Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wanna know why I love my husband?

Read the anonymous comment in the previous post.
can you say awww

Home sick?

I am getting really home sick.
I wish I could just pick up for a week and go. Too bad I had to go get a new job. Now that I am new I have no vacation time or anything.
Where there is a will there is a way.
I have been a little sad lately my baby sister is turning 19 next week. HOLY SHIT
I remember when I was 19. Wow it seems so long ago. Serious.
In Canada you only need to be 19 to drink so needless to say that particular year was full of booze for me. Actually to be honest the 3 years before that year seeing how you only need to be 18 in Quebec and they used to take student ID so we all had fake student ID and went to Hull.
Oh those were the days, to be young again.
Shit the last time I went to a bar even was last time I was home. Frig, next week it will have been over a year.
Yep its time. I wish flights were not so friggin expensive!!
Ha ha I will need to start thinking of a reason, I even feel bad writing that. I have a thousand reasons I should be going home. My brother has liver problems.
My dad has Crones' disease and is really sick (although he will not tell me himself but his wife sends me updated emails every once in a while) JEN YOU CAN NOT SAY ANYTHING!. I need to go home for my spirit. Thats reason enough..Humm so how should I word that to management???
Oh and what should I get a spoiled sister for her 19th birthday, well of coarse other than VIP at MY favorite bars?


Barfed my face off all night.
It was great really… No I did get to sleep for 11 hours though so that was nice.
Some oil truck decided that yesterday would be a good day to tip over on the highway thus closing it for 24 hours to clean up and it was a MAJOR highway.
IT took me 2 hours to get home (it usually in heavy traffic takes 45 minutes)
But in better news the MIL wants to go to Bingo on Saturday so I am excited about that. The hubby is going to a Dodger game so I get to gamble...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Ever have one of those days?
Talk about drama!
Ha ha
I was hoping the building would burn down. I thought it was just a drill till I smelled the smoke.
No such luck.
4 HUGE fire trucks showed up. Nothing on fire.
To bad.
Lots of smoke though, no one was hurt. (Thank goodness) I was hoping to go home early.
Yeah right.
A little smoke never hurt no one…..

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Weekend is off to a good start

I love 3 day weekends.
So far I went to see X-men 3 last night. It was a good movie. I have always liked the x-men series.
Then today I got up and while the husband was hanging out with friends and I took a jaunt out to the casino and won some money. Only $40 bucks but still FREE MONEY!
There is never a dull moment at the casino.
I saw two GROWN men punch each other in the face, I witnessed a waitress drop an entire tray of drinks on a lady (the lady bumped her so it was her own fault) then one of the ladies sitting at the table playing black jack was coming back to the table and fell straight back (she had a walker) and I jumped up to help her and people were actually WALKING OVER HER!! I WAS FURIOUS!!
But that's the nature of people I guess. I just wish for those people (the ones gauwking and not helping me lift a little old lady) I wish for them the same curtsies if they are ever faced with something like that.
I feel mean writing that BUT IT PISSES ME OFF!!! Serious, a few gentlemen came over to help me but COME ONE PEOPLE WHERE IS YOUR DECENCY???
Maybe my expectations are too high of people. But I would just think that ones instincts would be to help someone in need?
Apparently not.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


"Anne" called.
She's home.
To be honest she sounds like hell but she's home, having them send you home is always a good sign.
Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes.

Wishes needed

Ok So everyone who reads this knows I talk about "Anne" all the time, I walked the women's cancer walk in honor of her?.
She is my long lost twin you know.


She has gotten really sick and is in the hospital..And I am worried sick about her.

I ask that you all hold her in your thoughts and sends you warm wishes and prayers her way.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What a day

Ok how much fun was yesterday.
I got to ride around on a golf cart, the weather was BEAUTIFUL (80 and sunny with a light breeze) get drunk and the best part was I was getting paid for it!
It was so much fun!
Then they fed me dinner and I got to go home!
I wish ever work day was like that!!
Ha ha, and I had to call the hubby about 10 times from the golf cart to rub it in...

Back to work I guess….

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I embarrass myself and feel the need to share

Another waste of time doctors appointment.
Serious, he actually sat there for 2 hours and had me go over my entire medical history. So unorganized, are they not prepared for this. I mean he's getting paid from workman's comp to see me and he wastes his time.

Anyways with that being said care for a laugh?
Ok the doctor I was seeing is a neurologist, for those of you not a breast of what a neurologist does he works with problems of the brain. epilepsy, bi polar, migraines, MS etc.
So a little back story when we went to the movies the night before I had eaten popcorn. Well this pop corn has messed up by belly and was causing me to have REALLY BAD gas all day. (I wonder if the co-workers caught on from my frequent trips to the bathroom?)

Anyways comes time for the evaluation and he asks me to lie down on the table.

Ok can I just say I WAS SO EMBARRASSED!!

I let out the loudest FART ever, and when I say loud I am not talking about a cute little dainty poot, it was Loud, like truck stop trucker just eat baked beans enter a fart contest loud!!
Serious the windows vibrated.
The doctor took a step back and said "oh"
I tried to no avail to cover my tracks with fidgeting on the table because it was squeaky.
Oh yeah THE SMELL there was no hiding it. I was out there in the open lying on the table guilty as all guilty.

I am sure they chased me out of there with the air freshener.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

My movie review

So the movie was a *** stars out of 5 for me.
It was a good movie, but it left a lot of questions. And if you have not already read the book I would HIGHLY recommend the book before the movie.
The movie very closely follows the book.
I am not sure what all the hype was about to be honest, the movie was well done and the acting was great it just did not do it for me.
I won't go into to much details because I am sure everyone will see it eventually. It was worth the money to see it on the big screen. (I think anyways)

I really want to go to Paris now but besides that I have seen better movies this year.I am really excited about going to see X men 3 this weekend.

So excited I only have to work 3 hours tomorrow

I get out of work because of a doctors appointment. And then on Tuesday I do not have to work because I will be at a golf tournament. AND I GET TO DRINK.
Not bad I would say, get paid to work and drink. Ha ha. I have pre warned the hubby that he may need to come get me from the golf coarse.
I can see the headlines now
"Girl gets drunk and commits a hit and run with a golf cart" (of coarse later to be deemed and accident and my "supervisors" broken leg and arm will heal)
Oh and then Wed I have 8 hours of training and on Thurs another 4 hours. So pretty much this week should be GREAT!
Here's hoping.

Friday, May 19, 2006

You are only as strong as your weakest link

Ok So work horse no longer.
I am learning.
I have been paying attention.

So it appeared to me last week (actually day one) that the people I work with do not have the same work ethic as I do.
I get to work on time, I work hard, if I tell a customer that I will call them back I do.
Simple stuff really.

Well for the last 3 weeks I have noticed that while I work like a dog, my peers do not. Something that took me 10 minutes to do, took someone else 8 hours.
Yes you read that right 8 hours.
Maybe I did not get "the whole" story but its still the same to me.

So this week I sat back. And relaxed. I took my time. I was still working but just not as hard as I was to start. (which is a real challenge for me)
Guess what happened.
We got behind.
Ha ha.
I find it funny really, I stop busting my ass and we get behind. Sure we all have other projects we are working on at the same time and some people have different "projects" that take more time than others.
So now we are behind.
And I refuse to bust ass just to catch up.
Oh and the fact that we are behind I got to point it out to management makes me smile.
He asked why I was the the one giving him the majority of the orders.
Ha ha..
Ok maybe not funny to you guys but funny to me.

Oh and I had a good talk with my "supervisor" the other day. I called her I liar to her face. It felt good. She lied straight to her manager and I did not say anything at the time.
I called her out on it.
Its hard to work "for" someone you have no respect for.
I may be newer than you but I am not an idiot I see what's going on and I told her what I thought about it.
Ha ha.
I just do not care anymore. I will go to work, do my job and not think about work when I am not there.
I even had to stay longer today (OT) to catch up before the weekend.
Its all going to come out in the wash. I just need to be patient.
I have a funny feeling that there are going to be A LOT of changes going on in the next little while. This should be interesting so I will keep you all posted (well as much as I can) about whats going on.
At least I can laugh at it all when I get home.

Work horse no more!

Ha ha,
I am learning and I am also amusing myself.
More to come....

Thursday, May 18, 2006


At work the front door has a "lock" on it.
In order to get in we need to push this button that omits the noise that "in fact" the door is now open for this brief moment in time. (and when I say brief it buzzes for about 30 seconds) and you can now pull on said door and enter said establishment.
Ok so these doors are also mirrored and tinted. We can see you but you can not see us.

I am going some where with this.

So strange person walks up to door.

Pulls door and nothing happens. Stands there staring at the door.
We push the button.
Door buzzes (for 30 seconds)
Strange person stands there still looking at the door…
He then starts to walk away
We again push the button.
He turns and looks at the door.
Stares at the door. (and 3 of us are standing there laughing at strange person not opening the door)
Then outside you hear some kind person explain to pull the door when it buzzes.
He again approaches the door.
We buzz him again.
He stands there until the end of the buzz.
Then tries the door.

I wonder how this strange person functions during the day.

And guess what he was selling?

Stickers for the door he just spent 10 minutes looking at.


Thirteen Things I would fix about myself if given the chance

1…. That I could see all my friends and family when ever I wanted (hum maybe I should get some of those picture phones)
2. My thighs (cause lets face it I HATE THEM! and no amount of diet or exercise can get ride of them) I think they are called saddle bags...giddy up

3. I cry too much. Serious I cry all the time at stupid things, but never in public or at work or anything freaky like that, mostley at TV and the hubby and sometimes for no reason at all.

4. I want Lasik eye surgery. I am blind as a bat at night, and its getting worse during the day. I forget what perfect eye site was like.

5. My messed up back. Its so bad now that in the mornings the hubby has to rub me (get your minds outta the gutter) so I can move my neck and shoulders.

6. The chicken thing I ate that made me so violetley sick. Its still lingering and my stomach is still talking to me.

7. The size of my closet and the way its set up. I WANT IT BIGGER... tee hee then I can fit more clothes.

7. That I could have children. (and I dont write that for the simpathy I write that cause it hurts my heart to carry that burden that I may never be a mother)

8. The fact that people change. I wish some times I could change that. I have a few "old" girlfriends that I wonder what happened too. You know the one I emailed? She never emailed back. (and its not like I stole her boyfriend or anything...humm maybe I did...LOL JUST KIDDING I would never do that)

9. Laundry. Could someone invent the laundry fairy? I mean I try to call her all the time and she never shows up. I bet shes a little diva.

10. That anyone in this world has to suffer. We managed to send a man to the moon and we still can not cure Cancer.

11. That I would have gone straight to college after high school.

12. I could volunteer all the time (and never have to worry about not working cause the money would be there)

13. I could effect change however little for the better in at least one persons life.

(I put two #7 did you notice?)

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No wonder Bush is president!

Elliot is gone??

Well at least we know for sure that Taylor is going to win. AS IF SHE IS STILL AROUND!! SHE FORGOT THE WORDS TWICE!!

No wonder Bush is president. Are you blind?

What ever!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


That's it Katherine is gone!!

OMG did anyone else get goose bumps from Taylor (you are so beautiful)? Yeah he's going to win this thing.

I am still pissed about Chris. Buts its good for him though, now he can go out on his own.

Ok so I have a confession. At first I thought Elliot was ugly, and when I say ugly I mean he was not at all attractive. But the weirdest thing is seeing him perform tonight he was actually kinda handsome to me..


So Sick

I left work sick today. I ate something at lunch that I am allergic to. My face blew up I got diarrhea in like 1 hour of eating this chicken thing. Nice.
But at least I got to leave early..ha ha.. always looking for the up side.
So now I am at home and I get to blog surf...when my head is not in the toilet or pissing out my ass.

Monday, May 15, 2006

So this is a new shirt I picked up at the Cancer walk. %5 of the proceeds go to cancer research.
To get yours go here.
I got one for "Anne" and my baby cousin. She has HUGE boobs so I think its appropriate.
I sported mine to the casino the other night and it was quite the hit. I had a little old man stop dead in his tracks to laugh at me. A little old lady almost fell of her chair laughing and pointing at me.
Ha ha.
I think its cute, and hell they look anyways cause they are so friggin huge!

Reasons you should never watch TV right before bed

Grey's Anatomy...

SO GOOD!! And as my hubby was falling into a deep sleep I turn around and hit him and wake him up out of a dead sleep!


"Huh? What? What? What are you talking about?"




I am hopeless.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The walk WAS AMAZING!!

I can not even begin to tell you how AMAZING it was. ---->>>
Its hard to tell but this sign says I am running in Support of ANNE.
It feels really great to have been part of something that is so amazing and so HUGE.

The day started out EARLY I was out of bed at 3:30am which was not so bad, its weird I did not even need my alarm to go off I was that excited! I met up with my friend Teresa and we were off. After we parked we caught a quick breakfast and then headed off to registration. They gave us gift bags full of goodies and then we had some time so we walked around to check out the sites. I only cried about a 25 times. I called "Anne" to say hi and try to describe to her what it was like to be there. 130, 000.00 people out to fight one cause.

There were LOTS of celebrities there, and I am not sure why I was surprised considering it was in LA but what did surprise me is at how "REAL" all these people were. All the Desperate housewives were there, actually I think the only was who was not there was Eva Longoria. Felicity Huffman kicked off the walk as you can see from my picture. She looked so amazing!! No makeup or anything, and after she started the action about 2 minutes later she came jogging right by!!(body guard in tow) but she joined in! I was a fan before but I am even more so now. I know they do it for the publicity but they never really were required to run. There were a few others who signed autographs but did not run.
This one is Kate Bosworth.

It was so much fun and so many different people, all walks of life all been touched in one way or another by cancer. Words can not explain the feeling of being there. Along the walk there was a HUGE church that had all the priests/Ministers out on the law cheering the crowds on. It was amazing to see so many people filing into the church for a quick prayer and then back to the walk. There were people that lived along the path that were out on there balconies waving and cheering for everyone. When we got to the end they made you run down USC's tunnel into their stadium where the only thing to describe it would be that feeling you get where you are so choked up and over whelmed and happy and... I can not explain.
But there were a lot of tears, and joy and hugs. Teresa's grandmother has terminal cancer and she met us just before we got to the stadium and Teresa was able to push her in her wheelchair across the finish line. There were more hugs and more tears.
Everyone there had there own reasons for being there but we were all connected....

The grand total was $508!!

Thank you Again.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Drum Roll please!!!

WEEHOOO almost $500 raised.
Thank you to everyone who made donations. I will be emailing you shortly.
I am off to do this thing and I will be back with great stories I am sure. I will try to limit my crying fits to about 30 today so wish me luck...

Friday, May 12, 2006


Ok Everyone the walk is tomorrow.
I am really looking forward to it!!
If you have not already been able to make a donation please make one today!!
Even $5 helps!
Thank you to everyone who has made a donation it means the world to me!

Donate here

Thursday, May 11, 2006

My day in court.

Went exactly how I thought.
The lawyer and I had a really great talk. And when I say great, we are on the same page, we talked for almost 3 hours after we declined the offer.
I have a bunch more doctors appointments to go to and more test to be run and then I will be in a better place to say what's good and what's not, we need to decide if I am going to go through with the surgery and a bunch of other things..
Its good to have the lawyer understand where I am coming from.
She had some great words of wisdom and has been doing this a really long time. She also explained that about 70% of people take the first offer because they want to be done with the situation, had to offer been reasonable then I would have taken it a ran. Actually I can not even say it was not reasonable, it was, I can see why a lot of people would have taken it.
I am in no rush. I want all my options exhausted before I throw the towel in.
Ok enough about court

Ugg I am off to court

So with a lot of anxiety, and I am not sure why I am getting ready to go to court.
Its weird I was talking to the hubby last night and I tried to explain it best like no matter what amount of $$ the offer its still not enough?
I am going to live with this injury for the rest of my life and they can just throw a dollar amount and me and I am supposed to be happy.
Maybe that's why I am sick about it. And one of the people I work with says that for the first 3 offers tell them no.
We'll see, I am so ready to be done with this and that's what they are counting on.
ugg. Here I go.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Conversations with the hubby

After a long day I fall into bed exasperated because my feet ARE KILLING ME!

I proclaim to my husband. "Heels were invented by a man!! The bastard!"

Hubby "Yeah well the tie was invented by a women."

Long talks!

I love long conversations on the phone.
Me and "Anne" talked last night for like 2 hours.
It was GREAT! Ha ha, I am already planning a trip out to see her when she gets better, so as soon as she's done this round of Chemo (4 more weeks as long as she gets her white cells up so she can get it this week) We are going to all hope and pray this is it. And she'll have kicked this Cancer in the ass.

With all that being said have you made your donation yet?? Donate here

Every little bit helps!! Even $5 is awesome!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Ok so I figured out why I have been blue.
Well sort of.
I think it’s the court date looming over my head.
I think it’s the fact that in 2 days I will "know" what being disabled for the rest of your life from an employer is worth.
Its worrying me so much. I mean I have dealt with the disability thing. I know there is nothing I can do, and moving forward I have no control of the situation.
It just sucks to be sitting here dealing with the pain daily and waiting to see what a "judge" thinks its worth. I mean its already pre-decided because so many people seriously abuse the system but I deal with the pain daily. And I will for the rest of my life. They can not fix it. They can do surgery to "lessen" the pain but they say that may or may not help. I am not about to have surgery on my back that they are not 100% that it will relieve me of the pain. The reason they can not fix it is because I have 3 torn nucleus pulpous (ligaments) in 3 different places.
Yeah I am messed up bad.
I am going to cry if the judge says something like "Here's $500 sorry you are messed up for the rest of your life"
And you know its not even about the money.
Its about the system.
It’s a really horrible system. Yeah sure I am thankful for the lifetime medical but my lawyer has explained to me that as soon as we "settle" its really hard to get anything taken care of. For instance he explained that even if I wanted to go to the doctors about my back I need to go through him, he summits to the insurance they have 20 days to respond to the request (he says they usually deny it the first few times) then I can actually go to the doctor.
This has been a lot of my stress the last few weeks.
I am sad.
I know I have no control and I have to sit and wait to see what happens, I have really low expectations at this points because of everything I have already had to endure (see this)

I just want it to be done. Over with but at the same time I am sick thinking about all the "shit" that I still have to go through.
Yeah its great they have to pay me a settlement, I understand it's not anything huge because its all done on a scale depending on the "RATE" of your injury.
This just sucks ass big time I always have to deal with this situation and they get to pay me to go away.
Somehow its just not fair.
I guess thats life.....

Bad thoughts

So have you ever had that day where you wake up and just want to stay in bed all day?

The day where you will someone to rear-end you so you do not have to go to work?

The day where you wish you had all the money in the world with no worries?

The day that you want to call up your hubby at work at ask him to come home and spend the day in bed with you....

I wish!

Monday, May 08, 2006


Ok before I sound ungrateful I am actually very thankful to have a job.
More or less the job is great but I am learning some things in life as I go.
I have never been known to be a slaker. I am a bit of a work-a-holic so to speak.
Well this new job is great and I am busy working away and entering orders and sorting things to be filed, and filing and doing everything and all the little projects that are asked of me.

I am a bit of a perfectionist as well. When I do something I prefer to get it right the first time. If I have made an error I learn from my mistakes and use the required brain cells to not make the same mistakes again.

I tend not to sit at my desk and "Pretend" like I am doing something for like ALL DAY!!

Ok a bit frustrated that’s all!

I am learning though.
How does this sound?

"Oh I would love to help you with that "project" but this order is going to take me about another hour?" (this should only take moments)

Note to self: Walk quickly to look SUPER busy. Any time anyone asks ANYTHING act exasperated! Do not look up..

Lol So amusing


$424 So far!!
That’s so awesome. Thank you so much for the people who made donations. I will refrain from listing names for discretion but I still have 5 more days to collect.
Check it out or make a donation!!
They will not let me enter the cash donations I have collected so I will update you guys daily! Feel free to email the link to family and friends if you believe its a good cause.
Donate Here
Have a great day!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


So I have been feeling really blue the last few weeks.


Well I have been doing a lot of thinking about life in general.

I need to set goals for myself. It's been awhile since I have been really motivated to do something. And when I say something I mean, something for myself.

Something to make myself feel good.

Now don't get me wrong I have a great marriage a "good" job and in life in that respect things are good.
I think its important to have goals for yourself.

Its weird how I have been thinking lately, I want to go back to school, I have been given the money to go back to school. Have a registered?

Nope. And this is for a few reasons.

What if I fail (being the biggest reason) What if I start it and think "What the hell am I doing?"
See its easy to say "What's her problem" so I will explain it too you.

If I get a degree lets just say Business Management. For me to start off in that field I would be making less money than I am right now.

Sucks right? A degree that I would probably not use. What's the sense?
Then I think. Do I want to be 30 with no "extra" schooling?

So far in my life I have been fortunate to not ever have to worry about it. Do I want to join that monkey race?

And then there is the fact that we can not have kids. Shouldn't I be making myself better? Giving more to society? Giving more of myself

I am a confused girl.

But I am going to start to focus on myself. I need to get myself back into shape. I want to run a marathon. I always have. The LA marathon is a year away I figure if I can start training now and "working with the back issues" I should be able to pull it off.

AHHH I am so sad. And frustrated. I almost wish there would be a lightning bolt that will strike me in the head and then "POOF" I will know my path in life.

I can hope I guess

Friday, May 05, 2006

WOW $300 Sponsered for Womens Cancers!

Thank you SO much for Everyone who has made donations!!
ONLY $700 MORE to go!!!

Donate here

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursdays Thirteen

Thirteen Things about That Random needs to do before she dies

1. Go ski diving

2. Get an Authentic tattoo in a foreign county ( how very Angelina of me, AND NO NOT CAUSE SHE DID IT)

3. Swim with sharks

4. Get a degree

5. Own REAL diamonds. (BIG ONES)

6. Buy a house

7. Get some dogs (some being plural at least 2 maybe more)

8. Have a HUGE 10 year wedding anniversary

9. Learn another language

10. Go on a trip with just me and my sister

11. Go to Spain for the running of the bulls

12. See my brother's and sister get married

13. Strip at an amatuer night

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Off to a GREAT start!

I am so excited.

As of 12:30 today I have made $195 in donations.

If you can help with only $5 that would be awesome too!!

And so you are aware the site allows you to make anonymous donations too!

Thank you Everyone for your help!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


If anyone lives in California and would like to join me feel free to email me.
I think its going to be a really great day!


So everyone I know in one way or another has been touch by cancer. Either a family member, a friend, a friend of a friend. It is a disease that affects all of us.

Join the Fight!
On Saturday, May 13th, I will be participating in the 13th Annual Revlon Run/Walk For Women. You can join me in the fight against women's cancers by making a donation on my behalf. Your donation will help fund important research into the cause and cure of women's cancers, prevention, education and support service programs. Every donation will help bring us one step closer to a cure. Until a cure is found and we know that all women are safe, we must continue the fight.

Save a Life, Make a Pledge.
It is estimated that one in eight American women will develop breast cancer at some point in her life. In 2005, more than 211,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed, while more than 22,000 will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In 2005, more than 69,000 women will lose their life to a form of women's cancer. Behind each of these statistics is the face of a woman who needs your help -- a mother, a wife, a sister, your friend.

Revlon Walk/Run LA Make A Donation

So please clink the link above and make a pledge!! Even 1$ counts.

I feel blessed to be part of this and I hope you can all help me in the goal to collect $1000 in donations.

Thanking you all in Advance

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I am so looking to get fired!

I even rolled my eyes twice today.
Right at people. Things are really irritating me today for some reason.
I am glad I do not own a gun
Sometimes I wish I was blond again (3 years bleached blond baby). Serious then I would not be surprised when people think I am STUPID!
I am not stupid nor do I enjoy having some talk to me like I am 5.
I think I am becoming more American each day
I think I should just play like I am stupid. Seeing how they talk to me like I am anyways.
ha what fun would I have with that.
And I would have so much fun repeating everything someone asks me.

I am evil

Breakfast is part of a balanced diet

I HATE THE "D" word.
I really do it reminds me of
Dumb Ass

I have promised myself to start eating breakfast, and when I say breakfast this no longer means the donuts that are served at work with the hot chocolate.

A well balanced breakfast.

You know your getting old when raisin Bran Crunch is an exciting breakfast.

I ADDED LINKS ----(pointing to her side bar) I am not done yet.
I have having anxiety about giving up some of the blogs I lurk to.
I have issues!

Monday, May 01, 2006


OK so completely and without permission I am going to add links tonight. I wish I could do it now but there is SSOOO much work to do today so unfortunately I can not slack off.
I guess one full day of work is not too much to ask? No?

So if you have been lurking here and enjoy what you see, drop me a comment and I will link you.
That or I will link you if I am reading you anyways.
I am really going to have to look into this Bloglines thing.
That's another project.
Stay tuned to the added sites I lurk too.

Battle Rocker
I will add you later today..

Have a great day everyone... that has no class like me and is reading this at work...
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