Monday, February 12, 2007

First Vet visit

So Daisy and I made a trip to the vet this morning. I almost puked when they took her away to see if she had a micro chip in her (which means she would belong to someone else sniff sniff lol)

Anywho she was the BEST dog, she did not bark, cry, fight AT ALL can you believe that??? They even stuck a thermometer in her bum and she did not even fight. They cut her toenails and she did not fight. THEY GABBED HER WITH A NEEDLE!! I flinched but she did not even fight. AT.ALL. The even TOOK POOP from her and she did not fight.
I am so proud of her. The dr gave her a good bill of health but did say she in fact had been hit by a car. A CAR!! That or someone kicked her REALLY HARD!
Shes only 4 months old and 4 1/2 pounds and SUCH a good dog! The jury is still out about if we can keep her, the vet did say he wants to see her again in 3 weeks for a check up so until then I will work on house breaking her (explains now why she pooped all over the couch last night) but the hubby and I both blame ourselves for her pooping on the couch. He says she probably could not get down and we forgot to leave puppy pads in places other than the kitchen where she was "supposed" to stay (little bugger kept figuring how to get out) I'll have to go get a baby gate for her.
So 3 weeks. I wonder if I can even give her away after that time?? Sniff sniff

I had about 50 responses to my add for her. Its a bit frustrating to say the least I specifically said she would need to be an only pet (fishes excepted) because of all the trauma shes been through and 35 people sent me emails that there dogs needed a friend.
And you know me I kindly responded to EVERY email that I was keeping her till she goes back to the vet in 3 weeks. The vet also said the way we are training her leaving her in the kitchen all day is the best thing for a dog her size. He said if we let her run around every where she will never be house broken (type of dog)

Here she is!!! FINALLY figured out how to load videos


alfredsmom said...

You MUST keep her!!! MUST! Because I SAID SO! She is SOOOO adorable! WHat a little precious thing! I cant beleive that pet fee. Apts over on the east coast are more like $250 for the pet fee.

IS she tiny enough to put in one of your shoes for a picture?

RWA said...

Wow...$500 deposit just to keep her? That's tough.

If you decide to give her up, I'm sure you will find a great home for her.

~ Amanda X&O said...

I can understand the $500 pet deposit, that is definitely steep.

As far as not wanting her because of spending 10 hours in the kitchen, don't be. She'll be just fine. She's a small doggy, and a kitchen will provide plenty of exercise.

If you do decide to give her up, CHARGE A FEE. Absolutely. Free animals usually end up in bad conditions, either testing labs, breeders in puppy mills, tossed in a yard somewhere, mistreated, or homeless again.

Charge a fee for her, $200 or so. Then donate the money to a shelter. If the dog costs an amount of money people will think long and hard about the commitment, a lot longer than a freebie.

Trust me, and good luck.

The Real Kidd said...

Ah, she is so cute!!!

Oh and listen to amanda. She knows what she is talking about. *wink*

astrocoz said...

Thats good that she is healthy, sad that she was hit by a car or kicked!

Sucks about the pet deposit. We have a $50 monthly pet rent, so they are getting about $600 a year we live here and have BB.

But, just as Amanda said, a small space for a small dog isn't bad, its when you stick a big dog in a small space. Take her for 2 half hour walks a day and she will feel exercised enough. Once before you go to work in the morning and then once when you get home. I do that with my 9.9 lb dog and she is happy with that.

Good luck!

CruiserMel said...

It sure looks like she likes her new "home". I know, I know, you guys can't keep her, but she sure looks comfy. What a cutie!

ally said...

Daisy is just too sweet. She is the perfect size for apartment. Good luck on finding her a home (or is she home already?)

Madcelery said...


Patty said...

Y-O-U are the best mommy ever, and Daisy is a lucky little girl to have made her way to your doorstep. Even if the two of you are only together for a short time both of your lives will be the better for it.

The big question...Has she chewed any of your shoes yet? If that happens then we will get a true picture of how much you love her.

Anonymous said...

sweetie. how can you not keep that little scrappy dog? she fits perfectly UNDER the living room table! that alone...merits keeping.

sigh. I need to stop reading you. or all my comments are going to be me trying to make you keep that little peanut.

Dixie said...

She is absolutely adorable! She's the perfect size for apartment dwelling. Just take her out for a 30 minute walk in the morning and a 30 minute walk in the evening and she'll be fine!

Battlerocker said...

I'd keep her. I desperately want a dog, as soon as I have a yard. I think you'll miss her if you let her go.

Anonymous said...

You have to keep her.
Kylie seen her picture and just loves her. She wants to know when we can visit.
See will adjust to the area and when you get home you can always take her for a nice long walk.
Let me know what the out come is

Anonymous said...

I love you :) and your puppy is so cute, I like her. Next time you visit bring her
Kylie :)

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