Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I think I may need to sell a kidney

No Joke.

I got my wisdom teeth out. All 3 of them. (Weird huh? That I only have 3?) Anyways, with my lovely Gov insurance that I PAY OUT THE ASS FOR it is STILL going to cost


Dude. Serious. Who has that kinda cash laying around? I mean I have the option of just letting them grow and grow and then cause me frustration in the future. But seeing how I am currently insured (if you can call it that) I decided to take the leap.

So far so good. I am feeling a little outside myself and the pain... well its pain. And I hate it. But so far the Dr and the hubby have been very diligent in not letting me see any blood or needles.

So I am good. The ice is working more than the medication right now. I figure seeing how many drugs I took when I broke my neck my body is just "laughing" saying shit like

"Right you used to take 20-30 vicodin a day honey, and other fun drugs to add to your cocktail, flexeril, valium, soma..... you really think this little itty bitty pill is going to help?"

I have been through worse. Mush worse. This is a walk in the park...


Magnolia Sun said...

I only had two and thank goodness no problems when they were removed. Feel better soon and hopefully no more dentist visits.

Deutlich said...

I have to get my wisdom teeth taken care of too and a) I am scared shitless and b) I JUST DON'T WANNA!

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