffer from SEVERE migraine headaches.
I am a "Rare" case and my study is in a medical journal somewhere I tried to find it but I could not. My mom has a copy somewhere. I was actually a pilot for the drug that I use called Imitrex. I was a guinea pig so to speak. It was such a new drug that at 13 my mom, dad and a lawyer had to sign a release for me to try it because it was only for people 18 and older. It has saved my life.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from migraines.Imitrex Web site Of coarse its a really strong drug and I would recommend trying other things first because it hard on your body. Its the only thing in my life that has EVER given me relief and when I say I tried everything I TRIED EVERYTHING. So much so that my mother had a faith healer come to visit when I was sick, she had an African witch doctor cast a spell for me (I love my mom and she would have done anything to take the pain away from me). And because I was in the pilot they used to make me go to migraine support groups which was funny because at 13 I was always the youngest one there by about 20 years. No one could believe that I was a sufferer.

Anyone who has been close to me at any time in my life has one way or another been audience for a migraine and understands how bad it can get.
I give myself injections for my migraines and when I get sick I GET REALLY sick. And for those who think a migraine is just a headache, well I will not even try to explain it other than imagine the worst pain possible and vomit for 16 straight hours that does not even do it justice but those who know, know.

Ok So I can not have children until

a) I refrain from taking any medication for 3 months prior to conception (the medication causes birth defects).
b) I can not take any medication for the 9 months of pregnancy and then as long as I breast feed.
c) I have had 2 neurologist explain that the chances I could carry to term without meds are about 1/100 chance. They say because I get so violently sick it would take one night of a migraine and I could lose the baby.
d) I would have to be monitored constantly because of this.
e) I would end up spending the year in bed in a hospital

I know I could over come these odds but I do not think my heart could handle losing a child if I knew it was my fault (I could have prevented it)

And I will more than likely pass this on to my daughters (its rare in men) I can handle me dealing with this for the rest of my life but to sentence a child to go through what I went through when I was a kid. On average I spent 100 days a year in the hospital.

And now there is my back. The accident has torn nucleus pulpos (the easiest way to explain it is like a ligament) in 3 different spots in my spine and I also have a bulging disc at t-8 (herniated disc) and any added weight would be really hard. Also the 3 spine specialist I have seen explained if I were to get pregnant I would need to stay in bed and it would make my spine worse and it may have unrepairable damage.

Weeww that was long but there you have it.

I am not looking for sympathy cause I know there could be worse things. This is a piece of me that I rarely tell people unless they are close to me. This is my flaw, the thing I deal with in private and try to hide it from the ones who love me so they do not worry about me (I often try to lie to the husband and tell him I am not sick, he can see right through me and I love him for that)

This is my life.

** and when I read back through this I got all emotional and cried, not because I have suffered that's the easy part, I was thinking of everyone I know in my life (and when I say everyone its really everyone) who at one time or another has not held my head out of the toilet or rushed me to the ER because I am throwing up the lining of my stomach again. I remember a time when my little sister climbed into bed with me to play with my hair and told me "I don't want you to be sick anymore" or the many times my brothers would be extra nice to me because I was just getting home from the hospital.

I debated on posting this and I almost deleted it. Weird how I feel like it does not matter and should be kept a secret. I am not good at secrets about me. As I am sure you have***

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Random Stuff

1. If you had to be on a Reality TV show, which one would it be? The Amazing Race, I would say the Real World but I would have issues and have to beat people.

2. Have you ever eaten a Tequila worm? Yes a few times actually, the smell of tequila still makes me gag!!

3. Which TV or movie character do you relate to most? The girl from the Notebook

4. What did you want to be when you grew up? A mother.

5. Have you ever stolen anything? Yes I did one time. Then I got arrested with my friend who got caught stealing (I never took anything) but they arrested me saying I was with her so I was guilty buy association all charges were dropped I was 15.

6. What fashion trend or article of clothing would you like to see make a
come-back? Doc martins and pinned jeans.. lol as if. I love the old 3/4 length dresses from the 60's.

7. If it were free and didn't cause any pain, which surgery would you chose to
have: I would get my thighs done. My boobs are already too big, maybe have them reduced and lifted to a perfect C cup.

8. If you had $1,000 to donate, which charity would you chose? Abused children.

9. What three words would you chose to describe yourself? Crazy, fun and outgoing (oh and modest too)

10. If you had to eat one of the following, which would it be? Cow eyeballs or
Fried Tarantula? The gag reflex would kick in and I would just barf at the thought. Eww

11. Finish this sentence: I would be happier if I~~ Could be closer to my friends and family and see them when I want, but not give up where I am or have the life I have now...(not too much to ask?)

12. If you could be any animal for one day, which one would you be? A monkey so I could pee on people.

13. What is your favorite love song? Any of the ones that remind me of my hubby.

14. What is your favorite food and what is the maximum amount of it you could
eat without being sick? Fruit, until my tongue gets all bumpy and hurty from the

15. What was your worst paid job? Tim Hortons $5.40 hour. I was 13.

I am a reality TV junkie!

Ok do not think less of me but I just watched the season finale of "THE FLAVOR OF LOVE"
I watch for the DRAMA value... God it sooo funny I was hooked when I saw the first bitch slap.
As if someone thought this shit up.
Oh and ewww who would date this guy?? Obviously people with mental issues (New York)
Ha ha I love hoops she pretended to throw up when New York said "We made sweet love together"
Ha ha.. So amusing

Ok I am so ashamed to admit this (as she hangs her head low)

Me and Brandy

Is she not the cutest thing!! That's me behind her.. I am pretty cute too. lol
She's a Dachshund,Golden Retriever mix. The mother was the Dachshund (I know, what a slut to let a big old golden retriever have his way with her, see I like to know I am not the only one who LOVES A BIG MAN!) and Brandy is the only one in the litter that got big legs, everyone else has the stubby Dachshund legs so she's the grunt so to speak.
So she's 4 1/2 months old and she's house trained and I am so said to see her go. But that's life she's on under the Redlands Humane Society they listed her as Brendy and I call her Brandy...
Sniff sniff..
I do caution you however to go to the site if you are a pet lover... There are so MANY dogs that need rescue. Oh I am going to be that neighbor that has 50 dogs cause she could not stand to see them put down.... I could see the headlines now..

Oh and as of about 10 minutes ago the hubby and I are "Foster" pet parents for the Redlands Humane Society. I know I am hopeless I explained to the lady that we could take puppy rescues only cause we are in an apartment and they get kept in a box and I can take them outside to run around but the bigger dogs would be a no go...
I learned a lot of good information about the dog pounds though, if an animal is brought in and has tags and registered they allow for it to be claimed by its owner for 7 days, then if its not claimed they kill it. And if they are strays they keep them for 4 days to be adopted and if they are not, even if they are puppy and healthy the kill them!! UGG pretty gross huh?

Friday, March 24, 2006


Too funny.
So about a year back my husband was reading a Maxim magazine and came over to me with this question.

"Hun this magazine says 70% of women lie to there spouses or boyfriends about their shopping habits, it even says come women hide things all together?"

Me of coarse stunned at the question/accusation (who gives them this shit anyways and I would like to know who outted us and kick her ass)

Anyways I respond the best way I can.

"No I tell you about everything I buy" (which is the truth of coarse)

Fast forward to today.

I have just returned from the mall with bags in tow

"hey babe, I bought that white bra I was needing that I told you about, and because there was a sale and they were two for $48 I picked up a black one too"

Hubby "That's cool do you like it?"

"Yeah they are nice bras...blah blah blah..."

So I place the bag on the table and enter into the bedroom for something and I hear


I come out looking like a dear in head lights much to the amusement of the husband standing over the now dumped on the table bag of what should have been only two bras but has exposed the truth that in fact I could not JUST purchase nice new bras, cause the nice new bras had to have cute nice new g-strings to go with them and not just one or two new panties there were 5....

He stood in triumph over the undergarments and declares "You would have never told me about these" As he starts to laugh! And blocks me from being able to hide my slip up.

"They were on sale too, I was going..."

"Yeah right you would have hid them and then when I asked about them you would have told me something along the lines of THESE OLD THINGS ?"

We are both laughing so hard at this point and I try in protest to explain I would have told him about them....

He looks at me sly to my ways "Yeah right"

for shock value he heads to the closet and swings open the door "So what else are you not telling me about?"

Laughing at him and trying to block him from getting into the closet "Nothing, I never hide anything....

Again "pifft Yeah RIGHT!"

*** this is one more reason why I love me husband, he calls me out on my bluffs, and even though I do always tell him about my purchases, it's just the little things do not really need to be mentioned? Right?*****

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Humane Society Night out

So Brandy needs a new home. She so friggin lovable and Nora (the mother in law) can not keep her any longer. She's a great dog she just needs a home where someone will be able to spend some time with her and love her. Nora is never home and does not have a fenced yard so right now she just runs around the house. She never goes anywhere other than around the house but its not safe. So we called the Humane Society and they have an open market night where people who need to give up there dogs, and dog and cat rescues go to "show" so people can see them and adopt them. She has been officially tagged and registered and there were a few family's that inquired about her so I hope she gets a home soon.
The hubby is lucky we do not have a yard. We would have about 5 dogs. They had a pound rescue black lab puppy that was a month old he had little white paws. SOOO Cute!!
Pictures tomorrow of Brandy!

I love to Read!

Its weird I have not read a book in a long time. Actually its been months! When I first had my accident (over a year ago) that's what I did for about 3 months straight, I read, then re-read almost all the books in my collection (not very big yet) and I have not picked up a book since then.

Well the other day I was perusing a second hand store which is where I LOVE to pick out books, and poof this book appeared in my hands. I liked the cover and never really read anything about the book Other than it was a memoir, when I got it home I read it in one sitting. It was an great memoir of an amazing women. A little somber (it was about her life after being raped) and its a book that if I had known about the content I would have never selected it, not my cup of tea for a "Good" read, I prefer fiction with made up characters and stories. But I was surprised at how this booked moved me, it made me cry it made me cheer at her strength and triumph. It made me angry at society for the things that we some times have no control over, it made me angry at our court system, at our police departments.

I think her thoughts and her expressions hit so close to my heart as a women.

I need to start to read again. I forgot how much I loved it, how you can lose yourself in it.

I have not bitched about my back in awhile!

Weird how that happens. I get a court date to get this all settled and I completely stop talking about it. Not that it has not mattered or that I have not been in pain, its weird that I am finally seeing the end of the tunnel and choose not to get all worked up about it anymore.

And I woke up today not feeling so good for some reason I am dizzy like crazy (a point I failed to mention to the hubby) he gets upset cause he thinks I am always sick. I am some times but thats a long story for another day.

So now I go back to bed and hope this all goes away...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chicken Little had to go!

So now, so does Yucky (and not that's not a typo) and Lisa.
I think Madisa and Chris will battle it out at the end.
I was disappointed in last nights show though. I came out of the bedroom and announced to the husband that I was no longer going to watch the show cause it made me angry!

Of coarse I had to watch, I actually cheered out loud (there may have been a clap too) that chicken little is gone. He's a good kid but American Idol? Come on!

Apparently I feel strongly about that.

Oh Pilates how I missed you.

So I ventured out to the gym yesterday, I should know better but I never seem to learn. I arrived at 5 pm, to many this would not be a big deal but to people that go to Bally's in Redlands then you are screwed. I checked in a stood to wait. 15 minutes for anything. FOR ANYTHING, all the stair climbers (as if I know) all the ellipticals, bikes and treadmills are in use.
I have evil thoughts of walking behind the elliptical and kicking the plugs to make them stop (this has happened to me on many occasions!!) cause ounce they stop and curse at me maybe they would be so angry and just leave freeing up the machine for one of the 5 people standing in front of me.
I waited.
Then I left.
And went shopping (in my gym clothes!! I love the shock value!)

When I got home I dusted off the old Pilates videos and jumped in. I forgot how much I miss it.

My ass has issues with me this morning because clearly you can not do 45 minutes of Pilates when you have not done any in 3 months.

I think walking like a penguin is kinda cute. I think I will wear black and white just to not confuse people as to what waddling creature I may be... Oh and the stairs? Well duh peguins can not walk up stairs there legs are too short.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ah beautiful blog there you are!

I hate when blogger goes down.

Anyways had cookies again for breakfast, but now they are gone no more cookies in the house.

I went to the new job to fill out paperwork. For some reason there were a few women who gave me dirty looks. I was not up to picking fights before I start so I pretended not to notice.
The hubby and I talked about it, he thinks I may be replacing someone who got fired, or is getting fired? That or they have not informed the employees about all the changes that they are going to make as soon as I am in place. They eluded after the offered me the position that they are bringing me in "to stir things up" But you know me I do not back down in a challenge.
Bitches better watch themselves (ha ha I am so tough)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Does anyone read this stuff??

Ok if you do could you please leave a comment. I HAVE LOST ALL MY LINKS and now some of the Blogs I am addicted to I can not find!!!
There is about 30 of you.
So if your name is not on the sidebar could you please say hello so I can find you again??
I tried on my own to find some of them but..sniff sniff.. You are all lost!
I think I have left some of you if not most of you comments but if I haven't and I was secret in my perusing ways then SHIT! I had some really great "secret" blogs of lives way more fasinating then mine...
Sniff Sniff

Somewhere Over under or around the rainbow
Our trip to Kailie

There are so many more... I hope I find you all..

And if you do not comment I will assume you want me to back off as you are sick of me leaving comments and if thats the case no stalking charges need to be filed...

UGG this is so frustrating. Oh and if you are perusing me in secret and you think I am fabulous (ha ha) then let me know so I can start spying on you too.

Our computer took a dump

And the hubby had to redo everything. I lost a bunch of really great links to blog that I have not added to my side bar yet.. Sniff sniff.

So we are back up and running.

The "New Job" called today to say I passed the physical WEEEHOO. I may have lied. No I did not lie I just only answered questions that were asked, it looked like this.
Dr. "When was your accident?"
Me "March 11, 2205"
Dr. "Does you back hurt?"
Me "No, not right now"
Dr. "Touch your toes"
I touch my toes
Dr. "Does that hurt"
Me "No." (I fail to mention that coming up from touching my toes sends shooting pain through my body but he never asked if it hurt to get up, just if it hurt to touch my toes. It did not. I can touch my toes till the cows come home its just standing up that's the bitch)
Dr. "Ok we are done"

So I did not lie I just omitted information that I was not asked. So I go in tomorrow to finish the paperwork for my new job.. WEEHOO.

And I am working on the post as to why I have been told I can not have children.

Oh and the "Lose 15 pounds in 8 weeks thing" yeah this is what I had for breakfast. (oh and I need to add that hubby and I are going on a date tonight and there is no way you can see a movie without popcorn and candy soo...)
My breakfast: 3 1/2 oatmeal cookies, ok 4, actually maybe 5 I lost count, but in my defense once they are all eaten (probably by days end) then there will be no more cookies.
I big huge fluffy blueberry muffin.
I bowl cottage cheese

And as I mentioned previous I can not diet. I love food too much to diet. So now as things go I need to lose 16 pounds in 8 weeks. At this rate things are not looking so good... lol
** to make it easier to track instead of me having post about it EVERYDAY I'll keep my progress at the bottom in purple (my fav) to see what's going on****

Sunday, March 19, 2006

So this was interesting.

*** obviously not me, but the same bikini****
I saw this show on prime time that caught my interest.
What they did was take pictures of couples in really small bikinis and then told these people.

"You need to lose 15 pounds in 8 weeks or we will post these pictures for all to see on national Television."

And all (there were 8 in total) they all lost the weight. The one lady who did not missed by 2 pounds. They had all tried random diets and had always failed. Why did this work?
It was the threat of public humiliation. I mean who wants anyone to see them (not at there best) in a bikini?

So with that being said I would like to lose 15 pounds actually I am aiming for 20 eventually to be 30 but lets start with 15.

My doctor noted that I had gained some weight since the accident (due to lack of activity) So why not?

8 weeks to lose 15 pounds. I have had my husband take a picture of me in my favorite bikini and I WILL POST IT HERE IN 8 WEEKS IF I HAVE NOT LOST THE WEIGHT.
And I will cause I am a bit off like that.

So wish me luck! (cause you really do not want to see my in a bikini at this point!)

Who wants to run a marathon with me??

Serious I was watching the LA marathon this morning and I think I am going to start training for it and enter next year!.La Marathon
I have been saying this for years now, I have always wanted to run in one. It's on my list of things I need to accomplish before I die.
I need to Just do it (no I am not sponsored by Nike)
So here's to all my Internet Friends

Who wants to do it with me?

Keep in mind physically due to the torn shit in my back I will only be able to do a 1/2 marathon. But still, how exciting to train for a reason!

My uterus is kicking my ass..

And its taking no prisoners.
Ok so I have been lucky so far. I did not get my period till I was 16. Yes I was a "late bloomer" but that's due to the 9 years competitive gymnastics and the 13 years of ballet.

I have never gotten an cramp in my life.... TILL JANUARY OF THIS YEAR.

See my period is really regular it always has been (and why I feel the need to tell all you guys this I have no idea, I seem to have no sense of "too much information")

Ok so my period, I get it for about 1-2 days. Yes I wrote that correctly. I have been lucky, 1-2 days and NO cramps what's so ever for the last 12 years. I have been so lucky that I barley even notice the event at all.

And then January hits ** cue suspense music**

OMG I am being paid back for all the years I have not experiences cramps or PMS, so I think there is something REALLY wrong cause all a sudden I am getting my ass kicked and I am keeled over in pain and dealing with my period for 5-6 days on end.

I book an appointment with my family doctor for my "yearly" physical.

I explain my situation to her because I feel there has to be something EXTREMELY wrong.

Her "So your 28, you've been married almost 3 years and never had a pregnancy?"
Me "yes"
Her (with a big grin on her face) "Darling, your body is telling you to have a baby, it is very natural for your body to react this way, you are nearing 30 (I thank her for pointing that out in my least snarky way possible) its your body's way of telling you its ready"
Me "But I am not ready!"
Her laughing this time " That's fine you are not ready, you body is just preparing for the likelihood of child birth"
Me " Is there anyway to stop this??? The pain and suffering I mean?" (serious I asked he this question cause the cramps are SO bad)
Her she's laughing this time " Are you having sex?"
Me "Of coarse, maybe a few times a week"
Her "Well that explains it then!"

We laugh a little (her at my expense) and I walk away with the feeling that everyone month I am going to have this evil imp reminding me that in fact I have not had a child and my body is ready.

And then the ever lingering question.

Will I have children?

I mean I always thought I would. If you asked me when I was younger what I wanted to be when I grew up, everyone else in class wanted to be Police men, and ballerinas, I always told everyone I wanted to be a mother (true story even when I was 8 I told people this)
But as I get older and I see the condition the world is in I hesitate to take that risk.
I come from a family of 5 kids so needless to say if I have one child I would need to have 2, but the more I think about it and all my aliments I fear I will not be able to have a child.
Maybe this is why I hesitate?
I have been told by 4 doctors now, 2 from when I was younger and 2 just recently that the chances that my body could even carry a child to term is "unlikely".
This makes me sad. I have cried a few times about this. I know I can get "another" opinion if I wanted to and I am sure some doctor somewhere would tell me its fine to "try" to have a baby but would it really be? (a long story I am working up too telling to all my random internet friends)
My husbands response to this (as we have had many discussions about this) is
"Babe, when it comes to that time and we cross that path then you can worry about it. Until then you have to leave things to faith that if it were to happen, there are powers at work that you have no control over. If we are meant to be parents, then we will be, and if we were not ever meant to be parents then we never will be"

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I want a new tattoo!

I tried to convince the hubby this morning that we should get matching tattoos.
His response "Are you friggin nuts!"
"Come on it would be fun!"
"I am not the tattoo kinda guy"

I am working on him. Ha ha if I have my way. I would really like to get a tattoo the next time we travel somewhere. Not sure of what but something cool. Maybe a family crest or something.
I need to do some research.

I think its funny how people react when they find out I have tattoos.

***the top pic is the one I have on my lower back****

Friday, March 17, 2006

Reasons to never "try" an employment agency!!

1) The first time I went in was when I first became legal to work in the US they had me do a bunch of testing (typing, 10 key, Excel) and then I never heard from them, and they never returned my calls.

2) I went back when all the drama started and I needed to get a job FAST and this time I called them insistently to send me to interviews.

3) On one call I inquired and I am sure there was an undertone to my voices as I inquired "You are an employment agencies right? You are supposed to find me a job right? This is not rocket science and I do speak proper English?"

4) When I finally marched my desperate to get a job ass into the office to confront "The Employment agency bitch" looking after my case, I was informed that "I have been sending out your resume and I am not getting any bites on it"
Me "Oh that's funny cause I have managed to arrange 4 interviews on my own with the same resume bitch!" (ok maybe I did not say bitch but I am sure my stance showed I meant business)

5) Finally after 2 months they called me for a interview (after of coarse I found a job on my own because I know better)

6) The interview I went to I was told was for a customer service position and even though I had already landed a job, I wanted to see what this job had to offer (need to keep my options open). I arrive at the interview and was told I would be required to do a math test first before the interview. After scanning the "test" I went back to find the HR lady.

"Um excuse me but I have glanced over this test and maybe I am just being silly but am I supposed to know what all of this means?"

"Did the agency not tell you what you were applying for?"

"Yes, they did I was told it would be a Customer Service Position"

She snikers "We are looking for someone in Customer service who is a Technical Chemist"

"OH my goodness I am SOOO embarrassed and upset and I am sorry for wasting your time"

Needless to say I was soo angry!! The lady and me had a nice conversation after the whole "embarrassment" thing.

Her " I am surprise that they did not tell you what the job was for"

Me "And you pay them for this" (actually not what I said but something probably as snarky)

Her "You are the 7th person that They have sent out to me and I told the agency that there was a very extensive math test (periodic tables, gases, calculus with no calculator)

Me "I am not sure what's going on with them but I am rather disappointed myself"

Her "Have you been on any other interviews with this company?"

Me " No, this is the first one they have sent me on in 2 months!"

Her "With all your qualifications and they sent you out just one time in 2 months"

Me "Yeah I thought it strange too"

We made some more small talk and I bowed out gracefully and called the agency to YELL at that stupid women.

I left 3 messages.

She never called back.

I think the joke is on me. Or on them because I have already been offered a job and she loses out on the commission.

Oh and the physical that I went to was a joke. The nurse asked me to take everything off except my bra and panties.** ack I am about to confess that I do not own panties per say, well not what I would consider panties Ie Full bum panties***
Anyways so I am topless and about to take off my pants and stand there in my bra and g-string with my big old ass handing out!!!

Wait for it

I REALIZE MY BRA AND G-STRING DO NOT MATCH!! (to many people this would not matter but to me I am ashamed... **sigh** I have a thing for beautiful bra sets and anyone who knows me would also be disappointed in me!)

So I hesitate and wonder out loud "Why does my ass have to be showing to complete this physical? And I have done a work physical before and have never been required to stand bare ass"

There's a knock at the door. It startles me and I jump (remember I am standing here in my bra about to take off my pants when the doctor comes whoshing in)

"Do I have to take off my pants?" In the best whisper I can munster.

"No your fine"

He checks my heart ,pushes on my belly asks me to touch my toes,

THANK YOU GOD FOR NOT MAKING ME DO THIS IN MY BRIGHT ORANGE G-STRING as I am sure the doctor would have backed away shouting things like "MY EYES!!" or equally as embarrassing "GOOD GOD LADY !!"

But I have come away unscathed and excited about my new job. And VERY excited I was not required to show my big bare ass to the doctor who spent 30 seconds with me. I mean if there were drinks involved or something....


Keeping my options open!

This always happens. Or to every situation stuff like this happens.

So I was offered a job yesterday, and this job will be fantastic!! The company is great the people I will be working with are great, the benefits are awesome, and I am going in for my drug screen and physical today (which I may tell a white lie at but we will see)

So why today do I agree to go to 3 more interviews with other companies?

I think I am a little gun shy with what happen with "The other" job I was offered and got excited about and then had the carpet pulled from under me sitting "Due to ongoing medical conditions" that I would not be able to work for said company. But that's being taken care of.

So do I go to all these interviews? I almost feel I need to until I am sitting at my new position in my new office.

See I am out of my element here. I have never been unemployed nore do I ever want to be again.

See if for some freaky reason this "New Job" I have been offered all of a sudden for some reasons pulls what the other company did then I would be screwed if I do not keep my options open.

And I really do not mind interviews, actually I LIKE interviews (crazy I know) , for some reason I have always been really comfortable in interviews, I think the only time I got nervous was with this new company when all 3 people came into the room and introduced themselves as the President, Vice President and a controller. I mean what company has the President interview?
And it caught me off guard because the company is HUGE and international.

But as previously written then noticed how Fabulous I am and offered me the job but it almost feels to good to be true.
I did not tell you that in the interview (after I explained that I met my hubby when he was in the military) the assumed he still was (he's not) but they asked me if my hubby was relocated somewhere would I consider re-locating with there company??
What?? Could this be more perfect?? I mean we will be moving over seas (they do not need to know this yet I need to WOW them first) But I mean as if I fell into this position.

Anyways. You know they say everything happens for a reason? Well I think the first company that offered me a job and then changed there minds was amazing to have lead to this other company that's International? I mean what are the chances?

Ok I am going to the interviews and yet another physical.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I will spell check no longer.

If you can read this, you have a strange mind too.
Can you raed tihs?
i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd
waht I was rdanieg.
The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig
to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't
mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the
olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer
be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses
and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is
bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by
istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot
slpeling was ipmorantt!


The guy who created spell check is laughing his ass off at this!

The light at the end of a LONG tunnel

The job I was not 100% about?

I GOT THE JOB.** insert lots of happy dancing here***

They said I would not hear back till Monday or Tuesday but they called today. Bright and early at 9am.
WEEHOO I am soon to be back in the working class! Good bye Mac&Cheese and Ramen noodles till we meet again (hopefully no time soon)
And the call was weird it was the president of the HUGE international company calling me back (the interview was with The President, Vice President and Coordinator) and he had all these really nice things to say about me apparently "We interviewed over 19 candidates and none of them came close to the caliber of professionalism that you bring to the table"
My response? "yeepppee" Also to include words like "WEEHOOO"
Yes I said that, I was at a lose for words. Can you blame me really. At least it made him laugh.
So he calls me back tomorrow to start the process of yet another drug test and physical, I made sure to inquire about my injury and he explained as long as I am not collecting disability (which I am not) there should be no problem.

I must say I am feeling pretty fabulous right now.

**oh and I got some last night too Too much information ( I am bad for that) .. Which was PRETTY FRIGGIN fantastic, you know the toe curling kind.... So I am one happy cat! Now if I could only find some chocolate.....***

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This post is for Shan

She's going crazy.
But I do not think you are crazy if you know you are going crazy.
cause crazy people do not know they are crazy.
She's certainly crazy!

Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering you own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.
Saint Francis de Sales

I miss her.

My favorite things about Shan.

1)We peed on the same tree at camp.
2)She would laugh at me when I got spanked cause I peed the bed (in my defense you had to pee outside at camp and there were bears and ratcoons and I am still scared of them - oh and I was 5)
3)She knows all the shit about me and still loves me.
4) I know all the shit about her and I still love her.
5) We always have a great time together.
6) We make each other laugh.
7) We do not have to make excuses for our "other" family members.
8) She has big boobs too. (Mine are DD's Her's are F's) big boobs run in the family.
9) I tell her everything (even though sometimes she does not want to here it)
10) She's Just plain FABULOUS!*** She's the blond and I am super happy about the wonderful sweatshirt my grandma gave me for my birthday! lol***

So time to clean out the closets.

But as I stood in front of the closet and opened the door to have shit spill out.
My cleaning closet phase has passed.... (not my closet but pretty damn close)

Mind you if I did clean the closets it would take 12 hours and then I would be forced to look at the magnitude of how big my ass has gotten while I sort out all my old "club clothes" which have been growing dust bunnies, actually probably dust monkeys at this point. AHH

I have a problem with clothes..

I am a clothes hoarder!

I feel better confessing that to all you random strangers.

And I will not confess the shoe problem because I think that goes without saying, Oh and do not get me started on the purses situation. (they have to match the shoes right?)

I think maybe that's why I want to get a job in a office..


Tee hee

Uggg- Boring "technical" post

So I called Fair Employment and Housing Association today and filed a claim.

My interview is May 17th. WHAT! (and somehow I thought this would be resolved quickly, I should have known better)

The nice guy on the phone explained that it is a long process and this is how it works.
(he agreed that the reason I was declined the job is against the law "Due to Active Ongoing Medical Condition")

So he said May 17th I get my interview then the state files the complaint with the company, the company has 10 days to respond and needs to explain why after offering the position they changed their minds.Read more about it here

 In general, California law prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. An employer who discriminates against a person because of his/her disability may do so only if the employer can demonstrate that:
  • The person is unable to perform the essential functions of the job; and that no reasonable accommodation exists that would enable the person to perform the essential functions of the job
  • The person would create an imminent and substantial danger to himself/herself or a substantial danger to others by performing the job; and that no reasonable accommodation can be made to remove or reduce the danger.

The following two reasons are not legally acceptable excuses for discrimination:

  • There is a possibility of future harm to the person or to others
  • That employing individuals with a disability will cause an employer's insurance rates to rise
(This dot will not go away)

So I ask the guy if I am supposed to wait for the out come. He said no find other employment and then that way when everything comes out and the company gets fined by the state they are forced to settle with me for pain and suffering as well as they have to pay me what my salary would have been from the time I was offered the job till the time they are issued the citation and everything is settled. He says it usually comes out to 1 years salary and pain and suffering to a maximum of $150,000.00.
See I am not big about the whole "lets sue" thing and its not me who's taking them to court its the state that's charging them I am just the reason for it so it does not bother me at all.
I am capable of doing the job.
I am not a threat to anyone at the job. (well unless you REALLY piss me off)
So this is my right as a human with a disabilities living in California

What a process though, of well I am good at this "Hurry up and wait" thing... So here goes.

Why will blogger not let me post pictures?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

3 days in a row!

I wish I was writing that about my sex life, but unfortunately I am not.(I wish!) Sex has been lax the last few weeks due to the amount of stress and frustration in our lives right now. I know its no excuse but there you have it. Its hard to be mad at the world and the situation you are in and then even THINK about sex. I have been crying almost every now about stupid stuff, shit that I have no control over at all.
I am impatient!
But I know it will not always be like this so I push forward.

I have another job interview on Friday. YEEPPEE, I figure if I keep going to interview someone eventually is going to have to give me a job.

I called the company that offered me the job and then said I could not have it because I was injured.
They sited "Due to an active ongoing medical condition" was the reason they can not hire me. There company doctor is supposed to call me tomorrow to have a conference call with me about the reasons why not. I am going to tape the phone conversation as per Bruno's request to make sure I have it all for "my case"

Why is she pushing so hard for this job?? Its all about the principal of it. And its illegal for them to site "medical condition" I am going to have this "condition" my whole life so the fact that its illegal and not fair is why I am pushing.

And my lawyer has yet again failed to call me back. I wish I could drop him but its too late, we are already headed to court, I mean I could but all the works already done and I would be hard pressed to find someone with a brain who is willing to "Split" the lawyers portion of the settlement.

But I digress....
3 days in a row I have been to the gym. So the worst of its over. I have been and conquered now I have to keep it up. Its a good place to work out my frustrations with life.

I think I need to get drunk.

Too bad we are so broke I can not even afford booze

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things only hoped for.
Epicurus (341 BC - 270 BC)

Monday, March 13, 2006

WEEHOOO We are going to court

So it's official I got the letter in the mail yesterday.
I am going to court May 11 to settle with the HUGE company that has damanged me for the rest of my life.. This is GREAT news it's soon going to be over...

I had another job interview with a HUGE International Company and I WOULD LOVE THIS job, but this is the first time in my job searching history that I am not 100% certain that I got the job. Its a first for me. It feels weird.
Oh well I wait till Monday to find out. (how could they not hire me I am SO fabulous! lol)

Still have not heard from the company that I am FORCING to give me a job. I am going to call them tomorrow

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I almost died last night!

Fucking crazy ass drunk driver.
Ok so I see this guy going REALLY fast approaching in my rear view, all of a sudden he turns on his headlights (about 7pm) and they flash like a police car (not color just white so it was obvious this was not a cop) the highway was only 2 lanes with concrete barriers on either side of the highway.
There is a guy beside me and there is about 6 cars in front of both him and me.
So me and the guy beside me slow down to about 20 miles an hour to stop traffic behind us because a a lot of cars had been hit.
They all proceed to pull over to the side of the road. No one was seriously injured more just in shock I guess.
Guess what happened to the drunk driver?

He drove away, without even slowing down.... (there were about 11 cars invloved in the mess.)


But you know whats funny? You know how you always think about how you would react in a situation like that? I was so busy screaming and crying and praying my ass off out loud that this fucking idiot did not kill someone, and trying and hoping that the people behind me did not just rear end me cause I (and the guy beside me) were doing like 10 miles an hour to prevent anyone else getting caught up in the mess while everyone pulled over? All I remembered?

The guy was a NUTJOB (for obvious reasons) and It was a blue van.....

** on a completley different subject? WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING UP AT 6am?**

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Today is one year since my accident

Goodness I can not believe its been that long.Read about It here
But all bad things must come to an end eventually and thank goodness this shit is almost done.
I contacted my "old" company a few days ago and found out for sure that I will not be going back (I already knew this but it was confirmed) The reason I called for confirmation is the State of California, thanks to the ASS HOLE governor Arnold Schwarzenegger changed all the workmans Comp Laws as of 2 months before my accident and now all the laws are in place to protect the company's.
Want proof?
I was sitting in the back room at work when all of a sudden 100 pounds of shelving fell on my damaging my spine for the rest of my life. I am permantley disabled from this shit.
The proof is that I have to live with my injury for my life, however if the HUGE company I worked for offers me my job back (with or without modifications) then they do not have to pay me one cent!!!
If they take me back they pay me nothing.
Oh and the fun thing is that they would only be required to keep me for 1 year then they could kick my ass to the curb and still not have to pay anything.

But lucky for me (if you can look at it like that) Its cheaper for them to just pay me off then to take me back to work, they also confirmed that they will be paying for me to go back to school to learn a new career and give me lifetime medical.

So here are my gratefuls : (Thanks Anne from Supposedly this is good therapy)

1) At least I can still walk. It could have been worse.

2) I worked for a HUGE company and they have taken good care of me since the accident.

3) I have other skills and experience to do a different job, a lot of people who are injured at work its all they know, I have tones of job experience doing lots of different things. ( I have always had 2 or 3 jobs at the same time)

4) The support of my husband during this really trying time. (try having sex with a guy who's 6'2 240 pounds with slipped discs in your spine)

5) We are not financially ruined yet. ( note the use of yet)

6) I got a year paid vacation.

7) Each day I deal with the pain it gets a little easier. (thank goodness for my high tolerance of pain)

8) I have a great group of friends and family (who I miss so much)

I could go on and on, so my glass is 1/2 full I guess.

Friday, March 10, 2006

So now I wait

I called the HR again to see if they were "able" to review my letter. I was advised it will take a few days and they will be in contact with me.

All this shit for a job.


Oh well it could be worse I guess.
Not sure how much worse than it already is, both me and the hubby are freaking out right now. Money is going to be sooo tight for the next little while, unless I get a job soon and actually start working. I sent out 23 resumes yesterday nothing left to apply for today.

Thank goodness I like ramen noodles and Mac&Cheese.

Oh and I went to get my prescriptions filled today and the STUPID pharmacy came me drugs that I have to inject myself ( I have been doing this since I was 15 and its a long story for another day) and they never gave me the injector?? And then I call them to tell them of there error and then ask me to bring back the prescription so "They can have a look"
I explain to them that they should know what they prescribed me and there is no sense in me bringing the prescription back.
I then inquire if the have the actual auto injector that I was looking for.
"Oh no we do not have that one here"
Ok JACKASSES you just asked me to come in a bring back the prescription and then you can not even give me what I need.
PEOPLE are so stupid.

The last few days have been hell. Or close to it.

At least I got a facial today it was great really, I open my dishwasher and stood over the steam. (hey I am on a budget)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Doug is my new best friend!

So This guy Doug commented on my blog (Comments)

He mentioned that it was illegal for the company to not give me the job because of my injury. So thanks to his link I did a little research on the site and contacted a few people.
Turns out it is in fact illegal for them to deny me the job because of my injury.

So I call the Fair Employment Housing Administration and advised them of my case.
They too say the company can not do what they are doing, they advised me to send the information that HR requested along with a letter.

Here it is.

Attention: Sabrina *********************************

As per our phone conversation on Tuesday March 7, 2006.

Please find attached a copy of the final medical evaluation and an explanation of my disabilities.
Per our conversations you also requested a doctor’s letter stating what my level of disability is, as well as why I am being prescribe pain medication, I have spoken to both doctors involved and neither was able to prepare (in the 2 day time frame I was given to hold the position) neither could prepare a report on time.

I have done some research into the issue of my disability and have spoken to the Fair Employment and Housing Association I feel I have been unfairly declined the position that I have been offered and am fully qualified to do.

A qualified individual with a disability is a person who meets legitimate skill, experience, education, or other requirements of an employment position that s/he holds or seeks, and who can perform the "essential functions" of the position with or without reasonable accommodation. Requiring the ability to perform "essential" functions assures that an individual with a disability will not be considered unqualified simply because of inability to perform marginal or incidental job functions. If the individual is qualified to perform essential job functions except for limitations caused by a disability, the employer must consider whether the individual could perform these functions with a reasonable accommodation. If a written job description has been prepared in advance of advertising or interviewing applicants for a job, this will be considered as evidence, although not conclusive evidence, of the essential functions of the job.

I ask that you kindly review my situation and advise me if the job offer to work at the RANDOM COMPANY still stands.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Random Musings
So thanks so much Doug for the information. I tried to find the link to your blog however it seems it has not been activated.

So I will keep you all posted if I am able to MAKE these people give me a job.

Oh and I got the job I interviewed for today too, however its 46 miles away and anyone who has ever driven in LA knows it will take me 2 hours to work and 2 hours home. Not to mention that I would also have to pay $8 day in tolls! Serious. They would have to pay me $20 hour to make it worth my while and some how I doubt that will ever happen.

UGG I wish I did not want this job so bad! I mean its 2 miles from home, and they are paying me more than I asked for plus bonuses!!!

Ha ha Now we wait to see what there response will be.

***** Revised******* Ack I was too clouded in my head and fume coming from my ears that incorrectly read the name or the guy who commented, that or I just did not read it and "Poof" Doug came to my head, which is weird because I do not even know any Dougs? Weird? Anyways it was BRUNO who gave me the link THANKS BRUNO!! *** hugs****

Job searching

I hate job searching!
I hate being unemployed looking for a job...
I wish there was a better reason for me being unemployed (something like I was too fantastic for my last job..I was but that's besides the point)
I wish I never got hurt....

Ok I now have my head out of my ass... And the pity party is over for now..
I have a job interview at noon.
YEPEE I guess... Its way far from home though so they better pay me good.
On a funny note I applied for this job last night at 9pm, the lady called me this morning at 7am. (yes I am that fabulous!)

I can not wait to set sail.... And move far, far away...

Oh and I apologize for not sending out yesterdays invitation for the self loathing pity party. It sort of sprung up last minute so I just had a spontaneous blow out.
I will try to think ahead for next time.
Thanks for your support and understanding.. (I can really be a smart ass when I want)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I had a big long post.
It fucking disappeared!!


"Um yeah we can not hire you because the medical said you did not qualify"

"Oh, how can that be?" (in the sweetest voice ever while cursing under my breath)

"I'm not sure but you can call HR to find out why"

"Great I think I will do that, I'll call you back and let you know what comes of it"

So I call.

Uneducated ass hole who knows everything picks up the phone.

"Um yeah we can not offer you a job because you are taking pain medication"

"WHAT? I will be taking pain medication for the rest of my life and its completely irrelevant to the position I have applied for and you are declining the job offer because I am injured?"

"Well we just need to know that your problem will not become OUR problem" (spoken in the most condensending voice ever!)

"So how do I fix this?"

"Well (long pause and it sounded like she was filing her fucking nails) we would need letter from your doctor stating what's wrong and why you need to take pain medication and that you have in fact been released back to work."

"Well I can do that, is that all that's required for me to still work there"

"Yes we will have a doctor review you file and make sure YOUR problems do not become OUR problems and everything should be fine."


So I call the lawyer (seems logical right?)

Hes not in the office. Again.

Listen fuckers over at the Lawyers office, when I ask for him you tell me to hold, then in 5 minutes you come back to the phone and say hes not in the office today. And he probably will not be in tomorrow either.
DO YOU THINK I AM AN IDIOT! He's clearly screening his calls and does not want to get involved as the weekend is near and it may interfere with his T TIME.

So I call the doctors office to tell then what I need to be faxed to the HR department.
"Oh OUR doctors do not "DO" letters"
What the fuck.
"I can fax them all your medical records if you like all you would need to do is come in a pay us $45 and we will have them ready for you in 3-5 business days."

So tomorrow I need to figure this shit out.


Oh and the rents going up.


So I am trying to get my hubby to update his blog!

He has one. And usually he bitches about me. Sometimes about life. But I love reading stuff he writes. Even the mundane stuff. Like I drive him crazy ect.
I keep asking him to update so I can add him to links and you all can really see what the other half is about....
Maybe if I keep bugging him constantly he'll give in (this usually works)

Oh and I can mention the 25 minute massage I gave his sore muscles this evening. (because I am such a good wife)

I will think of more things I am sure.

Myself I love to blog. (As I am sure you all know)
Its an outlet. A place to bitch about life and celebrate the successes of marriage.
I am sure some times I give out too much information but I usually write this like no one reads it. I know some of you do, and I apologize for not being more glamorous and I am sure to pay special attention to no longer post about bower movements.
But Shit happens. (I know, sad)

And I like to amuse myself sometimes.

And its great for me when its 1:30am and I am wide awake....yet again...
My body is tired and aching and sore from the serious workout I put it through but my mind is going a mile a minute...

I love to peruse the 100 blogs on my list and serch the NEXT BLOG button at the top.

I tell you what though, it bothers me while surfing that random sex sites come up. Oh and another thing I HATE THE POP UPS they really suck too.

If I want a sex site I will find myself there on my own thank you very much.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What is going on with my face??

OK remember me mentioning the zits I had? Or what I thought was zits?
The hubby comes home from work, squints at my face, comes closer to me and says "What the hell is all over your chin?"
I still have no idea what it is. I look like Bozo the clown and the rash/pimples/hives are only on my chin and it looks ridiculous!
My skin is so sensitive that if I put cream on it, any kind of cream (and trust me I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING!) my face itches and rashes out its anger on me.
So last night what I was thinking was pimples I treated with Zit cream.
Easy enough. Right?
My whole chin is bright red and burning. No pimples showing at all.
I wish I knew what the hell it was.
Ah to have skin that I could put cream on. Want to hear something funny. The only cream my face will let me use is Jergens. *GASP* I know so bad for your skin but I have tried everything else.
Here's the list.
Channel (I know I would try anything to get a great face moisturizer)
Clean and Clear (for sensitive skin, and the regular stuff too)
Oil Olay
Aveda (all the skin care lines)
Bath and Body Works (again all lines)
Johnson and Johnson baby cream (yes still itchy also too greasy)
Sephora (for sensitive skin)
Mary Kay (because I was told I HAD TO TRY IT, was the worst ever)
Lush (all natural)
Pro Active (even though I do not have acne I thought the skin care would be good for me)

And I give each a good try. I do not stop using it after one use because I think I need to train my skin to be not so sensitive. It does not work.
And the only thing I can shower with is Ivory Soap (*gasp* yes I use this to wash my face) I some times, it will not permit me to use daily is Loreal face scrub.
AHH what it would be like to have skin of steal.


Actually my skin has issues.

I like me just fine. lol
So with the hubby suggestion of putting Neosporin on it to see if it helps I am walking around the house with a gross shiny chin.
You think the husband would be supportive as it was his idea.
No he laughed at me. Out loud. And shook his head at what a mess I was.

*** UGG I just check on line about what this possible thing could be
I came across Shingles- Ewww but I read the symptoms and Weweh!Not shingles *shudder**

I have come to the conclusion that is just an allergic reaction.
Too What?
I have no idea.

There is a great body under there...

I know there is.... Shit lots of work to get back there though...
I have been keeping a secret that I have told my mom (I must mention that the mom so kindly replied "Geez you better be careful because getting fat can cause problems in your marriage." Always kind words from mom. And the hubby who of coarse laughed at me and said he has always loved my body and he likes my ass. (he probably loved it better when there was a lot less of the ass but still)
The accident and lack of exercise has cost me to gain some weight.
Now that I have come to terms with that I need to get it off again, but I have to change what I would usually be doing because of my back. I can not lift any weights in regards to my back or shoulders. This should be interesting. I know how to train but to start I think I am going to just do lots of cardio. I need to see what my limits with my back are before I can do weights.
Shit. I hate saying "This is it time to do this"
I went to the gym on Sunday and it was good. I got in the grove but now that I am going to be going back to work (hopefully tomorrow, somehow its strange how I have said this for the last 5 days straight) I need to get in as much gym time as I can.
Off to the gym.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Was it me or did everyone this year with the exception of a few look like they were having a contest to see who would make the best human cake topper?

There were so many bad, bad dresses.

I mean she looked at herself in the mirror in this and everything.
Sometimes, actually I think this is proof that so many famous people can not think for themselves and have their little elves running around kissing their asses saying stuff like.

"No its not too much at all"

"No it certainly does not hide your gorgeous body and the bow is beautiful on you."

"Clown? Are you kidding?"

I will however give her credit for the shoes. They were fabulous!

The Volcano I call a face

What the fuck! Serious! I have never gotten pimples in my life. Ok one or two here or there but never like this. And because I have no experience in the face explosion I can not tell if they are zits or hives. I think they may be both. I drank Lemonade today which I think may be giving me hives because immediately after consuming said drink my face got super itchy and red then these huge mountains appeared, at first they all blended together but now on closer examination they seem to be separate reining there own terror on my chin.
Oh and then I tried to clean my face with cleanser and the nice little thing I will call sand paper to get up a good lather.... I usually just use it as a srub in the shower but this mess called for the extra measures.
Then I applied Acne cream OUCH! MY FACE IS ON FIRE.
I have been blessed with not having to deal with this on a daily basis, once a month I get maybe a pimple or two but never anything like this.
Oh and I am afraid to poop. There I said it.
I was so sick last week that my body has become poop shy/scared.
I'm sure it will pass but for the time being my body wants to cramp up and convulse and my ass puckers at the thought of pooping.

Ah this is my life


Just a quick post. I can not give you to many details but the change that is coming is HUGE!
When I say HUGE I mean way HUGE! And I am SO PROUD!!
The hubby and I will be moving over seas in the next year, and no it's not the military (thank goodness)?
I know you thought baby, but any baby talks will be in holding motion for at least 3 years. Yes I know seems like forever trust me I know but there are bigger and better things to come for now.
Its amazing what a letter from Fed Ex can do.
This will all take the next 9 months of paperwork and I will fill you all in on the details soon.

Oh and I was supposed to go back to work today but they still have not received the paperwork from the clinic so I am shit out of luck.
So again I wait for the idiots working in the US medical system to get of there asses so I can go back to work.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

No Motivation

Ah, so I am supposed to be headed to the gym. It seems I have not been in awhile and I am not so happy with myself.
But to get off my big ass and go is another story. The sweaty gross gym. I have just updated my MP3 player so now I have no excuses,new batteries, new songs...
Ahh.. Off I go..
Be back soon with the Adventures of the gym, I am sure there will be one, maybe if I am lucky (yeah right) I will get on the elliptical behind the hairy guy who's ass is hanging out...
Here I go.

Uneventful Weekend

So Friday the hubby and I stayed home and watched movies. It was fun I love date nights. We started to watch the stupidest movie ever... The Date Movie? It was so dumb we could not even get through the whole movie.
Saturday I went to Bingo, I had one free pass left so I figured that before I go back to work I would really woop it I am a loser I know. It was fun and yet again I never won.
But that's the way it goes.

Oh and I can not start work on Monday cause the dumb asses at the clinic I went to for my drug testing and physical forgot to fax the office the last page. So now I have to wait till Monday to see the results and find out when I start. (I hope I pass the drug As if they are going to have a look and find out I am addicted to Vicodin....Serious though I have not taken that shit in over a month.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

3 More days to sleep in!

Its hard to believe that after a year I will be going back to work.
With that said I am already planning our next vacation. LOL Serious. Things are going to finally be quasi normal again after a whole year. We can make plans to do things in the future as opposed to waiting to see if something happens. It will be good to be finished with all this injury shit.
1 year down 60 days to go (at least that's what the lawyers say right now who knows what the truth is)
**sigh** almost there.

Went to the mother in laws for dinner last night, she called in the afternoon to check in and see how things were going, she too just got over the crazy kick ass flu that I must have got from her, we compared stories and hoped no one else we knew got sick.
She cooked dinner while I did laundry.
What I would do to have my own washer and dryer.

I have started to make a mental list. (actually I wrote some of it down)
of things we are going to need when we buy our house (hopefully in the next 2 years or sooner if $500,000.00 would just fall from the sky)
Can you believe homes out here in this dump sell for half a million?? I mean I could take that 1/2 million and move back to Ottawa and buy a HUGE mansion with that money.
Who knows we find out this week if we may be moving over seas anyways which would make buying a house here in Southern California sort of dumb really.

Long bitching Rant

Ok So I have not been blogging for the last 4 days because.
I have been puking and pissing out my ass.
Serious. I have been struck with the worst case of the flu known to man. I can not even hold down my own spit. This is good for weight lose however when the "weehoo" I am losing weight phase passes you wonder what you have been doing to piss off the powers at be.
I have found a new talent!
I can puke and shit at the same time.
Ok too much information.

I GOT THE JOB. And even though I am sick as a dog I was required to do a drug test which is really hard to do when you are so de-hydrated from being so friggin sick and you have just puked for the hundrenth time and then they want you to pee in a cup. See if I was healthy this would not be a problem however... Needless to say this was a daunting task, when I returned the cup the the "nurse" I was told it was not enough and I would have to wait and pee some more, I must have growled at her and then in fine form I puked in the garbage behind her. She let me off the hook. Then she proceeded to talk about the strain of the flu going around blah, blah.
Then it was time to take my pulse. I fail. My pulse was 117. To send it in as I am a healthy person it has to be 100.
"Well jackass it could be cause I just puked!" I utter in my head
Nurse "Well I think we are going to need you to come back when you are feeling better, we are going to need to hold everything till we get a good pulse."
"What the F%75K!!" I dragged my ass in and then its all for nothing??
I went back yesterday to have my pulse taken. I fail yet again. Its 127 this time. Then the nurse (not the same one from yesterday) says
"You look really sick, how about we cheat?"
Me "What can we do that?"
Nurse "Not really but you are really sick and that will effect your blood pressure I am going to have you lay down for about 20 minutes then I will try again"
Thank goodness for cheating nurses
Finally pulse 88.

I talked to my lawyer. Turns out that if my employers that I was injured at wants to take me back then they do not have to pay me anything for my injury. Good old Arnold changed all the laws in California when he came in as Governor and all the workman comp laws work for the employer.
So I am disabled from the accident however if the job wants to take me back and agrees to keep me for 1 year then they do not have to settle with me.
You mean I have to deal with this problem the rest of my life yet they get a break if they take me back?? We have already established that I can not longer do the job?
Anyways we go to court in 60 days to figure it all out.

Good news?
I have not puked in over 1 hour. Thats good news right?
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