Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coming soon to "People of Walmart"

Oh yes, I have become that crazy pet parent!

I was off work today because of the "big D" my stomach has been messed up all day (I know too much information) so I was home from work.

Daisy was excited of coarse we laid around all day taking naps, playing fetch and just being silly girls.

I noticed she kept licking herself. Something she does not usually do, so about a couple of hours later she was STILL licking herself so I flipped her over to see what she was licking.

Her nipple was bleeding and she had 2 marks on her belly that were also bleeding, I called the hubby, called the vet to say we were coming and out the door I went.

In my jammies.

Oh yeah I am "that" lady running into the pet hospital in her PJ's (in my defense they do not "really" look like jammies, black pants with a white sweatshirt?)

AND I did not look in the mirror in my haste....

So yeah Daisy is fine she just scratched herself but the site of blood made me freackoutalittle because I do not handle blood very well. Mine or anyone elses.

SO while I was walking around walmart to get slim jims to hide her anti-biotics in I envisioned my picture posted here because:

1. I was in my jammies

2. I was wearing my dressy peacoat open so you could see my jammies

3. In my SUPER comfy fuzzy socks

4. I did not even bother to fix my hair or anything...

It was so bad the hubby did a one over when I walked in the door

And I was not wearing I bra... Oh yeah coming soon to the pages of The people of Walmart

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thank you

So after our scary fire situation all I could think of was "How can I thank the fire dept?"

Soooo I spent the day baking.... And then I went to the fire dept with all my baked goodies to say thank you. One of the fire man that was in my house mentioned that he was on shift for another 24 hours so that got me to thinking about baking, so I made cookies, and cupcakes and a cheese dip and what goes best with cookies and cupcakes?

Hot chocolate..

So when I was all done I drove over to the fire dept (its 2 blocks away) with goodies in tow and it turns out they were switching shifts for the night so there were 6 firemen outside so I pulled up and one of the guys that was in our house was going home and came over to meet me.

I told them thanks.

And they were all modest and said thank you but I did not have to do this...

And I told them.

No I did.

I also have batteries packs that I am leaving on my neighbors doors with notes along the lines of "We had a fire and the fire alarm saved us please check your batteries"

Friday, December 25, 2009

Counting our blessings this Christmas morning...

We woke up to a fire this morning.

At 5am Christmas morning our fire alarms were BLAZING, in the panic of what was going on the minute I heard the fire alarm I could smell the fire.

I shook the husband and we jumped into action, the lights were still out when I got into the hall and saw the flames the fire was coming from the heating unit.

We quickly turned on the lights, switched the breaker and took down the filters (that were about to go up in flames but only had a little burning on them) I had also instinctively closed the bedroom door to make sure Daisy was safe only to notice that I had done it after...

We both wandered around a bit in panic about what to do next. We did not want to call the fire dept because the fire was out. And it was 5am Christmas morning.

We called building management and left a message on the emergency machine about the fire and got a call right back....

At the request of the building management we called the non-emergency fire dept number and they came... lights and sirens BLARING at 5am on Christmas morning with 2 fire trucks FULL of firefighters.

They came in to access the damage and make sure the fire was out. They used infrared to make sure there was no fire still in the ceiling (who knew) I am not going to lie I was scared out of my wits. They said fire can be a scary beast.

Also that our smoke detector was worth its weight in gold.

We had already aired the house out pretty good, but the smell of burning was pretty thick, after everything had settled I had a very good cry.

Yep the hubby and I sat on the couch and I cried. I cried and I was so THANKFUL that it happened the way it did.

I was so thankful our smoke alarm works.

I felt so blessed we were both home.

I was so thankful that it happened so quick and we both reacted as quickly as we did.

We are blessed and so thankful this Christmas in more ways than I could ever explain.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Yep, I put everything in the washer and dryer...

Case and point. I found this BEAUTIFUL vintage "faux fir" (or what I thought) at goodwill for a steal at $3. It was so gorgeous on it fit PERFECT! I though I would take it home and wash the thrift store smell out of it and try my luck at dying it because the color was a little uneven....

There goes that idea.....

And because it was so old there was no label.. But I guess I should have maybe looked a little better? lol

Oh well I tried...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What not to wear Wednesday!

Oh yes! Holiday edition from the fabulous Ugly Christmas Sweater party I attended last night. It was SO much fun!

This guy pretty much sums up the evening... Lots of fun lots of laughs.

Our beautiful hostesses...
Oh yes.. Maybe I went a little over board with the 1970 Christmas threw up on me!! See the purse.....and the shoes.... The stuff you can not see is all the flashing lights!

We had so much fun! I think I may host one next year! Everyone was in good spirits and had a good time!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Helping the needy

So one of the jobs I work for I mentioned that we should put together a team to do stuff in the community. Volunteer, help with events and so on. Well one of my managers (we have 5) and I joined together and came up with the "Community action team"

This was a couple weeks ago, we helped pack up and distribute goods to to the needy at a community center that was scheduled to distribute turkey dinner to 450 family's.

Me on the truck doing some heavy lifting.
Packing up the boxes
In the pantry me and a co-worker with the same name..

After a hard days work! All sweaty and dirty!

It was lots of fun. I would be lying if I did not say there were some tears. Its amazing what people do without. It was so humbling to hand out boxes of food to people and family's who need it.

We also had to say no and turn some people away. In order to get the packaged goods you were required to register the week before hand. My general manager and I had a "code word" actually be quawed like a bird to be honest when people showed up and were not on the list. There was LOTS of food and we actually did this for 2 days straight and it was REALLY hard to look someone in the eyes and tell them no.

So for some people we did not.


We added them to the list and sent them off with a cart of goods.

But to be honest, when a gentleman comes up with tears in his eyes and asks "how can I get a few cans of food? My wife was laid off from her job 3 weeks ago and we have nothing left" (the center has fresh bread and donations daily for free all you have to do is walk in...

You give him a cart of food, with a turkey and maybe a few extra and when he grabs you in your arms crying and whispers "god bless you" into your ear.

You cry too.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What not to wear Wednesdays!!

Oh yes! Its on! Melissa over at New Girl On Post so graciously made me this fabulous button for What Not to Wear Wednesdays!

How awesome is that??!! I am so excited! So each Wednesday you can look forward to yours truly bringing you some "live" pictures of some seriously BAD fashion!!

So without further here are a few "treats" from my trip home...

This little snack is a bit tough to see, both people in this picture have seriously BAD fashion going on, they are both over the age of 50 I mean check out that guys hair! And this lady is wearing a super short jean skirt, her orange bra straps hangs out of her shirt...I wish I could have gotten his outfit in the picture...

And I just do not get this??

Or this?

And especially this??? Boots with a dress?


Sunday, December 06, 2009

You may be a jackass if...

1. You walk into a restaurant talking on your cell phone and IGNORE the 3 people that come up to sit you.. And then you act irritated that we all "did not jump" the minute you were finishing up your loud ass conversation. And you ACTUALLY *sigh* when you final sit. Bitch please your lucky I did not drop your drink in your lap. Trust me it crossed my mind.

2. You PUSH past the 80 year old with the cane and almost knock them over, and then act irritated that everyone makes a big deal that this little old lady almost fell over. Have a little heart buddy your a fucking jackass.

3. You sit at a table and talk on your cell phone and then WHEN YOU FINALLY get off the phone and I come over to find out what you want to drink YOU ACT LIKE A JACKASS and give me attitude that you were already ready to order. And I kindly point out that you were on the phone so I was giving your fucking ignorant ass some time because "Well I DID NOT WANT TO BE RUDE AND INTERRUPT YOU!"

4. If you stand in line at the grocery store and after getting price checks on 2 items (they rang at the right price) YOU THEN PROCEED TO WRITE A CHECK!!! But you fucking forgot your ID IN THE FUCKING CAR! Really? I mean really you fucking flake...

Sorry, had to get that off my chest! : ) I feel much better thankyouverymuch

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What not to wear Wednesdays!!

I HAVE to do this... I wonder if anyone can make me a button for this? Yep I see so much bad fashion on my travels that it is time to document this!

So welcome to the first installment of WHAT NOT TO WEAR WEDNESDAYS!!!

Umm yeah so much is wrong with this outfit.... I took this lovely picture at Marshall's the other night... These pants are WAY worse to see them in person!
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