Thursday, March 06, 2008

Some peoples children!!

One of my interviews was in Denver. Seeing how it was a bit away from where I live (its the dream job) I drove out giving myself enough time to find the place and make certain I had enough time to park ect.
Anyways I found where I was supposed be parked the car and found a starbucks because I was so early. Sitting in the window in one of those super plush chairs with business people everywhere and I saw a gentleman fall outside on the ice.
I immediately jump into action and ask the guy sitting in the plush chair beside me

"Excuse me can you watch my purse I am going to help that gentleman"

The JACKASS looked straight at me in my smart looking suit and heals and said "No"

What a fucker! I left my purse and ran outside anyways, with me under one arm and another man who stopped under the other we started to pull him up, with people looking on and actually "irritated" that we were in there way and they were stepping over him!!!!

Serious... to all the people that were irritated and stepped over us, as well as the jackass in the arm chair who refused to watch my purse. I hope in your life you are shown the same courtesy as you did on this day. And I hope you have taught your own children better....


The Real Kidd said...

I hate how inconsiderate and rude society has become. It’s sad really. I stand and applaud you for doing the right thing! If you are ever in Oklahoma, I would gladly buy you a drink.

Then we would pull out the Gerben hats and PARTY!!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

The Real Kid- And to think he did not even offer to help. Serious, lady in heels and a suit kneeling down in the snow to help and all you do is watch???

ally said...

karma will bite those rude & very inconsiderate people in their ass.

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