Thursday, March 13, 2008

Movie marathon and things that bug me...

So I went to the video store tonight with the intentions of getting No country for old men.
I walked out with 4 movies. Why 4
Well we just got a new membership at said movie place and they give you 1/2 price movies for the first 30 days.. And then they had rent one get one free, SOOOO for 4$ I got

Dan in Real Life
Hit Man
Rendition (so, so movie)

And luckly No Country for old men she was putting me on the "waiting list" and then someone walked in with a copy... Score.

Things that bug me VERSION 3.0

1. Bad drivers.
2. Not being able to sleep ( 4th night running, seeing how I am typing this at 1am)
3. Not wanting to take a sleeping pill for 4th night in a row because then I will NEVER be able to sleep again.
4. Having back pain SO BAD, that I just want to drug myself.. but the stubborn kid in me says "No way, you can do this" Fucking cheer leader.
5. Dogs that pee in the bed. (serious she NEVER does this) but gets a free pass because lets face it she gets away with murder.
6. Dogs that pee in bed and GET IT ON EVERY sheet and blanket in said bed.
7. Husbands that could sleep through a train running through the house. Serious the man could sleep standing up (prior Army) I wish for one minute I could sleep like that. Hell my neighbor farts 4 houses away I wake up. Frig
8. Sleeping on the couch because your back hurts so bad and you can not get comfortable in the bed.
9. Not wanting to sleep in the spare bed because... well... not sure about that room.
10. Needing a pedicure but not having a job, means not being able to afford a pedicure.
11. Having 15 loads of sheets and blankets to wash in the morning.
12. Being un-employed and having the time to wash 15 loads of laundry.
13. Not having heard from the DREAM JOB, just call me already, good news or bad news I would sort of like to get on with it.

Thats if for now I think... Its now 3:05 am and sleep still alludes me.


Vi said...

Bugger you haven't heard from the job yet. I hope you do soon!

Magnolia Sun said...

I hope you are able to sleep soon. Do you drink hot tea? I've been drinking a tea called bedtime, really good by Yogi tea. Not sure if it really works or I just think it works.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Here's hoping you find some sleep and get that job.

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