Friday, November 03, 2006

Our day at the beach

My cousin has never been to a beach (a real one anyways) and has never seen the ocean so today we spent it out in Santa Monica. It was a little cool out (it is Nov after all) but it was so beautiful. I am not sure why but I always tend to get a little emotional when I see the ocean. Maybe its its vastness, maybe the realization that you are at the end of a country thats joined to many other countires.. Who knows thats the hopeless romantic in me I think.
We had the best lunch at the mall she had Mongolian grill for the first time and LOVED it, and I had idian food (which we all know I LOVED) we walked quite a few miles on the beach and saw some interesting things.
Before we headed home we made sure to stop at this cupcake store and they had THE BEST cupcakes, a little on the pricy side but so YUMMY this picture really does not do them justice.
Oh and a 3 hour drive home.
Only in California.
There are more pictures on my photo blog


Anonymous said...

The ocean has that same effect on me. I could sit there on the beach for hours, just watching the water, the birds, feeling the wind.

T-girl said...

Well thanks, I have PMS and now I want cupcakes!!! Thanks, thanks a lot! LMAO

Hugs- T

Joie DeVivre said...

Yay the beach - the power of the ocean makes me feel the same way

and ur cupcakes look so fine!

Sam said...

Cupcakes sound so yummy right now....mmmmm.

ally said...

that's a great shot of the cousin with the ocean backdrop.

The Real Kidd said...

Ah, thank you for posting the ocean pics. One of these days I'm going to see it in person. And the cupcakes look AWESOME!

rpm said...

Yummy yummy yummy!!!

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