Monday, March 31, 2008

Opps I almost forgot...

Did I show these to you yet???

So I am going to start a new blog... Of just my shoes. And y'all are going to get to name them before I post it to the new blog.

Ok so whats a good name

1) For the blog

2) This PRETTY new pair of shoes that screams VEGAS HERE I COME!!

PS: The girl in the picture is my bestest girlfriend. Those are my arms around

Saturday, March 29, 2008

After 15 years

I am not saying this for pity. Or sympathy. We all have our stories and our lives. This is a little piece of mine.

So a long time back. Almost 15 years to the day to be exact I had a family take a chance on me. I was 15 and moving out of my parents house.
1. Because they were going through a terrible divorce.
2. Because I LOVE my mom but could not live with her any longer.

They took a chance. They rented to someone who was 15 years old, working 3 jobs and going to high school full time. I will always remember that family. They could have said no. They could have requested that I not be placed with them. They took that chance with me. I mean who would agree to let someone who was 15 live with them, on their terms paying rent going to school..... Who would set her up and teach her the things she needed to know, give her things she needed to "get on her feet"?

Matt got the place. He moves in Monday. I am SO happy for him. He is a good kid and is doing the right thing. I had the blessing to meet his pregnant girlfriend today. She is only 15. They are MADLY in love. They are both good kids. Her parents drink and are abusive. His mom is in an abusive relationship, the love they have for each other will get them through. To see these kids so in love and so excited about what the future holds. So excited to stop the cycle. So excited to see that there is more to life than to be let to be beat down everyday emotionally and mentally.... I can only see the surface of the abuse they have both experienced, and I can never understand totally what they have both endured.

Please pray for them. They need this! And I am also excited about what the future holds for them. I think with a little help and some prayers theses kids will see that the future is good. People are good and in fact they; with their love can stop the cycle of abuse. They are both so excited to venture on this journey together. Him already the dotting dad not wanting his pregnant "wife" to work, already having had set aside the money for the birth (only 3 months in) to also cover an complications that arise.
Good kids.
Smart kids.
Finally getting a break.
The landlords agreed to let him pay only 1/2 the deposit and the rest of rent and deposit on the 5ht of the month.
They were sure to state that they NEVER do this.

They took me for my word. And for that I am proud. Having know Matt for 3 days, sometimes you just know about someone.........

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sometimes you just get that feeling about someone

So there is this kid I work with, lets call him Matt (not he real name) I have a good feeling about this kid.
We were off work one night and I noticed him start to walk and I yelled at him "Where did you park"
He explained he did not have the car tonight his girlfriend did so he was just going to walk home. At first he refused my ride and because it was so cold I insisted he take the ride. He kept saying he did not live very far.
Turns out the poor kid walks 1 hour to work and back to his HOTEL. Folks this 18 year old kid was staying in a hotel and pays $1400 a month for it because this podunk town will not rent to him because he is only 18.
Anyways the reason he lives in a hotel is his mother threw him out.
Because her boyfriend beats her and he stood up for her and for "getting involved" she threw him out on the car ride to the hospital to fix her broken arm.
So I called in a favor to my land lords. Not sure if I ever told you about them, they are like 80 and super nice but very leary as they have had a few people take advantage of them and the last people they evicted from the open apartment owes them $1800.
I told them I would vouge for this kid. I barely know him but he seems like good kid.
Also turns out his girlfriend is pregnant and he is putting away money for when the baby is born, I have yet to be REALLY wrong about someone and I am going out on a limb for the kid with our landlord but you know, some times people just need a break.
I also told him until he is back on his feet he could borrow our spare bed that is collecting dust until he is up and running again.
And towels and sheets because LORD knows I have enough to go around....
The landlords said he can not move in until May because they want to meet him, ect and I called them back to again vouge for the kid and they are going to have a friend interview him so he can get the keys hopefully by this weekend.....
Fingers crossed folks, I hope this all works out.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I miss the hubby...

He is in Atlanta for the week for work. And today because of the time change and the fact that he is in meetings all day we have not been able to talk.
And I miss him.
So does Daisy, she sat up last night until almost 3am in her bed by the door to see if he would come home, when he did not she finally got into bed with me, it almost seems like she is moping around too.. Do you think she misses him? Its so strange I have even spoiled her with extra walks and even took her in the car today to "lift" her mood....
He'll be back Friday night so only 3 more sleeps!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

I won, I won, I WON!!!

So excited.. I entered a contest over at Ms. Princess of the Universe AND I WON!!! So I go this in the mail today!!!

And did I mention that Ms. Princess is from Canada, and now she is my NEW BFF because she sent me Laura Secord chocholate which are my FAV and they can not be ordered from the US. EEKKK Ok confession I have already opened and eaten 1/2 the box for breakfast...
I won a CD of all Canadian artist and I am so excited to load it to my computer and rock out at the gym.....

Now I am going to have to think up a contest... HUMM I am thinking it will have to have something to do with shoes...... For me AND the contest winner ha ha

Sunday, March 23, 2008


"Pick the day. Enjoy it - to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come... The past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present - and I don't want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future" -Audrey Hepburn

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

I got another job. I did what I said I was going to do and I went back to my roots. I am really excited about it too. I am working at a GREAT restaurant and the people I work with are really laid back and almost already feel like family. I have also still been working my Part-time gig so I have had barely time to do laundry and check email. It feels good to be back in the zone.

You know how I always say everything happens for a reason. I had NEVER read this until today, it really makes sense to me now...

To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.
Hebrews 11

Monday, March 17, 2008

This post got my panties in a bunch!!

So Deutlich posted about men and sexual harassment. Being a women with DD's since I was 17 I can TOTALLY feel her pain.

Now before I post my comment to her post I have to tell you this comment has much swearing in it as it should because it is very fitting from a time that I was sexual assaulted. This is one of the only times in my life that I saw RED. Even just posting this I have broken out in stress hives...

Ok go read THIS POST its called keep your dick to yourself!! I will wait..... She is really a great writer and I seem to get caught up quite a bit in what she writes...

Ok this is my comment:

Once upon a time there was this girl named Random. She was a bartender and LOVED her job it was her part time gig.. she was good at it too. The particular bar she was working at had a "perverts row" not a strip club she called it that because on the way to the ladies bathroom the men would line up as if they were in a strip club and oggle the ladies...
Anyway one day the bar was full and young Random needed to pee so as she was walking passed perverts row, motherfucker reached out and grabbed Randoms boob. Well having 3 brothers she balled her hand up in a fist,. grabbed as tight as she could to motherfuckers shirt and FUCKING NAILED HIM IN THE FACE, much bleeding occurred and motherfucker then wanted to fight me actually lunging at me. RANDOM DID NOT BACK DOWN SHE EGGED HIM ON> Well motherfuckers friend decided to grab Randoms arms from behind her so she would stop egging his friend on. Well RANDOM fought like a son of a bitch and when motherfuckers friend would not let go Random kicked motherfucker as hard as she could in the face in her 3 inch heels.
Well motherfucker wanted to press chargers all bloody and crap so the police officer LAUGHED at him and said "This 100 pound chick did this to you?? (those were the days)" And besides she would counter press charges of assault back on you for touching her...
I busted 2 teeth with my wondrous kicking ability and I "think" but can not be sure that I came close to breaking his nose based on the amount of blood oozing from his face...

Moral of the story. Do not mess with a chick in 3 inch heels with 3 brothers motherfuckers......

So finally I know for sure...

You know how you sometimes just "know"
Well I left another message with the dream job this morning, and how I "knew" was last week when I talked to the hiring manager he said that he had 2 more interviews. I "knew" because when I interviewed 2 weeks earlier he said he had 2 more people that same day. So they had 2 more interviews on top of the 2 they had that day.
Well they went with an internal candidate. It turns out she has been with the company 8 years, but went on to say that had she not been a candidate I would have been the one they would have hired.
So there is my silver lining.... I "almost" got my dream job, but they also said they will keep me in mind for any other openings they have come up.

"Pick the day. Enjoy it - to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come... The past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present - and I don't want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future" -Audrey Hepburn

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A little retail therapy...

Shoes always cure any aliment..... And I figure I am starting a new job tomorrow working in a restaurant for the time being...

What do you you think??

Friday, March 14, 2008

Things I am thankful for because there is ALWAYS a silver lining

I read back over my last post from my delusional state last evening when I could not sleep. I was still wide awake at 6am when the hubby got up for work.

I am thankful for

1. Having been able to sleep even for just a little bit of time when hubby was off to work.

2. For the love of a dog that NO MATTER what she still loves me and showers me with kisses even if I am crying (not a big crier just a REALLY long week)

3. Being healthy enough to work. As this had not always been the case.

4. For the "new job" I have to go to on Monday if I still have not heard from the dream job.

5. The love of a husband that NO MATTER what I throw his way we always bounce back ahead of the game.

6. For the love of girlfriends that no matter what I upset about at that particular time they can still make me spit milk out of my nose laughing at their antics. I mean the answer to it all will always be "Don't worry about it, just put on your sexy shoes and all is well"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Movie marathon and things that bug me...

So I went to the video store tonight with the intentions of getting No country for old men.
I walked out with 4 movies. Why 4
Well we just got a new membership at said movie place and they give you 1/2 price movies for the first 30 days.. And then they had rent one get one free, SOOOO for 4$ I got

Dan in Real Life
Hit Man
Rendition (so, so movie)

And luckly No Country for old men she was putting me on the "waiting list" and then someone walked in with a copy... Score.

Things that bug me VERSION 3.0

1. Bad drivers.
2. Not being able to sleep ( 4th night running, seeing how I am typing this at 1am)
3. Not wanting to take a sleeping pill for 4th night in a row because then I will NEVER be able to sleep again.
4. Having back pain SO BAD, that I just want to drug myself.. but the stubborn kid in me says "No way, you can do this" Fucking cheer leader.
5. Dogs that pee in the bed. (serious she NEVER does this) but gets a free pass because lets face it she gets away with murder.
6. Dogs that pee in bed and GET IT ON EVERY sheet and blanket in said bed.
7. Husbands that could sleep through a train running through the house. Serious the man could sleep standing up (prior Army) I wish for one minute I could sleep like that. Hell my neighbor farts 4 houses away I wake up. Frig
8. Sleeping on the couch because your back hurts so bad and you can not get comfortable in the bed.
9. Not wanting to sleep in the spare bed because... well... not sure about that room.
10. Needing a pedicure but not having a job, means not being able to afford a pedicure.
11. Having 15 loads of sheets and blankets to wash in the morning.
12. Being un-employed and having the time to wash 15 loads of laundry.
13. Not having heard from the DREAM JOB, just call me already, good news or bad news I would sort of like to get on with it.

Thats if for now I think... Its now 3:05 am and sleep still alludes me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thanks y'all

So Daisy is doing well.
We have already broken all of the rules. Umm yeah. But the vet said because she is in heat, and shes been there 3 different times before for the "same" issue, the chances she ate a pill was 99.99% that she did not. Even if she did it would not have made her sick seeing how its a drug prescribed to dogs for depression (dogs suffer from depression?)
Anyways she milking it and that's fine with us. We love her and shes cute, she stinks a bit right now but seeing what she went through yesterday I figure the bath can wait...

In other news I am still waiting to hear about my dream job. So far I am 0-5 interviews which has NEVER happened to me, until this time I have ALWAYS got any job that I interviewed for so this is a BIG FRIGGIN pill to swallow. But staying positive and having been through what I have been everything will work itself out.

Life is a learning experience and thank goodness I have the love and support of an amazing husband.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As if it could not get worse!!! And reason 16789568 I should never have children

I just rushed Daisy to the Doggie ER... I had a SNOTTY, SOBBING CRY in front of about 13 people. 5 being vet people, the other 8 were people waiting patiently with their pets for their scheduled appointments. IT.WAS.MESSY.

Last night I was having a REALLY hard time sleeping, so I started fumbling through my medication drawer (from my accident) to find those GLORIOUS sleeping pills that had been prescribed to me and could knock out a 300 pound man. Yeah those ones.
Anyways in my quest for sleep at 4:23am this morning I dropped some on the floor, I immediately spring to action and turn on the lights and started scouring under the bed (Daisys favorite hiding spot) and found all of them, much to the amusement of the hubby who is shouting from bed "What are you doing?"

"I dropped some pills I do not want Daisy to get them"

"Babe, do you remember how hard it was to get her to take her own medication, shes sure as hell not going to eat one of yours"

I found 2, took one turned out the lights and went to bed.

End of story. So I thought.

Well about an hour ago Daisy walks into the living room while I am scouring the net for a job and she looks like a drunken sailor. I pick her up, run to the bedroom where she had been to find she vomited in the bed like 5 times. I frantically call the husband and tell him I am off to the vet.
Daisy even fought getting into the car and SHE LOVES THE CAR, as we are driving she is still heaving and spitting out this white froth, this scares me to DEATH and much I love yous and crying ensues, I get to the Vet and tell them my dog swallowed my sleeping pills, through the snot and tears **much to the shock and dirty looks from the other "obviously"; more responsible pet owners***
They rush her in, take my prescription bottle and Daisy and then 2 vets come back out without my dog. I think I am immediately going to be carted off to Doggie prison when they begin to explain that the medication "she may or may not have swallowed" is something they routinely give to dogs suffering from depression. The side effects for an overdose are unknown but being that it could have been 1-2 people strength pills that would not hurt her that bad. THAT BAD what does that mean?? They said they are going to keep her for observations in the doggie ICU and that I could call @4pm to see if I can pick her up (to arrange for the doggie prison to pick me up)
They told me not to worry because the last 2 times she has been to this SAME vet in 6 months it was due to vomitting. She said this could be an underlying problem with her just having a REALLY weak stomach. They went over the whole "What do you feed her" and tell me that she can
a) NEVER have human food again.
b) No longer eat the wet dog food Little Cesare s because of all the sugar and additives.
c) No more begging strips HER FAVORITE! and the only treat she will eat

Now I do not know about you and your dogs, but Daisy is S.P.O.I.L.E.D. but the vet in no uncertain terms has not so "directly" said "You are making your dog sick" and that BREAKS my heart so I am sticking to the rules (with exception to NEVER have human food because she said plain chicken and rice is ok, oh and the begging strips just not as many....)

***Edit*** she is home safe and sound. They still will never "know" for sure if she swallowed a pill or not seeing how after some antibiotics and blood work and some anti nausea shes fine. Back to her old self. Just goes to show I would be A MESS without her****

Day 2 of unemployment..

This sucks... Serious I had the weekend off and then yesterday I got to sleep in till 11 which was AWESOME and only being day 2 I should not be fretting too bad, but I am.
I need a job.
So from both jobs that I interviewed for on Wednesday that I "thought" I had rocked did not pan out the way I had panned. Nope. Job #1 called with a lame excuse as to why they went with another candidate. However they did give me props and tell me that if I was ever applying for another job in the same area to call him first and he would contact the panel for me and tell them what a great candidate I would be.
Left message for dream job yesterday and got a call back this morning that they "Have not made any decisions and had 2 more interviews today"
This could be good or bad.
Humm I think I will eat chocolate.

In other great news I FINALLY made it to the gym yesterday... Umm yeah that girl running on the treadmill whose thighs rubbing together are causing a small fire? That was me ***waves to the crowd*** thank goodness there is a fire station across the street!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

All is well in Random land... And shoes!!

I went in yesterday.
My manager was really cool about it (as much as she could be "knowing" she was the issue). I also talked to the VP and CEO and thanked them for the opportunity of working for them.
Clean out my desk, said my goodbyes. It went REALLY well.

I still feel sick at the fact that I am unemployed. But I know EVERYTHING happens for a reason, I can always go back to my roots of serving or bar tending which I may do for a while just to get back into the swing of things. ONLY if I do not get an offer next week which I am crossing my fingers that I will. I have a 3 week cusion that I will still get paid so things are looking good.

Things I have learned through all this shit:

1. I can no longer be a "yes man" I have always been at work and this will be a HUGE leap for me but thats how I let it get that bad!!!

2. No job is worth your own sanity. You need to TALK about what's going on, and less worry about not being perfect.

3. I can not please everyone.

4. I will not settle again.

5. I am a KICK ASS employee. I do not need to be told this its proof when the "start" a new position for you to stay with the company. This speaks volumes of my character.

Oh and 3 reasons I need to get a new job soon!


Three.. well sort of these are new but not the ones I was going to take a picture of I have a new pair of black ones that are FABULOUS for work

Oh and I am making a new blog but I need a name... Its going to feature all of my shoes. Thats it my pink belly will show and all of my shoes will be on display.... My shoe closet... What should I call it?

Friday, March 07, 2008

Time to think about me...

So I finally did it.

I left my job with no intentions on going back. Ever.

Yesterday was a hard day for me, a LONG time ago when I was working for a company I was not happy with, a manager I was not happy with, life in general at that time was interesting. Anyways one morning when I was going out the door to work I all of a sudden felt sick, my heart started to almost beat out of my chest, I got dizzy and started having chest pains.
Well I had not lived at home for years but they first person I call is my mom. She is there in mock speed and I am rush to the emergency room.
MASSIVE panic attack. Yep. Crazy. I am not one to usually to play the drama queen and this was very scary and very real. My dr gave me some meds after "observing" me for a couple of days and I was aloud to go home when it was established I was not a threat to myself or others...
Lead up to yesterday. My manager has been out of town all week and was due back this morning... About 10am I started having chest pains. I started to sweet and my heart was racing. I call the husband.
"Babe, remember WAY back when I told you about the panic attack I had FOREVER ago?"

"Yeah, why"

"Well I am going to leave today and not come back, I have just barfed and my heart is beating out of my chest, I have the shakes and I feel that same way I did that morning..."

"I love you babe, you need to do what you need to do. I love you"

So with that I went back to my desk, got my things told the next in charge that I was going home sick and then this morning I left a message for my manager to call me when she was in the office so I could come in a talk to her.

I will not go back in I will talk to her on the phone and pick up my things on Monday.

I feel sick just waiting for the call... And I also feel guilty for being this irresponsible....

*** Edit to add... I just talked to her.. She says she understands COMPLETELY!! It was so strange but such a HUGE relief.. I go in @ 2pm to "talk" and to get things in order. After barfing all morning and worrying about this its all about to be over... wish me luck***

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Some peoples children!!

One of my interviews was in Denver. Seeing how it was a bit away from where I live (its the dream job) I drove out giving myself enough time to find the place and make certain I had enough time to park ect.
Anyways I found where I was supposed be parked the car and found a starbucks because I was so early. Sitting in the window in one of those super plush chairs with business people everywhere and I saw a gentleman fall outside on the ice.
I immediately jump into action and ask the guy sitting in the plush chair beside me

"Excuse me can you watch my purse I am going to help that gentleman"

The JACKASS looked straight at me in my smart looking suit and heals and said "No"

What a fucker! I left my purse and ran outside anyways, with me under one arm and another man who stopped under the other we started to pull him up, with people looking on and actually "irritated" that we were in there way and they were stepping over him!!!!

Serious... to all the people that were irritated and stepped over us, as well as the jackass in the arm chair who refused to watch my purse. I hope in your life you are shown the same courtesy as you did on this day. And I hope you have taught your own children better....

Fingers crossed y'all!

So yesterday went well... Really good. But I am not going to get to excited until I get an offer. If y'all could think and send all your good job thoughts my way I would MUCH appreciate it!!
One of the 2 I interviewed for was MY DREAM JOB. Serious there would not be a more perfect job for me. Serious. I am excited about what may be, and I know if it is meant for me it will be!!
Oh and I bought shoes. Currently I have 7 pairs in my car (not all new) I brought 3 pairs with me yesterday because I was unsure of which I would ware to NAIL the interviews...I wore a different pair for each (needed to change it up a bit) and THEN on my way home I HAD TO (was forced) to stop at the DWS because lets face it there is not one closer than an hour and a half to me... And of COARSE I found some that I had to buy!! Oh and they made me cry and do a happy dance!!. NOT ONLY ARE THEY FINALLY GOING ON LINE, BUT THEY ARE ALSO OPENING A NEW STORE THAT IS ONLY 1/2 HOUR FROM ME!
Could the day get any better?? I also told both potential employers that I would need a week off in May for a prior commitment for my girls trip to VEGAS BABY.. and both said it would not be a problem. Call me cocky but that's pretty bold to bring up in a first interview no? In my defense I needed to be honest....and I needed them to know I had a life and was not going to BEG for one day off to go out and visit my husband in DC... ok I digress....
I so need a new job. So I was not in the office yesterday right? Yeah well strange thing I did not have ANY phone messages (WOULD NEVER HAPPEN) and I also spent ALL FRICKING morning working on emails. Well turns out 1/2 way through working on my emails when I called someone it turned out that my manager (WHO NEVER WORKS) had already auctioned most of the items so I spent 4 hours doing shit that had already been done. Bitch could have copied me on the emails or something? No? So frustrated!!

Pics coming soon....

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

She's so Vain... (Well not really...but you get it..)

Ok umm...So I HAD highlights in my hair, I went to the mall on Saturday because my hair is LONG over due, well turns out all the "salons" in the mall had 2 hour waits so I went shopping... And forgot about my hair (got some good deals though)
Anyways when I got home I realized I forgot to get a hair cut/color....
Yep so I went back out, not to the mall though because as I drove I remembered where the hubby gets his hair did for CHEAP. (I am all about the cheap haircut and color...what? Its hair it grows back... nothing a box die can not fix?) So I stop and walk in and announce I need some highlights and a cut
"We are sorry lady we only do cuts, no color, no highlights"
OK I was DESPERATE and needed a cut so I obliged and figured "I can just get a box die on the way home and die it all one color and then I can get new highlights when I find the time"

So yeah got the hair trimmed, picked up a box that "look" almost the color I needed and went home to apply.. All went well, I left it on for about 10 extra minutes and followed the instructions VERY CAREFULLY, making sure to massage and separate the strands....

Turns out the front looks FABULOUS, great color, very close to my color BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? It did not die my highlights on the top... It got some of them but not all...

So with my hair up I look normal, I called the salons today because I have a HUGE interview tomorrow to tell them my woes and how I need to be fixed and the box die and blah blah...

FUCK ME!!! None of the "salons" in the shitty small town I live in "FIX COLOR" because I used a permanent box die it can not be fixed with salon color

Me "Well you could just "redo" the highlights and it will all be well"

Salon Lady "Ummm no it does not work like that, because you boxed die, any highlights we do will change only the color of some hair when we "neutralize it" the old highlights will still be there...

Me "Well I could pick the same color, or just die it black right?"

Salon Lady "No that will not work, those highlights will still show......."


Ok now I am in trouble.... Nothing a box die can not fix my ASS~~

I went in, I begged, I signed a waiver that I DID NOT CARE if my hair fell our or turned orange, green or purple because at this point it did not matter because WHATEVER happened it would have to look better than it did..., and BEGGED them to PPPUULLLEEAAASEEE fix it....... It looks FABULOUS, as long as I still have hair in the morning I am sure I will ace both my interviews (its a secret till I get it : )****

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Too much?

So I went out shopping today, I needed to get a new suit for my job interviews coming up, well y'all know how I LOVE me some Ross... I scored this baby today for $0.99. Yep ninety nine cents... I even showed the tag to the hubby so he would believe me.....The hubby says its "Too much", Its not an every day wear sort of dress and certainly not for my interviews but for ninety nine cents this puppy will get some play in VEGAS baby....Other than my fat ass arms and this picture making me look pretty gross...

What do you think? Too much? Or the Cats Meow?
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