Friday, December 05, 2008

Is it so wrong?

* To job hunt for a new job while still working at a job you will be at for another 2 months?

* To daydream about your new job. Whatever that may be?

* To call all crazy/slow/bad drivers F&*Kers?

* To lie to everyone when they ask "Are you going to the Christmas party?" and tell them all "Well I am not sure if the hubby will be in town" Knowing full well that there is no way I am going.

* Tuning out people as they gloat about "my kids this" and "my kids that" I DON"T CARE.. I know that sounds selfish and bad but serious I do not want to hear for 2 hours a day "the cutest thing" your kid did. Or how well they did on test, at swimming ECT ECT!! ** note to self, need to work on looking less interested to be nice.

* I secretly want to gouge out my eyeballs if one more person asks "Your married, when are you guys having kids" Which my response (in my head anyway) is " I can't have kids so back off f&*kers" But I just smile and say "We have not decided" I am not a big "sharer" of personal information, especially when it comes to colleagues. Also I do not want the "pity party" and the "Oh have you tried" or "What about adoption" I came to terms with this when I was 15. I have no control over the situation. It is what it is. I do not look at it as a negative thing anymore. I am at peace with it. Almost as if it was really my own decision.

* That I blog at work?

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