Thursday, November 30, 2006

New job= no internet at work

So thats why the lack of posts.. Oh and last night I was sick. Really sick.

Not much to report really. I like my new job which is good. I am REALLY excited about my newer job which I start Dec 11th. So all is good in Random land.

Things are really starting to get cold. It was 90 last week and now we are down to 50-60 its a nice change you can smell the fall outside. I think that is one of my favorite smells.

GREYS ANATOMY is on tonight. I have been dreaming about shoes lately, I think it may be time for a new addition. Or Its s problem I know. It could be worse really, this girl I work with just bought a new dog WITH A $200 Louis Vuitton (I had to google that) collar and $16oo bag to carry the dog in!!!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

WEEHOO whos a rock star??

I am!! So I got the job. The one I interviewed for 5 days after starting my current position.
I AM SO EXCITED!! Not to be leaving the department I am in, because everyone is cool, its just good to know I will be making more money as well as 3x the benefits.
Its so weird I am still at the same place just switching departments.
Oh and I am so sneaky that I explained the only way I would except the position was I had current prior obligations in May and I needed 2 weeks off. Guess what... NO PROBLEM so I can REALLY start to plan my trip home, oh and also plan the kidnapping of Salinna to come and visit!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Answers to the questions

Ok if we are being honest I was a little disappointed in the RESPONSE to this.. I though y'all had a lot more questions for me. Ha ha not like you do not already know all the answers..

Thoughts from the Heart of Dixie asks:
What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
Wow I only get to pick one? Ok 2 really embarrassing things I have done?
1. When I was on a trip with my girlfriends in Hawaii we got really drunk and thought it would be a GREAT idea to go skinny dipping in the ocean. While we ran across the beach screaming like hieanas ripping off our clothes and went splashing into the ocean N.A.K.E.D. as the day we were born (right in front of a major hotel you may have heard of them The Hitlon?) so anyways after our impromptu swim we all walk back up to the beach (which is pitched black) and we can hear people laughing.... ha ha lets just say we were not alone. And those people on the blanket celerbrating their wedding anniversary sure got more than they bargained for.

2. Another drunk incident. (there were MANY of these) a bunch of us went up to a ski hill for the weekend and went to this little tiny club called "Le Petite Caribou" The way the bar is set up there are bars to hang onto when you are dancing on the bar so you do not fall. (yeah I used to get on bars to dance) well I am shaking my shit and then...... I fell back and my flexibilty allowed me to clear of the bar with my legs, ass landing in the ice bin, ice flying EVERYWHERE and I crash to the floor I am so drunk but also so embarrased that in stead of standing up I crawl across the floor (EWW THROUGH THE BAR TAR) to the end of the bar where my girlfriends are anxiously awaiting through fits of laughter to see if I am ok. I was so drunk that I had the logic that it was time to leave. Well my girlfriend Harriette had also desided that she too had too much to drink so we try to leave (the bartender was POURING shots straight from the bottle into our mouths) and we go outside only to fall over and roll on the ground in the snow trying to get composure. And this all happened in front of the door man (much to his amusement) we finally got to out feet desided it was too cold out and went back into the bar (can you believe they let us back in, I guess we were the entertainment)
I got high fives the rest of the night.....

Rantings in Red asks:
I wanna know what you look like woman!
Pictures to come

How did you and the husband meet?
We met through mutual friends. His best friend Adam, was my best friends Salinna's best friend.
Make sense?

Why do you want to leave California?

Traffic, the people, the cost of housing, the cost of living, the fact that you have to plan EVERYTHING and you can not even just "run" to the grocery store because everything depends on the traffic.

Why did my link go?
I am not sure where it went but look (as she points to the side bar It's back!)

Salinna asks:
When are you going to come home and have babies!!!!!!
Don't hold your breath on that one.. But I will be home to visit soon!

Obasso asks:
Can you curl your tongue, or any of those other neat tongue tricks?
Well my tongue is pierced and if I try really hard I can touch it to my nose. Tongue tricks? You would have to ask the Just kidding

Patty asks:
Why do you blog?
Well for a lot of reasons, I first started to blog because I was getting married and moving to another country and I wanted a way for friends and family to be able to keep tabs on my and see whats going on. My first blog entry was May 24th, 2003. I used to be on live journal and I have thought of bringing some of the posts from there to here.
I have kept up blogging because I bitch a lot. And I moan. And people come here to read and I have made a few contacts and friends through all of this. Most of the reasons I love to read other peoples blogs is to learn about other peoples lives, because they must be "more fabulous" than my own.

Joie DeVivre asks:
Whats the actual number of shoes you own?
Hmmm lots.. I would be scared to put the number really a good guess about 40 (probably more)?
And of those, whats the number you regularly wear?
I have about 10-15 pairs that are in heavy rotation the "practical" shoes, the "work" shoes, the "not to sexy I can wear these to work shoes as long as I wear a suit" shoes, my sneakers, my flip flops. Currently I have 6 pairs of shoes in my car... Yeah I have problem and no problem admitting it.. Oh and I am excited I am back to work so I can expand it, much to the moans and groans of the hubby.
oooo, i cant be outing your shoe fetish here surely?
Have you seen how many pictures I have posted of my shoes?? Ha ha.. Everyone knows about it and I am not to proud to scream it on the roof tops!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I so wish I had the balls

I am going to get them I know I will. Well today I went to the airport to pick up a friend and I swear I would have you all in stitches if you could have seen some of the outfits that I saw today.

1. Goochos with socks to the knees and slippers.

2. Banana clips. (yes you remember) IN. A. SIDE. PONYTAIL.

3. People in there Pj's, full on with slippers.

4. Children in snow suits.

Oh yes I will get the guts to take pictures of all this one time.. Maybe I will start a fashion police thats a good idea

Friday, November 24, 2006

Photo Stamps~ So cool!!

While watching TV last night I found the coolest thing. There is this site called Photo Stamp that lets you create your own stamps!!
So all those people who take lots of pictures Alfreds Mom, Ragus Pug, these stamps are a great idea for Christmas cards.
Check it out.

This is the picture that I choose! ; )

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ask Random anything?

So there is this thing going around and I am jumping on the band wagon...

What do you want to know about Random?? You can ask me anything you want and if I see fit... lol just kidding I will answer all questions because I am a freak like that and most of it is here somewhere on this old blog and really what do I have to hide??

So ask away...

The Mountains

I took this yesterday morning at work. The picture does not do it justice they were WAY more beautiful than this.
I am teaching myself how to use my camera, lots of it is trial and error and has been fun so far.

In other news my settlement came in. Its not much but its better than deal with this injury crap any longer. I am done. No more lawyers no more insurance companies. A relief really. Not much of a resolve concidering that I will be disabled the rest of my life but because all the laws changed when Arnold became Gov the injured worker has no rights.
But thats life....

Its all being taken care of

So the dealership is taking care of everything. Only after the receipts were produced.
Oh and the husband is not going to notify the insurance.
WHAT? Thats what I said too, but hes very understanding and the manager told him that 80% of thier body shop work is referals from USAA. So the hubby does not think its fair to screw up ones business for one idiot that works for them. And the manager lead on that they may know who did it so the hubby is hoping it will be taken care of internally. I fought with him saying that it does not matter what they do now its the principal of the matter.
He would not budge. I even told him if he does not tell them I will.. he got mad. So the matter is dropped.
He did file the police report though so depending on how "well" hes taken care of he will have some back up.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The shit just keeps on coming

So the husbands car got hit last week. He was not in the car at the time someone just backed into him. So the insurance company of the guy who hit him told him were to take it and he did (both parties had the same insurance company USAA)
Anyways there are minor things to be fixed and the hubby stopped in today to check on the progress

(lets just say the hubby is passionate about his music and his stereo 2 amps and speakers are a little precious to him and cost lost of $$$$$$$ also the $500 for the professional installation )

WHAT THE FUCK!! The car is on a locked yard being fixed at a place that his OWN insurance sent him to be fixed!!

So tomorrow he gets to go down there and have the police to come out to file a report, not only that he called our insurance to tell them what happened AND THEY HAD NO IDEA HOW TO HANDLE IT! The stupid lady on the phone said that he would have to pay his deductable to have it replaced!! AT THE PLACE HE WAS SENT TO BY THEM!! The manager told him he could set him up with his car stereo guy and there was no need to notify the insurance or police. YEAH RIGHT!! And to make matters worse his car has Low JACK so the only way anyone could have gotten into the car is with the keys and to remove everything they did it was a inside job. The car would have armed itself if it was left unlocked with all the doors closed after 5 minutes and would have activated the alarm (that does not go off) if the door was opened without the key.

Anyways we have the receipts so we will see what tomorrow holds when he goes back and has the police come out.

Wish him luck!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Anyone want to get naked for me?

Serious, since I have gotten my camera I want to do black and white nudes so bad. Not to be a perv of anything I just love nudes when they are black and white. I think when a person is naked its beautiful. Well see maybe I will get bold and try some of myself, I want to try it to teach myself about lighting and angles and stuff.
One of the women I work with is pregnant and 3 days after knowing her I told her I want to take pictures of her right before she gives birth. A little forward yes but I told her I will do it for free and she can print what she wants as long as I can use it for my book I am putting together so in 3 more months I will finally be starting pictures with people.
I have bugged my hubby for a while to let me take pictures of him but so far he won't let me.
I am wearing him down though (as most wifes do) lol

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My day at the dog park

I took my friend Tito out for like 2 1/2 hours today because it was so nice out.
It was a good day, just relaxing and shopping.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Raining cats and dogs

The way things happen sometimes amazes me. Really.
I had orientation the other day, and you would never guess who else was in my class with me?
Only the 2nd most important person in the City. Yeah some serious pull.
And we got along well, so well we went to get finger printed together.
So it looks like she too is looking for staff (imagine that).
Oh and in passing after talking to who I thought was just another regular employee she introduces me to her boss The Mayor.
Then I get the grand tour, while talked about my qualifications. She told me to call her anytime and she came by to see me yesterday too to talk so we will see how this all pans out.

Shit when it rains it pours.

Oh and only me, when I was sitting waiting for my interview one of the managers from my office comes up and sees me sitting there
"Hi Random, what are you doing on this floor?"
Me ........... ( I must have looked really guilty)
"OH NO, really you have only been here 6 days?"

Then the lady who is interviewing me comes out and tells him to get away from me (joking of coarse)

AND THEN after my interview I tell my manager that her manager caught me red handed interviewing for another position so I wanted to give her a heads up.


She gave me a guilt trip. She told me that people may think the wrong thing about me, interviewing after only being in my position for 6 days. I told her I needed to think about me and if she would offer me the same amount with 3 times the benefits (whats being offered) I would stay forever.
So she gives me her blessing then takes it away!

Oh well thats life. Things are good though I am not going to worry about it. Just sit back and relax

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I love the new job

BUT ...

No serious its great but yesterday I get a call from the "same" building but for a different position.. that pays A LOT more money. See I like the people I work with and I told my manager about it and she said that it was worth interviewing for. She said that she did not want me to have any regrets although she would not be happy if I left (she was joking around about it pretending to cry) so shes cool about it. Its weird I have been there 5 days and already thinking of leaving, well not really the only reason I would leave would be a "big" promotion and seeing how the ties are not that deep yet I need to think about me and the opportunities this new position would provide.

So wish me luck on yet another job interview. It will feel really strange to take lunch and go upstairs in the same building to interview for a different

This shit only happens to me.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My new friends

He's so cute. His name is Tito. I know all you are thinking "But Random you do not have a dog, and your hubby will not let you have a dog till you buy a house" No this a friends dog and I am so excited. I had my first experience at a dog park today and it was so much fun.
About a week ago I put an add up on Craigslist to find friends in the area. I have been here for 3 years and have yet to make any real connections, I mean I met people but after a little while they were either too much drama, lived to far way you know how the story goes. So outta desperation I put up an add that I was looking for friends in the area and I got a few responses. See I was waiting to blog about this because you know as a kid where you thought if you said something about a good thing it would be bad. I know stupid but anyways I ended up meeting this girl who happens to live in the same complex that I live in and shes super cool, so far our 3 play dates have been good. The first time I met her (thats her knees and Titos bum), I straight out asked what was wrong with her.. lol Serious, she loves food like me and 2 times now we have been out for Indian food. But now that I am sure we will be friends I can blog about her. Everyone say hi Jessica!!
Oh and on that note today I had the pleasure of driving in her car with her today and she was a bit taken back that I had my camera to document the MESS that was her car. But its hers and I was going to post the picture for all your entertainment but somehow when I went to transfer it and review it I deleted it. Lets just say my hubby can never complain again about my car being a mess. Oh and I get to walk her dog when she has to work long hours so I get to be a pet
While we were at the park 300 bikers drove by with a police escort for a charity drive for the children's hospital. By the time I got my camera ready I only got the back of the pack. But it was pretty neat.
Its weird that as you get older that relationships you have change. I have been blessed with a great group of girlfriends back home in Canada and being away has made me closer to some of them and further away from some. I believe every relationship takes work and you can only do so much to make it work. I am so glad I have made the efforts to keep my friends close.
But here's to new friends and new beginnings. WEEHOO
**lets just hope shes does not end up Just kidding Jess***

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I am going to be one of those little old ladies

You know the ones who are always in everyones business? The ones who always know whos sleeping with who, who's daughters/sons are filing for divorce.
Ha ha the hubby always tells me that. He says I am so noisy. For instance the accident last night? I watched until the cars were towed away. I kept checking to make sure everything was going ok.
Well tonight about 15 police cars come flying by and I run straight to the window to see whats going on. Oh and then the police helicopter comes flying over so that intrigues me more, I go out to the balcony with the BIL and we imagine what happened. There are so many police cars around that when the husband comes home he can not even get into units.
We watch in awe as the helicopter eluminates the area right across from our balcony with about 5 police officers running around searching for someone.
Ahh the drama... And I am right there with my nose against the window peering out.
Oh and I do the same thing when neighbors fight.. Oh yeah don't pretend you never

Friday, November 10, 2006

Well thats good to know..

I had to call 911 last night and its good to know that the fire response time for our area is 3 minutes. It may have even been faster than that but its good to know.

There is the place right by our house that there are accidents at ALL THE TIME! Well last night we heard the squeal of tires then the crunch of metal and ran to the balcony for a birds eye view (at this time my mind is racing about how fast the hubby and I could get there is someone is hurt, I SWEAR I heard someone yell before the crunch so I thought that a pedestrian had been hit). I of coarse grabbed the phone and called 911 by the time we made it outside the 2 guys were out of there cars walking around assessing the damage. I am such a worrier about this stuff and everyone was ok and walking around by the time the firetrucks got there. Also when the ambulance showed up with lights and sirens blairing the firetrucks waived them off so we know that no one was hurt.
They really need to do something about that area, what it is, is that traffic pulls out into a lane thats partially blocked and the street speed limit is 45 miles an hour. So needless to say if they miss judge the on coming traffic there is an accident.
I would say about 1 time a week there is an accident there.
And it makes my skin crawl. I am always so worried someone is going to be SERIOUSLY injured there. And since we have lived here I have seen one REALLY bad one. One so bad that the jaws of life were brought out.
I always pray under my breath when I see an accident. If its really bad I cry.
Or like last night I barf. Serious.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

OK this was to funny not to try

Serious it works!! try it.

Ok hold up your right foot.... Ok got it... now do clockwise circles with it...

Ok keep doing clockwise circles and hold up your right arm, with a finger from your right hand make the number 6.....

Pay attention and keep doing it.. lol

HA HA... your foot changes directions....

Is that not freaky? It made me laugh so I kept doing it.... then I made the hubby do it...

Ok I get it, I am cheaply amused.

Happy Thursday before a long weekend.. WEEHOOO

OK so gald shes ok!!

We had a little scare there. Friggin blogger would not let me read comments for the last 2 days!! Bastards. Anyways I was worried sick about my friend Anne because it had been days since her last post and I could not get into the comments to see if anyone in had left a message.
Anyways shes ok and getting better and I am so thankful for that!!!
So now I need to think about get well packages.. tee hee.. I am such a geek
All y'all that read this should go wish her well. Oh and if you pray put her in your prayers please too. She's going to get past this stupid thing called Cancer and shes going to kick it right in the ass!
I love you Anne hope you are feeling better.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My First day back to work

It was so exciting starting a new job. I am not sure why I like it, maybe its just because I am such a social person. Lets just say things work ALOT slower than I am used too. I am AMAZED at the people I work with though, things are REALLY laid back everyone is fun to be around, so far I have not figured it out but they are a well knit team.
It was fun.

So the cousin left early today to go back to Canada, having her here makes me miss home more. Makes me miss my family and friends, but also a good reminder that people change.
I've changed.
Life changes.

Monday, November 06, 2006


So everyone who comes to California needs to see Hollywood. We were there for like 2 hours and I took over 60 pictures. We had a goodtime. We went to Hooters for lunch and me and my cousin were the only ones in there that had Hooters. Serious. Oh and they did this thing because it was Sunday football that they had something called "family seating" so when we got sat at our table about 5 minutes later they sat some random strangers with us.. It was strange but funny all the same. Of coarse we took a picture of the random strangers we had lunch with. Ha ha and in true "Random Musings" fashion I asked them a bunch of personal information about themselves. They both agreed that people are crazy out here..... We were going to go to Beverly Hills but my cousin was not up to it, I had explained that its about as highly overrated as Hollywood and Vegas really. So shes off tomorrow and I GO BACK TO WORK!! Weehoo so excited about my new job, a little nervous really but more excited.

There are more pics on my photo blog

Friday, November 03, 2006

Our day at the beach

My cousin has never been to a beach (a real one anyways) and has never seen the ocean so today we spent it out in Santa Monica. It was a little cool out (it is Nov after all) but it was so beautiful. I am not sure why but I always tend to get a little emotional when I see the ocean. Maybe its its vastness, maybe the realization that you are at the end of a country thats joined to many other countires.. Who knows thats the hopeless romantic in me I think.
We had the best lunch at the mall she had Mongolian grill for the first time and LOVED it, and I had idian food (which we all know I LOVED) we walked quite a few miles on the beach and saw some interesting things.
Before we headed home we made sure to stop at this cupcake store and they had THE BEST cupcakes, a little on the pricy side but so YUMMY this picture really does not do them justice.
Oh and a 3 hour drive home.
Only in California.
There are more pictures on my photo blog

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Vegas Pictures are up

Nothing too exciting. I am still learning the settings for my camera so some of the "better" pictures are too big to upload to Flickr.
See the set @ randomsphotoblog

Oh and sorry no bar pictures, I was too afraid to bring my camera out with us. Which is probably a good thing...

Just a little piece of Vegas

So I took this picture while sitting in the lobby of the hotel, what this picture does not show is that this guy is in a G-String. He was also walking around with a HUGE inflatable penis. So needless to say all the freaks were out in full force for Vegas Halloween.
There are a bunch more pictures but flickr will not let me load them. I will try again later.
I missed all you guys, give me a bit to get caught up.
And yes more Vegas stories to come, which include puking of coarse, getting cut off at the bar and barfing in cabs, holding random strangers heads out of the garbage and not puking myself.
Oh and shooters are no longer my friend
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