Saturday, December 29, 2007

My dog hates me

I just gave her a bath. And now she is giving me the silent treatment.

Conversation with the hubby

Hubby "She needs a bath she stinks"

Me "Well, why do you not give her a bath so it's not always me doing it"

Hubby "I give her baths, I have given her 2 baths"

Me "We have had her almost a year"

Hubby "Well this way you look like the bad guy"

Reason 154678 We could never have kids......

Wow! Where has the year gone?

Can you believe its almost a new year? 2008? I mean I can remember sitting around as kids thinking that the year 2000 was FOREVER away? Yeah time has flown by.....

Is anyone else SUPER excited that American Idol starts again in 2 weeks?? ha ha.. I know crazy, and I was not really a fan until my friend Sara (who is addicted I must say) she would not go ANYWHERE until after American Idol. Which I must say impeded on our drinking plans on certain evenings and well she made me watch.

And that's all I have to say about that.....

Hummm I wonder if I need a new blog look? For the new year??

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh My!!!

Wow wow WOW is all I have to say about these... complete with leg warmers???

Is it just me?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You MUST go see this movie!!

Do not read the previews, do not read ANYTHING about the movie you are going to LOVE it!!! And I rarely stand by a movie like this...

PS. I Love you...

The best movie I have seen in a long time. Serious. I laughed so hard I cried, and I cried so hard I sobbed. It was such a great story about love and lost and finding yourself... Well worth the $8 to go see. Make sure you take lots of tissue. The hubby was laughing because him and his friends went to see Alien VS Predator and their movie got out before ours and he knew when we were coming our because everyone came out crying...

Such a good movie!! Go see it and then tell me what you think!!

Vegas recap

Here we are... me, Steve, and Caroline....

It was so much fun.... We headed out to Pure nightclub at Caesar's palace on Friday night when I got there and they were closed for renovations so they gave us VIP passes to the new club at the Luxor called LAX. The club was INSANE!! huge really dark so totally LA its actually the sister club to the one in LA. Drinks were a million dollars and I so wish you could have seen how some of these people were dressed (or not dressed depending on how you look at it)

I am forever learning that I can not drink like I used to... We all drank our faces off then puked the next day... none of us are really sure how it all happened really?

We did a little site seeing when we all recovered from our hangovers. We checked out the new Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino

It was really nice, very modern. We talked a bit about how the Aladdin lost business after Sept 11th due to the "Middle East" theme it had. Well that's what the papers said anyways.....

We actually went out to my favorite restaurant and it was actually a VERY uncomfortable situation. We were actually called names for being white. Yep. You read that correctly. We were glared at and called "crackers" Very interesting. I will save that for another post.

Gotta love Vegas... you can drink beer at Mc Donald's

All in all it was a great 2 days, there is nothing like some quality time, with good friends and good food!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

To all in blog land..

Hope y'all and your family's have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Off to Vegas BABY!!

SO I will post many pictures and stories to tell on Monday....

Have a GREAT weekend and I will see you all on the flip side

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Her mother must be so proud!!!

Did you hear about this???

Yep the apple does not fall far from the tree, Britney's 16 yr old baby sister is preganant.... READ It HERE

WOW try not to throw up a little

Another funny

Christmas funny

Monday, December 17, 2007

Cute pictures to make me feel better

Mrs. Patty had made a sweater for her cat but it did not fit.. so she mailed it to my Mrs. daisy and it fits PERFECT!!

So um yeah.
I am done with my venting and I feel better about the whole situation.. lol And now I am looking at it in the light that I am blessed to have this second job as it allows me the opportunity to have some extra cash to travel and see friends.

And on that note

WEEHOOO VEGAS BABY HERE I COME!!! I am so excited that this week is not going to go by quick enough, I have to work the PT job today and Thursday so hopefully that will make the week go quicker. I head out to the airport on Friday as soon as I am done work... WEEHOOO

Oh and our dryer broke. The hubby gets back from being away for 2 weeks and does not have a clean thing left to wear and me being the good wife starts his laundry only to realize the dryer has finally died. I love our land lord they are really great if there are ever issues (they were flexible to let us keep Daisy as the other 70 places we called said no to dogs) anyways the dryer broke once before and they came right out to fix it and try all these different things, but the hubby and I are discussing just seeing if they will let us buy a new one and take it out of the rent. I mean this dryer is circa 1956 its yellow and has the ancient push buttons on it. I mean it works well and has been fixed a million times but just to be cost efficient I wonder if they would go for that.

They are funny to watch Edna and Steve (the land lords) Its so funny because the hubby and I can see ourselves in them a lot. He was really PISSED when our neighbors from upstairs left and TRASHED the place and they are very "attentive" I am not sure if I told y'all how she LOVES the drapes she purchased for the living room and bedrooms that I just do not have the heart to replace because she always talks about them (I should post pictures) so we just let them grow on us.... I think the hubby and I are going to do some "minor" things to the place before we leave, I have had my eye on this shower rod that curves out of the bathtub giving you about 4 more inches of room that I think I am going to get to give the tube some much needed room.

WEEEHOOO 4 more days till I party like a rock star in Vegas...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Open Letters to the fucktards that I encountered today

*** please note this post is FULL of bad things to say and just a little profanity... consider yourself warned....****

I LOVE retail, I know I am crazy for it but I just LOVE working in retail. So I worked my PT job today and let me tell you.. What a cluster fuck!!

Dear Store Manager:

You are our store manager right? I mean they pay you the big bucks and I can not figure out why your so FUCKING UNORGANIZED!!! Ok so last week you asked if I could pick up some extra shifts right? And I agreed to work Sunday (against my better judgement) Anyways, you did not change the schedule, nore did you mention to the other managers that I had agreed to take the shift. Sort of like the shit you pulled on Wednesday when you asked me to come in and I agreed because the hubby was not home and when I got there the manager on duty said to me "What are you doing here I called in "this person" to cover the shift because no one told me you were coming in. Yeah that kinda shit. Well that happened AGAIN today but a little different. I had agreed to come in Sunday, you never changed the schedule and again NEVER mentioned shit to any other manager well I debating on coming in seeing how when I worked with you yesterday and mentioned the schedule had not been changed and you "thought" you remembered but when I ran into my Dept manager at the movies she said she had no idea that I was coming in on Sunday and that it was never changed so if I did not show up no one would even notice (from my manager). Well being the kind hearted person and not wanted to fuck anyone else I show up at 8am as we had agreed and you "thought" you had remembered and it was a good fucking thing I did because if I had not the opening manager would have been left outside until 10pm when the next person came in.

Get your shit together already!! No wonder you can not hold onto any good staff!

Dear lady in the store with a APE SHIT MONKEYS:

I understand you need to get all your Christmas shopping done, as do all of us but when your children who I am certain are spawns of satan start screaming their faces off, its time for a FRIGGIN NAP!!They did not ask to be there and dragged around OUR FRIGGIN store for 2 hours screaming at the top of their bloody lungs while you decided on whether or not to get aunt Shelly sheets or a wine cooler for Christmas. You and your broad were so fucking loud that people ACTUALLY left because of you.
You are an inconsiderate ass hole, no wonder your children HATE you and throw stuff at your ass.

Dear Ass Hole parker's in the parking lot:

Serious its Christmas, chances are you are not going to be able to park any where near the door. And sitting there with your blinker on "pretending" someone is leaving, which cause all the poor souls behind you to wait 20 minutes for someone to actually leave because we can not go around you your a jerk.
And you are probably fat and need the exercise anyways.

Dear retarded "lets just put my coffee cup, monster can, beer bottle here in the middle of a display to let the "retail rats" pick it up because that's my right guys and gals:

Get some Friggin class douche bags its called a fucking garbage can, ask where you can find one, I get that your mother probably still wipes your ass but get a life.

Ok there I am done... sorry for the language carry on..

Friday, December 14, 2007

Washington DC

Yes those are my feet stretched out over all 3 seats. Needless to say the flight there was AWESOME.. Actually I was 2 rows away from first class and there was this lady who's baby WAS SCREAMING ITS FACE OFF, and the mom was sitting there reading a magazine like it was nothing.....until the flight attendant from first class came over and because of all the complaints in first class asked her to move to the back of the plane. Do you think I could sleep seeing how I worked till 11pm them came home to back and because it was snowing (another LONG story) I did not even sleep before I have to be up @ 2am to drive to the airport.

We took the subway to the Cemetery and when I first walked in I actually cried. It was so over whelming that as far as the eye can see were tombs where American Soldiers had given their lives for this country. The history and presence in this place was unbelievable! So overwhelming to see tombs from every world war. Every person laid to rest here has served their country, although not even being an American I was busting with pride.

We arrived just in time to see the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldiers. If you ever get a chance to see this, to experience this I would HIGHLY recommend it.

This was Kennedy and Jackie's graves. I was surprised to learn that they had a child that died 2 days after birth who was also laid to rest here.

The Lincoln Memorial
The Vietnam memorial.

The World War II Memorial, I had such a blond moment all day Friday all the flags were at half mast and I could not figure it out. While finally I asked this police officer in front of the white house who told me it was Pearl Harbor day... I felt so silly.

Another thing I would recommend if you ever make it to Washington DC, I cried here too....

And the HIGHLY overrate White house

The white house tree (this ones for you Patty) It was also cool to learn about the yule log that they also had burning behind the tree. It was HUGE!

AND WE GOT TO SEE THE PRESIDENT!! Not that I am a fan or anything, it was just a cool once in a lifetime opportunity

Well we saw his entourage of all his cars... he was in there somewhere!!!

Oh and this is my poor car under 5 feet of snow when I got home after 2 days....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am home just super busy!!

Washington was amazing. It was so much fun and we got to see everything we wanted to, I will have a full recap including pictures as soon as I figure out how to make them smaller. I used to have my camera on small setting, which I later learned if you ever want to blow up any pictures (which I wanted to) they get all distorted and look bad although the little picture looks great.

So I am a bit upset about it because some of the pictures that I LOVE I was going to have them blown up for frames and now I have learned that I can not.... *sigh* lesson learned.

In HUGE news remember WAY back when... I will have to find the posts about my bitching and moaning.. Anyways way back in the day, actually when I first moved to California I had met this girl and we were instant friends..humm lets call her Betty... anyways we were instant friends blah blah and things were going great and then all this shit with her and her hubby kept happening. For instance I had learned that although they were married for almost 2 years they had not had sex in a year and a half.

Right I know I thought the same thing? (he's either gay, or cheating)
He also did not EVER come home unless he knew she was working and at that it was only to leave his dirty laundry and get clean clothes.

So more and more stuff was happening for instance he had told her that his Gov job had not paid him in 10 months so she was paying ALL the bills and car payments. (no she was not stupid just in denial)

So she came over one night and we called private investigators and asked "What they thought" well within 30 seconds of the story they all confirmed my thoughts. He was cheating.

I offered to pay for her investigator so that she would know for sure because she believed there was NO WAY that he would do this to her after everything that they had gone through to be together (she's from another country) She said no to the investigator so we did the private eye stuff ourselves. We followed him one night in my car (in the year we were friends I had met him only once briefly because I think if I remember correctly we caught him off guard and he was heading out, I thought either she was crazy or he was snufflupogus) so he did not know what my car looked like but we lost him.

She found a bank account he never told her about and found a pay stub from the job that he "claims" never paid him. He also came home in a mini van once saying it was a loner from the car rental place while his car was being fixed and it had a car seat and toys in it....

Anyways 3 years has passed since we last spoke, I had invited her home with me to Canada and we had a falling out. She lied to all of my friends that she was in this "great marriage" but that's not why we feel out. I was horrible in the sense that I would be VERY honest with her and told her what I thought. I had also been witness to 2 nervous breakdowns she had where I had to call 911 at one time over being so stressed and upset at her situation.( we were in Canada 10 days and her husband who she left only a note to tell her she was "going out" never called her in the 10 days to see where she was) My whole outlook was shit or get off the pot. I loved her and cared about her so much it killed me to see her going through this mess. But she refused to leave or see what I had seen so clearly so with a little tough love we went our own ways.

We were both wrong and stubborn and silly but that's life.

So a few days ago I sent her an email for her address to send a Christmas card (I did this every year in hopes to mend the fences) and she responded asking if it was a joke and not thinking she was meant to get the email and apologized. As did I and we spent almost 3 hours talking and catching up. It feels great to have spoken again and we are making plans to see each other soon. It turns out she has tried to find me on a few occasions and has had no luck. She was trying to find me to say sorry and tell me I was right about everything.

He was married to someone else with 2 kids.

Yeah that's some serious shit!

The weirdest things?

We drive the EXACT same car and she has moved and only lives 80 miles from me.

Its weird the way life works out some times.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I am off to Washington

So I will see you all in 4 days..... the last 2 days have been nuts, working full time and then another 5 hours part time.... Yeah what was a thinking???

Well at least it affords me the opportunity to do stuff the hubby and I want... I am so excited about this trip, we have both talked FOREVER how we want to go to DC, he's been once before for work but never got to see any sights... Well wish me luck and hope for the snow and the cold to hold off for a bit while I am there...

Be back soon with LOTS of pictures!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So excited...

So the hubby left the computer..... But I am going to bring it too him for the weekend. I tried to do some cute pictures of Daisy in a Santa suit but she was not happy with me.... She just sulked and I could not get any cute shots.... So there goes that idea for Christmas cards.
She was so cute this morning she was laying in hubbys side of the bed with her head poking out of the blankets like it was the way she slept every night.

I never knew you could

love a dog so much...

And its obvious she hates me.... lol She was NOT impressed with our little impromptu photo shot and now she is hiding under the bed... She LOVES he new coat and has no problem wearing that... Maybe its because its her first Christmas and shes PISSED that its so cold out and she will not go out any more....

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I am going to be MIA for a bit

Not from blogging just from reading and catching up on blogs.. I can still remote blog via email but the hubby is taking the computer with him, and because I insisted that we did not need another computer (he wanted to buy one on black Friday) I am stuck for 2 weeks without access. I could access from work but I am not going to risk it. Not that I have even said anything too horrible I just would not like the guys in IT sitting there reading all my thoughts and shit.....

So have a great 2 weeks, I will be able to sneak peaks when I am in DC on the weekend when we are taking breaks from sight seeing to catch up and I will blog via email to keep y'alls entertained with squirrels and shit going on in my life...........

Oh in funny PT job news there was this girl in my training class that was late every day for the 3 days of training.. and since the training she has been late by at least 1/2 hour each day.. so me being nosey and it being none of my business I asked about it

"Hey has anyone address "LATE GIRL" from being late every day?" (she was 1/2 late for her shift on Sat)

"Well, you work in HR... at least she shows up....."

Can you believe that shit... not right... but nothing I can do about it...
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