Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Secret Santa!!

I have been so busy I kept forgetting to load my pictures....

AM was kind enough to organize the bloggy secret santa thing this year and LOOK WHAT I GOT!!!

And I have NO IDEA who my Santa was... I would think now that it is all done we could tell each other?

I LOVE this Christmas ornament not sure if my secret Santa knows but I collect these... The hubby and I get one everywhere we travel.. I have been looking for a shoe FOREVER!!

And this is the beautiful bracelet that was in the pretty packaging...

Look at the detail in the bracelet I have worn it already and received a few compliments.. Totally suits me!

And a special treat for Ms Daisy!!

Thank you secret santa!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

So I am not a big baby after all...

Went back to the dentist today after having a really LONG night last night. The pain was almost unbearable. I went in thinking "maybe" my tolerance for pain was not as high as I thought....

The hubby thought I was just milking it.

After being a work for a few hours I could not take it anymore. Seeing how I could not really take a narcotic at work and drive my car, I called the hubby and he came to pick me up at home for my appointment.

Dry sockets. It almost felt as if every 5 seconds an electric current was passed through my nerves in my bottom jaw.

The MOST PAINFUL thing EVER!! On 2 of the 3 teeth I had pulled. They stuff this really gross stuff into the sockets after taken out the stitches...

Sweet relief.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Solid food never tasted so good!!

I am still dying though.

Hubby thinks I am milking it, when I most certainly am not.

It HURTS like a pain I can not describe. The pain killers do not work so needless to say its been a LONG evening...

Ugg just shoot me

Friday, December 19, 2008

Reason 8978975 I love my husband

So I am laid up.. Looking sexy as ever after having my teeth pulled...

And they cut my lip...Ugg

And he comes home with the following movies:

The House Bunny
The Women
The Sisterhood Of the Traveling Pants..

Oh and chocolate milk, with chocolate ice cream so he can make me shakes.. and Gatorade..

Umm.. Yeah I married the best man ever

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I think I may need to sell a kidney

No Joke.

I got my wisdom teeth out. All 3 of them. (Weird huh? That I only have 3?) Anyways, with my lovely Gov insurance that I PAY OUT THE ASS FOR it is STILL going to cost


Dude. Serious. Who has that kinda cash laying around? I mean I have the option of just letting them grow and grow and then cause me frustration in the future. But seeing how I am currently insured (if you can call it that) I decided to take the leap.

So far so good. I am feeling a little outside myself and the pain... well its pain. And I hate it. But so far the Dr and the hubby have been very diligent in not letting me see any blood or needles.

So I am good. The ice is working more than the medication right now. I figure seeing how many drugs I took when I broke my neck my body is just "laughing" saying shit like

"Right you used to take 20-30 vicodin a day honey, and other fun drugs to add to your cocktail, flexeril, valium, soma..... you really think this little itty bitty pill is going to help?"

I have been through worse. Mush worse. This is a walk in the park...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Calling 911 is always fun!

So hubby and I we laying in bed @ 2:50am on Friday night.

To be honest I had barely made it home from the bar, a few friends from the restaurant headed out to the local watering hole for some drinks. Well some drinks turned into lots of drinks and we had the most hilarious night!

Anywho... So laying in bed I head a car alarm go off. (Hubby is DEAD asleep). And then I hear the neighbours right above us someone came home and slammed the door.

Then she SCREAMED.

And she SCREAMED and yelled something about "get the hell out of here"

I am shaking the hell out of the hubby to wake him up as I fly over him for the phone.

More terrified screams. I dial 911 and tell them what is going on and I rush to the window to see when the police arrive. I run outside in a blanket to meet them, I am not sure I wanted my new neighbours to know I called 911 on their ass, but I was scared shitless.

You know how you hear some scream and all the hairs on the back of your neck stand up?

The police pounded on the door for 20 minutes. I swear I was thinking she was dead. They came back to ask me a few more questions. Because I did not hear anything like "I am going to kill you" or any other kind of death threats and she refused to open the door (probably because he would not let her)

They left and told me if I heard ANYTHING else to call them right away.

I am still sick about what happened up there.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So I went to the dentist for a cleaning....

And I found out I had 2 cavities. Ugg. I have NEVER had a cavity in my life. I was scared to death to go get them filled.

1. Well because I did not know what to expect not having ever had one.

2. The needle.

So I went yesterday shaking like a leaf and feeling like I was going to pass out or barf. Well I told them straight up. "If I see the needle I will pass out cold on you"

It was painless more or less. They only had to freeze one tooth and that felt really weird. The most painful part was the $272.50 that I had to pay out of pocket!!

$272.50. And that is with FULL GOVERNMENT INSURANCE!!

I am floored. I have only ever had cleanings and those are covered %100 but $272.50~~WITH INSURANCE!!!

Wow I can not even believe that. And I was so shell shocked because I have never paid anything directly to the dentist. And I was not expecting a $272.50 bill the minute I walked out from getting my fillings done?? So strange to me. $300 is a lot of money.

So no shoes for me for a bit..... Unless they are REALLY cute and I HAVE to have them?


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Jessica Simpson 3 Random 0

This is her new perfume that just came out. Its called Fancy. It is so nice. I am such a fussy perfume person and I am VERY selective when I buy perfume, and for me to buy this the minute I smelled it. Its pretty fabulous!

And both pairs of shoes were on clearance! In my size?? Had to have them!! And so pretty!!

What do you think? Its so strange because I am really not a Jessica Simpson fan. She does have some really great taste in shoes!! I have my eye on some other ones she has out right now. But I have to wait till they are clearance!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Is it so wrong?

* To job hunt for a new job while still working at a job you will be at for another 2 months?

* To daydream about your new job. Whatever that may be?

* To call all crazy/slow/bad drivers F&*Kers?

* To lie to everyone when they ask "Are you going to the Christmas party?" and tell them all "Well I am not sure if the hubby will be in town" Knowing full well that there is no way I am going.

* Tuning out people as they gloat about "my kids this" and "my kids that" I DON"T CARE.. I know that sounds selfish and bad but serious I do not want to hear for 2 hours a day "the cutest thing" your kid did. Or how well they did on test, at swimming ECT ECT!! ** note to self, need to work on looking less interested to be nice.

* I secretly want to gouge out my eyeballs if one more person asks "Your married, when are you guys having kids" Which my response (in my head anyway) is " I can't have kids so back off f&*kers" But I just smile and say "We have not decided" I am not a big "sharer" of personal information, especially when it comes to colleagues. Also I do not want the "pity party" and the "Oh have you tried" or "What about adoption" I came to terms with this when I was 15. I have no control over the situation. It is what it is. I do not look at it as a negative thing anymore. I am at peace with it. Almost as if it was really my own decision.

* That I blog at work?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Reason 8978970 I love my husband


I hate snow. Yuck.

I got up this morning and went out to my car and the hubby had already cleaned off all the snow for me!! Is that not the sweetest thing?

Oh and I got my shoes. THEY DO NOT FIT!!! UGGG now I am going to have to decide seeing how they were the only pair. They are too small so I hope I can exchange them at the store level... I am so sad. I took the risk. Usually I can be a 6 1/2 - 7 shoes. Well they only had a 6 1/2 left so I ordered them. Yep too small. Me and my fat feet.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bullet points

* I played hooky from work today.. tee hee.. Probably the only day I really could seeing how much work is on my plate. One of the girls has been out for over a month. A MONTH. So not cool.

* Hubby played hooky too!

* Just finished the book Twilight. It was good. I think I liked the movie better.

* I am going to start the second book here in a minute.

* Talked to my dad, we are going home (population 2000) where I grew up to surprise my grandma for her 80th birthday in July.

* We are moving to Kansas. Yes Kansas. I have already tried to call Daisy Toto, shes not having it.

* My shoes arrived today. However UPS did not ring the bell or even knock so they will be delivered tomorrow..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I buckled...

But in my defense it is November 29th and they will not "technically" be here until after the first...Sooooo

These may look a little familar too.... Yeah I ordered a pair for Kelli too and she got them last week. These were the shoes that were MIA when we got back to the hotel in Vegas? This story? Well I decided they were too pretty to just RIP so I sent Kelli a pair to replace the ones that were left** in Vegas and I got myself a pair too!!

** It was all my fault too. I was responsable to hold the shoes while Kelli held me up. Although the shoes were dropped about 1 million time out of 4 only one was lost. Still a success story if you ask me!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

We went to see 4 Christmases.... It was a good movie.

No turkey for us, the husband requested spaghetti so spaghetti it was... shhh do not tell my mom she would be so disappointed!

Hope everyone had a great turkey day!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's pretty bad when you have to bribe yourself!

So I am a procrastinator... A huge procrastinator about going to the gym and I have been telling myself all week that "I am going to go back"

So umm yeah a week later I still have not gone. So tonight I bribed myself.

If I did not go to the gym, I could not watch The Hills.

I made it to the gym. lol

So my next bribe to myself is if I make it 7 days this week it will be December 1st.

December 1st is the day I can buy shoes.

If I go 7 days. I GET TO PICK A PAIR OF SHOES to buy!!!

And that is how it is going to work. 7 days at the gym = NEW SHOES!!

How cool is that. Get in shape AND control my shoe shopping? So my goal is to lose 40 pounds by May. May is when I go home to Canada again. And that will put me back at my weight before I broke my neck. So you will see a ticker on my side bar of how far I have to go.. Uggg

I can do this!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Sooo 24 days and no shoes.... However I have been busy plotting my next shoe purchase that I will be making online on December 1st...

These are a few of the pretties I have been keeping my eye on.. I will have to "ease" into it and only pick one... HUMMMM the choices!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The best sister of the year award goes to....

ME!!! Or at least I am a contender. This is my baby sisters Christmas gift. She is moving into her own place (she is 21) on December 1st and has NOTHING to move in with. This is my contribution.. I am SO excited for her to see it!!

Yes its a HUGE stack of towels. But I LOVE towels. And I believe you can never have too many towels. And its her first place....

Did you count? There is 12 of them. I had to make sure she had at least 4 pink ones. Well because she is a girl and pink ROCKS!!

And VOILA her Roxy shower curtain. I loved it the minute I saw it and thought it would be perfect!!

What do you think?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is it just me?

Have you ever noticed when you go grocery shopping as you are finishing up you size up all the lines and choose the one you think will go the fastest?

And then you have actually gotten into the line with the little old lady who questions EVERYTHING on her bill (before leaving) and then pulls out her check book and starts to write a check?

Or the 1 person in front of you "forgot" something and will be RIGHT BACK?

Yeah it never fails. No matter what line I choose its always the slowest.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This made my weekend

I work the PT restaurant job every Sunday. I like the Sunday crowd. I had a table write this note on a napkin for me today


It's refreshing to meet someone with such a good, big heart. Thanks for taking the time to tell me about rescuing a dog.... it definitley re-inspired me to find one at a shelter. Keep on having the passion for the little guys!

Have a great night!

Terry + Alexia

If I get one maybe I could email pics, love to see your lil' Chihuahua

How cool is that?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ummm yeah, you would NEVER find this in my closet

So I have done well with the no shoes shopping in November... Its been tough, and I have been "shopping" online for future purchases. Buts its not all that bad...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Open Letters

Dear Local Post Office:

You are a bunch of fuckers. You read that right. Fuckers. Just because we live in a small town does not mean when someone calls in sick (like this past Friday) you can just REFUSE to sort the mail for your local Gov offices.

This means I received 5 times the amount of deposits today and you can kiss my ass.

Another reason small towns BITE ASS.

Dear Everyone in my little office:

Your a bunch of digbats. Seriously thank you for the entertainment. Just because both supervisors are away does not make "everyone" else the boss. It is very entertaining to watch you all run around jockeying for position.
Sure I will listen to you all talk shit about each other, it makes me laugh. You all need to get a life.

LMAO fly on the wall

Dear inventor of the electric blanket:

Where have you been all my life. Its like falling in love EVERYDAY. And why did you not make me purchase one 10 year ago. I mean serious. This is fucking AWESOME. I confess my love to you every day.

I love you
Thank you

Me and my VERY warm toes.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Getting to know your neighbors

"Hi I think you hit my wife's car when you were backing up this morning?"

"Oh well lets go look, I do not think I hit her car but if I did lets go have a look"

He totally "confessed" and by that I mean he took full responsibility and offered to pay for everything. Just told us to let him know how much.

The license plate fit PERFECT into his trailer hitch of his truck so there was really no question.

He claims to not have heard or "thought" he did it, but if we said he did then he must have.....

Which is REALLY a relief however its strange that "he can not recall" but he is "always in a hurry" so it is possible.... Umm yeah.

But I called the police anyways just in case. Just in case our meeting did not go so well and he denied everything.... And also to see what recourse I would have if he said he did not do it. Seeing how I never saw it done...

Umm yeah the neighbors that moved in like 2 weeks ago and we get to meet them telling them he backed into my car and and would they "please pay for the repairs"

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


About the future of America.

I am so thankful that I am witness to this. In this time and day, I am excited for the change.

McCain just conceded and congratulated Obama.

It was a landslide. Electoral votes: Obama - 338 McCain - 129 (at 9:48pm)

Wow, wow, wow!!!

And that is all I will say about that!!!

Congratulations Obama.... and America

Regardless of who you voted for, or even if you agree.... America has come a LONG way...

Hurry up and wait..

I wish we knew when and where we were moving....

In job news both my managers are gone on Friday for a week.. Not sure why I am so excited about that but I really am. I can slack off like the best of them so "Bring it on!!"

Did I mention my whole family forgot my birthday in October? Well these were the flowers my dad sent me to apologize... Its funny that EVERYONE forgot the same year. All 5 of my dad... all my friends with the exception of Salinna who called me and her kids sang me happy birthday...

I HOPE EVERYONE GOT OUT TO VOTE TODAY!! I am so excited to see how this all works out!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Day one of no buying any shoes

It went well.

I actually had a few things to pick up yesterday and I hit up my usual haunts.

I found one cute pair that I really liked. Thought to myself "Do I need these shoes" and moved on...

I think as long as I do not go and "look" I will be fine.

I am also starting something new for November. Yeah I am going to try to work out 1 hour a day EVERY day in November and see how that works. I am not going to change the way I eat, which really is not all that bad and see how much weight I can lose... This will get interesting I am sure!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Asking for help

So in a nutshell I am overwhelmed at work right now.

I voiced my concerns to my manager. I think I said overwhelmed about 3 times and I asked for help. With year end quickly approaching I have about 10,000 things that need to be complete by December 1st.

She has assigned 3000 of the 10,000 items to other people to complete.


I think it was the fact that I specifically said "I will do what I can" with my daily updates to her at where I am at. With only 7 hours in the day and the fact I REFUSE to stay longer that I am paid for and they refuse to pay me for more hours that I am willing to work. Also now that Fridays are a write off seeing how I am not permitted to do my regular job duties. It makes sense.

So its settled... ha ha.. I am officially and Gov And its a bit of a LARGE pill for me to swallow.

Friday, October 24, 2008

It was getting a little out of control...

It was time for a closet overhaul!

So ummm.... this was mid way.. And I am ashamed to admit I had to go back to the store 3 times... Yeah.... I guess I underestimated how many shoes I had!! And yep, there are more than one pair in LOTS of this bins.

Voila!! I am so excited.. Not sure I like my shoes all covered up and away.. But based on how many shoes I had to dust off I think this is a great idea!!

Oh and I am going to try to not buy ANY shoes in November... Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

One less thing to worry about...

About having a job. Or not being able to find a job...

Well because I can do basic math.

Conversation had at lunch today.

I am at the sub shop.

My change due to me is $3.97 the lady at the cash yells out "I need quarters"

Manager says "Well it will take me about 10 minutes to open the safe"

Both look at me blinking eyes.

Me "Umm Ok here is 3 cents."

Stupid lady at the register "What is this for?"

Me "So you can just give me $4 change"

Stupid lady at the register "But I do not have any quarters?"

Me "Right but if I give you 3 cents then you owe me $4"

Stupid lady at register **blink** "But how does that work??"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mental Health day..

So yeah.

I called out.

To both jobs.

And I stayed in my jammies ALL DAY! And it was great. And I am dreading going back tomorrow because I will be a day behind. But oh well.

I got caught up on all my Tivoed shows, played with the dog. Walked the dog **gasp** in my jammies... lol And I just did not care... And it was great.

Quality time for me.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy week.. oh and shoes

The hubby is away for a week in Kentucky and even lost his luggage... which he has back now but I think every traveler has some sort of "mishap" once in a while, and the amount he has traveled in the last year and this is his first "mishap" he is doing pretty good.

While he is away I am working my but off at the gym and at work. I work both jobs every day this week.. A little crazy I am sure but it sure beats sitting on the couch eating bon bons,

It also allows me to buy these without feeling the least bit guilty!! Well with a $14 price tag I mean I HAD TO HAVE THEM... And they are purple so it sealed the deal.

My regular full time job has been a bit of a drag lately.. Now that I know we are moving its hard to keep my heart in the game...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

That was COMPLETELY out of line!!

SO remember why I left me last job? You can read the long version HERE, or to sum it up in a few words.

Love my job, hated my manager and could NEVER say no.

Well when I left I promised myself NEVER to let it happen again. I would never just "suck it up" and not express my feelings. I would never again be a "yes" girl not setting my boundaries. I would never again let someone else take credit for work that I had done. And I promised to work hard at telling everyone around me they do a great job and thank you.

Anyways today at work I had a run in with one of the managers. To explain our office, I have 1 manager. She oversees all 17 of us. There is another manager who does not really have a say in what I do and oversees 6 of the people and answers to my manager.

So she asks me to do something and I "ask for clarification" on what she asked. She Immediately jumps down my throat "I DON'T CARE!!...blah blah"

I am FUMING, I swallow my pride because of coarse she YELLS it out with everyone standing around and I set out to cool off.

I give it a few minutes and I ask my manager if she can give me a minute, I walk into the "lady in question" office and I go off.

Me "That was COMPLETELY out of line, not to add TOTALLY unprofessional, it was clear I was asking for clarification it was unnecessary and out of line to speak to me like that and I do not appreciate it"

It felt so damn good. And I would do it again in a heartbeat. I just wish some time I would not get so emotional. I was fighting back tears the whole time and I was SHAKING I was so pissed.

And I let it ruin my day which is the bad part. And then I came home and headed off to the gym to RUN my ass off. I will pay for it in the morning that is for sure. But it worked.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Look what I just got in the mail...

EEKKK are they not FABULOUS?? My best friend Sal sent them for my birthday!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

2-5 Days Shipping!!

And then these babies will be mine!!!
Only $24 bucks!! I am so excited... Did I mention we are getting 3 inches of snow tonight? Umm yeah so not ready for snow.. however these new boots will help!!

The deer in the road who was a "little" bold

OK this is kinda funny.. This is when we headed out to Mount Rushmore in August... It makes me giggle to watch it.. We are trying to get the dear out of the road, I only started the video after about 5 minutes of yelling out the window at it...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This is why I work part time

Aren't they pretty?? Different that is for sure.. But I kinda like them.. I have not ordered them yet because I am a little leary of ordering shoes on line..... However the one time I did I had GREAT SUCCESS!!

Hummm maybe I should sleep on this one?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My public service announcement!!

So WAY back in the day I broke my neck. I was taking up to 30 vicodin a day.

Needless to say this was NOT GOOD for my insides and I have done some permanate damage. Well there was a time when my insides would bleed and it was hard to poo.

What? Everybody poops!...ha ha..

Anyways so I have tried EVERYTHING to be regular. I had tried laxatives that one time remember? You can read about it again here.

I have tried all the cereals, vitamins, pills.... Yeah but I have FINALLY found something that works. Now let me pre-warn you these bars are unlike anything you have ever tasted.
They come in a bunch of flavors, taste good. (I found most of the other ones taste like cardboard) but these ones are the shit (so to speak)

Fiber one! Try them. I SWEAR if you ever don't feel right one of these will fix you right up! Serious.


So go here and sign up with your address and email and they will send you a sample free.!!

Who does not love free stuff??

How cool is that? Everyone can use a little more fiber in thier diets anyways and some of these bars have up to %55 of your daily fiber intake. And they are DELICIOUS!!

I even have the hubby hooked. Serious go out and buy some.. tell me what you think. I only have one about every other day and I am good to go....

Saturday, October 04, 2008

So my suprise gift is working

So the magazine worked.

2 miles Thursday night
2 miles Friday night, and 1 miles today.....
I know, I know that is not far but I am just warming up. Daisy loved it and the weather is perfect for it. With the acception to the stupid bugs it was a great walk/jog/run/whoamIkiddingitwasaquickwalk.

My birthday gift from the hubby is new running clothes and I splurged on new shoes. So now I HAVE to do this! I am going to aim for another 1/2 marathon in February in Texas. My bestest friend I had out here just moved there and I am twisting her arm to train with me. And then AFTER the marathon jump on a 3-5 day cruise and lay around.. just what our bodies will be needing!! I think its a great idea. Training is cheap (with exception to the new shoes) I have everything else I need (GPS Thanks again Patty) all the gear MP3 player, clothes (I dug them out yesterday). I am excited again.

These are the shoes.. I know, I know they are yellow. And the UGLIEST of all the shoes I tried on, it was a toss up between these and these REALLY cute pink and white ones but these ones won. They were the best fit for my foot, they felt the best with the support in them. So they are it. They are Asics and they are growing on me. Super comfy but I will see how they feel as I break them in.

I am SO excited!
Just remind me of that when I am BITCHING and moaning about getting up early, shin splints, ass aches and pains.... Oh yeah this is going to be fun.

Oh and if you would like an invite to my private running blog.. Yeah I said private I am going to post all the gross ugly fat pictures of myself and how I got to where I am and to document where I am going. Its still a work in progress so when its all up and going I will send y'all the link.

I bought these ones for fun. These are my "cute" walking shoes. I will not use these ones for training because they are not really built for that but I needed to feel better about the ugly ones.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

What? I do not have any cute burgundy ones yet?? these were TOO cute to pass up, its my birthday gift to myself.. Oh and Daisy got me the purse that matches PERFECTLY to the shoes.

I swear I have a gift I get an idea of a shoe in my head and then search for it for months. I do not settle on just anything, I must GASP at the prettiness of the shoe and get excited and do a little jig.... Ok maybe I need some help. But the purse is PREFECT for the shoes so I must have them both!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So perplexed

I received this in the mail today.

I have already read most of it front to back all the time thinking... "Who sent this to me?"

I KNOW it has to be Ms. Patty. She is the reason I started to run. She was the first person I ran a marathon with and she knows I loved it so much, but also how I had not really "run" since my marathon. Its not that I do not want to, the motivation is not there anymore.

See training for the marathon was a reason to get up at 6am and head out for a few miles. And after completing my 1/2 marathon my mission was accomplished. It felt so GREAT I still get tears in my eyes thinking about crossing that finish line.

So I email Ms. Patty a big thank you!! And she says it was not her. It is such a thoughtful gift that IT HAD TO BE PATTY and it was not.

I call the husband and say "Hey did you order me a subscription to Runner's World?

"Ummm, No I did not even know they had such a magazine... I mean maybe.... ha ha, No it was not me"

So now I am perplexed. And excited. Because

1. I LOVE this magazine and I feel the burn. You know that one where it feels like you can do anything you set your mind too.. I did it once I can do it again.

2. Its such a GREAT surprise from someone secret. For now. Till I get to the bottom of this.

And yes I did get on the web site to investigate and it does not give me any info, and customer service was closed. I am going to get to the bottom of this.

And to "whoever" it is.

Thank you

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mom's big chunk Chilli!

So I finally buckled and asked for the recipe. See we have a pot-luck at lunch the other day at work and this lady made chilli. It was not good. But it did give me the hankering for some REALLY GOOD chilli and I emailed my mom for her recipe.

Is it not funny how EVERYTHING is better when mom makes it? This is the first time I have tried her recipe on my own and so far so good!

The ingredients!! Its seems very easy to make

Everything getting thrown into the crock pot. My mom makes it on the stove old school, but she modified it for those who want a quick no hassle dinner.

Everything ready to go!!

2 hours later (only took 20 minutes prep time)


And if I must toot my own horn it was AWESOME!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Too friggin cute!!

So not only do I LOVE shoes for myself I could not pass up this deal at $.99 from Dillards for my care package for my BFF Sal ( I can not believe I just typed that)

Are they not the cuttest things???

I just can not help myself...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ok your thoughts?

So I have a gov job...

And all these people I work with (there is about 9 of us in the office) do this thing....

I get paid till 5pm. I leave at 5pm.

THEY ALL WAIT FOR EACH OTHER... And try to make me feel guilty that I do not.

Am I being rude? I mean I wait once in a while, but NOT EVERY friggin day.... The times I have waited I have not gotten out until like 5:15.

I don't know. At first it bothered me that they tried to make me feel guilty. I even asked my manager if we were required to stay and wait and she said "no" its just something they do.

Well I am paid till 5, I leave at 5.

What do you think?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Everything happens for a reason!

It's funny how we make some choices in our lives. And then months, sometimes years down the road we see what the "outcome" was for said event. We finally see the "whole" picture about where we found thew strength or courage to make a change even though we were scared to death about the outcome.

Remember this?

How I was scared to death but quit my job? The job that I hated but stayed at because it was the right thing to do?

Well tonight I was able to see the "whole" picture. I ran into one of the ladies I worked with. She was next in charge to my immediate manager.

The company I left is going under....23 of the 45 people at corporate have been laid off. (would have included my position) They have sold 19 stores and are closing 15 more at the end of the month.

I am sad for the people I worked with, some that I have kept in touch with and was wondering why emails had not been returned.....

But in reality it makes me feel better about leaving. I made the choice to leave and was not laid off, I was not put into a position where I was unexpectedly jobless.

And it was for the better..... And now I see

Friday, September 19, 2008

The new digs??

SOOOO what do you think??

Its growing on me.. Its going to take some work, I lost some of my links, but I think I kinda like it!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Antelope, Fishes and snakes oh my!

Hell has just frozen over!! A little anyways... Yep that is me with a gun and CAMOUFLAGE! In all honesty the event I was required to attend for work WAS SO much fun!! I got to teach people (serious, she who has not used a gun in 15 years TAUGHT children) how to use them. After a refresher of coarse.

I was at a Hunting and Fishing Expo and saw enough camo to make anyone sick. To be honest at first I was a little affraid, but to see SO MANY PEOPLE so passionate about our state and hunting, and wildlife preservation. It was really great.

This is my new boyfriend... shhhh don't tell the hubby!

This is a little bull nose snake I got to play with, its actually crawling down my arm when I took the picture...

Beautiful Wyoming

This little guy looked like he was waving "What's up?" Oh and Dixie this is a HORNY TOAD....

This was AMAZING to me, these guys who are all volunteers that I was able to work with are all over the age of 80 and LOVED to teach these kids to shoot. They are so passionate about guns and gun safety (they volunteer for The State Shooting Association) I think this picture says ALOT...

The hand gun with scope valued at $3600 that I was one number away from winning... They lady who did win it cried so I was excited for her.. but you can bet I came home and started to talk to the hubby about maybe getting a gun and learning to shoot it...

Who knew there were SO MANY types of Antelope.. I sure did not...

So many antlers so little time
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