Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Don't say I did not warn you..

So I have the DIY bug. Bad. I have a TONNE of projects on the go that I am dying to share but have yet to finish ....

While perusing design blogs I can across this one called Catalog Living they make fun of pictures from design magazines. Some of them are so funny!

Here is a little taste:

Sit on it.....

Gary, I just can’t believe that after months of research that’s the chair you chose.

Out of the closet...

While Gary and Elaine were in the kitchen getting popcorn, the brave yellow sweater attempted its escape.

A twist of something...

Elaine was not amused by Gary’s passive-aggressive response to her request to “garnish the cocktails.”

Go check them out.. But do not say I did not warn you...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Something that I have missed

Y'all know how I am a photographer at heart.

But its so weird, I go through phases, where I LOVE to take a million pictures and I try to find photo opps in everything.

And then I go weeks or a month without "really" taking any pictures?

Does this happen to anyone else?

Where you go crazy for a bit, then take a step back?

I was thinking today and I started perusing photography sites again and I spent about 2 hours just marveling at the beauty in the world.

I also went back to one of my FAV photographers sites.

Herb Ritts

It was his print that made me LOVE photography, I am not sure what it is about this print but I LOVE it. Its so beautiful.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little emergency surgery to get the blood flowing..

So Tuesday the hubby texts me he is going home sick.

Ok just a little back filler THE MAN NEVER GETS SICK! Serious in 12 years he has barfed 1 time. He does not take anything for a cold, does not even like to take advil for a headache.

I call him to check in and he tells me his belly hurts.

We both chalk it up to gas, or maybe he just has to poop.

I get home from work and he says

"I think we have to go to the hospital"

So the panic starts, but I try to stay calm, so does he. He says he may just try to sleep it off but the pain in his belly is REALLY bad. (I try to think of how strong I was LAST time)

We error on the side of caution (because we are both worried about another ER bill) but we go anyways.

We shimmy into the hospital and are seen RIGHT AWAY, we did not even have a chance to sit in the waiting room.

We get shown into the room and there are 3 nurses there. All doing different things. We wait a little bit (maybe 20 minutes) for the Dr.

He comes in, does his tests and then says its 1 of 3 things.

Kidney Stones
Gall Bladder

And off to a ct scan he goes.

Yep appendicitis. They use words like life threatening and emergency surgery.

We wait a couple of hours for the surgery team to get there, 2 anesthesiologist, 4 nurses and one trauma surgeon everyone was on call.

It was VIP service all the way. The hospital WAS AMAZING! Hands down I have NEVER seen service like this.

He is doing great! They insert CO2 gas into the belly and the gas has moved into his shoulder (completely normal) which has caused him lots of pain but each day is getting better...

But I have had this pit/nausea/panic thing that will not go away? Its so weird, its all done, he's ok but I can not shake this anxiety?

Just before they wheeled him away and I cried like a baby...

And in true blogging fashion we took a picture but he will not let me post it.... Well because I promised not to show the world. He looks so cute!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

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Friday, July 23, 2010

DAMN YOU HGTV! My first DIY project

I am addicted. So is the hubby.



Design on a dime, Income Property, House Virgins, and Bang for your buck and Homes on Homes?.

Yeah its like crack. The hubby and I watch it almost EVERY night.

Well I have been bitten by the bug. The design/DIY bug.

BAD I have about 6 projects on the go.

This was the first "small" thing I decided to try and I was super excited! I found this REALLY beautiful frame however ugly it was... It was brown but the shape was good so I popped out the glass

Used primer! (so important I have learned I will have to show you my HOW NOT to project I had started)

Then while its drying I headed off to the craft store to find fabric. Yes fabric. I saw it on Design on a dime and I thought "I can do that" So I did. I tapped the fabric to the filler thing that was in the frame.

Then I looked at the frame when it was dry and did not like it. Did a little research that took me FOREVER because I fell in love with no less than 90 Design blogs and then I

Sealed it because thats what the design blogs said to do and its beautiful!!


What do you think?

(please try to ignore that I did not iron the fabric first I was too excited!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Craigs List love!

So now we know we are moving. We have quotes from the movers (AKKK so expensive but less than what we both thought) so now we purge.

We had decided to get rid of our couch and love seat because we would BOTH love a new one, We have had it for almost 7 years, its been good to us. And we have been fairly gentle to it too.

Soooo Just testing the waters I posted them to Craigslist (which I heart btw) and within MINUTES I had about 4 emails about it. Within the hour someone committed to buying them (but it fell through but I am not worried)

And we also posted tires that came off the hubbys car last year when he bought fancy smancy rims and new tires.

Those were gone in 1 hour too!

We also have side stands and a coffee table just cheap from Target maybe we spent $60 on them and I posted those as well and I got this email

Hi, my name's Lauren and I'm a student at Emporia State. I'm moving into my first apartment this year and since I'm a pretty poor college student, I'm looking for some inexpensive furniture. I would LOVE your three tables. Are you still asking just $25 for them?

So when her and her dad came to get them SHE LOVED THEM, and went on excited about her first place and college and everything...

So I told her she could have them but she had to do good in school!

Her dad gave me the biggest bear hug and said "You have no idea the lesson you are teaching our daughter right now"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The 2 loves of my life!

My FAV picture to date of Daisy! She loves her daddy!

A million and one things to do!


The move looks like its going to happen about Sept, we have officially given notice to the building we currently live in.

I am so excited!!

But there is SO MUCH to do!! Some huge thing on my list

* PURGE!! (get rid of TONNES of stuff!)
* Clean
* Clean

YAY!!! And the icing on the cake is a good friend of mine is going to fly out to San Fran with me at the end of August to scope it out and find a place to live!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

San Francisco here we come!

So remember how the hubby was going to decline the job in San Francisco?


We are both over the moon excited!! Oh and so is Daisy because she does not have to deal with the snow anymore. She is happy to be going home because shes a California dog at heart!

The hubby is a little anxious as am I. Its a big change and lots of things have to fall into place for this all to happen.

But we weighed our options and finances and we have been blessed to always land on our feet so WE ARE TAKING THE LEAP!!

Look out San Francisco!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


So way back I entered a blog makeover contest over and Bloggy Blog Designs!

And I won a $30 voucher towards a makeover!

So now I have to figure out what I want and the FABULOUS ladies over at Bloggy Blog Designs are going to make my blog all pretty and stuff!!


Friday, July 09, 2010

The hubby killed it!

The hubby killed my favorite cup.

I almost cried.
If you have one of these you would understand.

I was upset and he explained that he has put it in the dishwasher a million times and no problems...

I explain it needs to be on the top shelf only... and the hubby was all like "Why are you so upset? You can just get another one"

Me "Babe I have had that for a years they sell on Ebay for $80!"

Hubby "What, no way... googles it... Ummm its only $60 on line"

Too funny.

I was upset and bid goodbye in hopes that Starbucks would release more...

AND I GOT A NEW ONE!! I walked into a Starbucks (which is so strange because I can not warrant spending $8 on a drink and VOILA there they were... It was meant to be..

And only $15. So I hope this one last me another few years!

Do you have anything you love and use everyday?

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Breast Screening Results


Yay! Now I can really focus on worrying about all the other stuff...

And I am so glad I did not freak out this time!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What would you do?

Ok so I am asking y'all to weigh in...

I think we have made the decision but its "still in the air" a little.

The hubby flew out to interview in San Fransisco a couple of weeks ago (its a lateral transfer with his company).

Can we say "HELLS YES"

He has not liked it here since we got her. Neither have I to be honest but I can just about move anywhere and be fine.

Well after careful consideration he is thinking of declining the job.

Yep, saying no. Just like that.

It sucks because it would be AMAZING to be living near his family again, and although its a HUGE raise the cost of living in San Fran would just be insane.

See we would like to buy a house before we are 90.

So playing devils advocate while we wait to see if he gets the offer, we went out house hunting, and found OUR DREAM HOME! For $154,000.00.

Yeah the same square footage and lot in California $750,000. Not to mention if we did find a house we could afford he would be commuting only about 60 miles TO AND FROM work.

120 miles a day. IN CALIFORNIA traffic.

And then we would be living almost paycheck to paycheck. Rent alone is $2000 a month to be near his job. That's nuts. And everything else is WAY MORE expensive in California.

What would you do?

Move or set down roots?

I am excited for whatever the future holds for us!! Lets get this show on the road!

Thursday, July 01, 2010


I am supposed to be home in Canada right now... But I am not because we are waiting to see if we are moving!! Big news but I am not going to "spill the beans" till we know for sure!!

But its Canada so in true fashion some pictures from past trips...

Nov 2004

August 2006

May 2007
Its amazing how some things change so much but many stay the same!

(For those wondering these are our Parliament Buildings they were build in 1867 and you can read more about it here)
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