Thursday, February 08, 2007

I work with Monkeys

I swear that I do. Big grown adult monkeys that pee on people. Serious.
2 of them left "sick" today 5 minutes after each other to leave me and one other person alone. At the busiest time of year. Monkeys I tell you. So bad so that I felt bad about leaving for a DYING RELATIVE to spend time with family (with my MIL) because when I talked to her on the phone she sounded like she needed me so I went. Friggin hell.

The "Aunt" update is that the first stroke was not a stroke it was a MAJOR brain aneurysm and the second episode was a stroke she has not stopped hemorrhaging yet and has been getting really bad. The pulled the plug at 4pm tonight so we will get an update in the morning. I spent time with the MIL and the hubby who's been married to the "aunt" for 40 years. What do you really say to someone who has lost the love of their lives? He seemed to be at peace with it as did the son and daughter, they know its best and there is no way she would want to fight this, nor did she really have a chance, the dr's said there is NO way she would come back and they know she would not want to be put through anything else.

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.

In happier news... I know it sounds bad but when you are at peace that its best for everyone involved and the fact that I do not deal with death very well lets move on.

We did our taxes. You know you are going to do well and get lots back when the tax professional takes a look at your W-2 and says out loud "Wow!! Holy you payed A LOT into your taxes", even before she runs the numbers.
Oh yeah claim single but married and get taxed out the ass all year for your sweet bonus in February. The hubby has spent his already car stereo and window tint for his new car.
Me SHOES!!!!! Ha ha just kidding, I am going to save


T-girl said...

AWWW! Hugs! I am so sorry about the fam. Been there done that! LOL

There was something else but I read the whole thing I missed over the last few days and I am exausted and now... I have no clue where I am let alone suppose to say! LOL Sorry... I will come back when I am more coherant! I will keep the "aunt" in my prayers though and her family and your MIL. Very hard situation, I am sorry!

Hugs- t

Dixie said...

It's good that everybody is at peace with the decision to let her be. It sounds as thought it is for the best.

Um, about the taxes? I am much displeased this year. Not even half of what we got back last year. Damn those raises to hell!

Patty said...

Be careful Random...With all the death in my young little life, I couldn't even walk into a funeral home, and now look what I do for a living. The universe has a way of sneaking up on you and helping you not only get over your fears, but to grow strong enough to help others get over theirs.

I think you are handling this situation just right. You are there, offering love, listening, support, and a shoulder to cry/lean on. That is the only thing people need at a time like this.

I think you are right on to save your tax money. That is of course assuming that your new car either has a great stereo system in it, OR you have figured out a way to get your husband to let you "borrow" his in a few months. This way you will be able to listen to good tunes and have lots of blow money for your up and coming vacation. The best of both worlds for Random! She deserves it!

Ally said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

Sounds like your co-workers need a spanking. I know a cacti patch. ;)

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