Thursday, November 23, 2006

Its all being taken care of

So the dealership is taking care of everything. Only after the receipts were produced.
Oh and the husband is not going to notify the insurance.
WHAT? Thats what I said too, but hes very understanding and the manager told him that 80% of thier body shop work is referals from USAA. So the hubby does not think its fair to screw up ones business for one idiot that works for them. And the manager lead on that they may know who did it so the hubby is hoping it will be taken care of internally. I fought with him saying that it does not matter what they do now its the principal of the matter.
He would not budge. I even told him if he does not tell them I will.. he got mad. So the matter is dropped.
He did file the police report though so depending on how "well" hes taken care of he will have some back up.


Anonymous said...

um, your hubby is way more lenient than i would be ... if the bodyshop probably "knows" who did it, then they should have "solved" it before this situation.

but, that's awesome that everything sort of resolved itself!

Anonymous said...

With the police report, he can still go to the insurance company if the dealership doesn't handle it to his/your satisfaction.

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