Friday, March 31, 2006

It's the weekend!!!

I sometimes wish I was a police officer.
This lady was driving in the car pool lane the entire way to work.
What makes me mad is she was in the car by herself.
Piss me off.
Oh and then she decides just before the car pool lane ends that she will just cut me off and cross across the double yellow line.
Crazy ass drivers.

I had chocolate cake for breakfast.

And I had vanilla cake for lunch. In my defense I brought a lean cuisine and it was gross. Grilled Salmon with basil, I ate the salmon but the rest was GROSS!!

So I have been hiding my tats all week.
Not because I have to just because some people get the wrong impression about tattoos. They see them and they stereo type you. I am still a good girl I just like tats.

Anyways the Vice president outted me. He saw them yesterday. Then today (now that I do not care) I wore capris as to expose my feet.

I was cornered by 2 people as of 9am asking what they mean. Oh well I guess one of my secrets is out.

One of them said "You do not cross me as someone who would have tattoos?"

Ha ha


Anne said...

We are sisters..I know it.

I hear the same thing all of the time..I have 5 tattoos and everyone is surprised because I seem like such a nice girl. Whatever!

We should have a family reunion sometime sis. I bet we would sit around and laughed until we peed in our pants. I mean..we have already broken the shit barrier..and it usually takes me months to do that with someone. (that means that I am comfortable enough to talk about bodily functions of a disgusting nature..not some kind of freaky taboo thing)

Anonymous said...

want my voodoo doll? extreme.

oh...wear your hair in pigtails. ahhahahaaa. that'll get 'em

twisted panties said...

I get the same thing when people find out I have a tat. Most people don't know I have it because it is not easily visible. I don't go out of my way to hide it, it's just not easily seen. But when I see people stereotyping someone else because they have all these tats and they don't know I have one I feel so uncomfortable. If they only knew. Like my boss always says stuff about other people and their tattoos. I never tell her though just because I don't want to put up with her questions.

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