Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thanks y'all

So Daisy is doing well.
We have already broken all of the rules. Umm yeah. But the vet said because she is in heat, and shes been there 3 different times before for the "same" issue, the chances she ate a pill was 99.99% that she did not. Even if she did it would not have made her sick seeing how its a drug prescribed to dogs for depression (dogs suffer from depression?)
Anyways she milking it and that's fine with us. We love her and shes cute, she stinks a bit right now but seeing what she went through yesterday I figure the bath can wait...

In other news I am still waiting to hear about my dream job. So far I am 0-5 interviews which has NEVER happened to me, until this time I have ALWAYS got any job that I interviewed for so this is a BIG FRIGGIN pill to swallow. But staying positive and having been through what I have been everything will work itself out.

Life is a learning experience and thank goodness I have the love and support of an amazing husband.


Patty said...

Maybe the universe doesn't want you to have a job right now. Maybe the universe thinks it is a much better idea for you to take a road trip...say to where I am at and hang out with me and my nutty household for a while. Makes as much sense as why a great, dedicated, loyal worker such as yourself is being overlooked for someone with much less potential for these jobs. Doesn't it?

And, if you need more tempting...DSW is having double points from the 13 (OMG! THAT IS TODAY!) until the 22. We could go everyday!!!

Magnolia Sun said...

Glad Daisy is doing good and hang in there regarding the job hunt.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

So happy that Daisy is doing ok.

I'm wishing you well on the job hunt. It is rough out there.

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