Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy birthday Jessica!!

Ok everyone wave hi to Jessica and wish her a happy Birthday!!!

Tonight is girls night out so there should be tonnes of pics to follow, no worries though I have volunteered to drive (still not feeling %100) and this way I can pay Jess back for the time I puked and she helped me wipe my nose on my

Oh and we are going to Vegas next weekend WEEHOOO just the 2 of us and we are going to see my little bother while hes in town. We are flying (I know its only a 3 hour drive but if you have EVER tried to drive to Vegas on a Friday you know what I am talking about)
So we are flying out Friday after work and coming home Sunday night after recovering from what I imagine will be a pretty rough night out....


Patty said...

I know this might be considered encouragement (did the words "as if I need any" just pass through your head?), but have a drink for me next weekend (you pick which one). Even though I will be on a ship full of booze, I will be dry as next weekend is race weekend. Oh, and while you are at it, drink one in honor of Jessica's B-day for me and wish her a fabulous year on my behalf.

P.S. Don't puke on your shoes!

Dixie said...

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Have fun I Vegas! Drink a few for me!

Jenster said...

I don't know Jessica - or you for that matter. LOL But it sounds like you girls are going to have a blast. ESPECIALLY in Vegas.

I came to check out your blog because I liked what you had to say on T-Girl's Sex blog.

BTW - I grew up in Redondo Beach adn I know what you mean about the crawl, I mean drive from LA to Vegas on a Friday. Sucks.

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