Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Poor Riot

I AM SO ANGRY!!! Ok this poor dog was living with 6 kids, there was a burn on his back he was SUPER jittery around us. Well after Daisy barfed for no reason. Peed on the couch for no reason, and generally started acting a little strange. We decided it may not be the best idea to keep him
Well the hubby works with a lady that used to be a Vet Tech and he brought Riot in to meet her and she fell in love with him. Well I called the lady we got him from to tell her it was not working with Daisy but we found him a home, she then mentioned that Riot had been fixed a few months ago and he still had his stitches and she wanted us to bring Riot by so all the kids could say goodbye. I called the hubby at work to ask him if she would mind bringing him by to say goodbye. Well SHE FREAKED out, she checked Riot and indeed he still had stitches, well seeing how THE FUCKERS never took him in for the follow up after he had been fixed his stitches are ingrown and are now going to have to be surgically removed. Also the burn on his back that they "claim" was from grease is most definitely a cigarette burn. So needless to say Riot will NEVER be going back to visit or say goodbye.
They renamed him Winston... How cute seeing as he has already been branded. He has his Vet appointment booked and she is also booking doggie training classes for him to potty train, and try to break him from being so afraid of people. He is also going to be brought to work everyday so he is not alone.
I am SO HAPPY this has all turned out this way, I am sad that Riot/Winston was not a match for us because he was SUCH a cool dog. (minus he was never potty trained and peed on my bed skirt) But the family he is with is going to LOVE him so much and the hubby will get to see him everyday to see his progress.

We have both agreed that we are going to wait till Daisy has another heat cycle and then we are going to breed her and keep one of her babies as our second doggie.. Or 2 if she has 2... or 3 maybe...lol

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The "Maybe" new addition to our family

He is SO CUTE!! He is smaller than Daisy by 2 pounds...And so badly abused. So here is the story, I have been calling the shelter every week now for the last 3 months. We are on a waiting list for a small dog (does not matter bread) under 10 pounds. Well when I called on Friday it turns out the lady who answered the phone had an aunt that had a miniature pincher that she needed to re home. She did not have the heart to take him to the shelter. Anyways we went and meet her and took him to the dog park with Daisy, Daisy is not too impressed with him at all. They are working on it
About that abused thing, umm yeah while on the phone with this lady she "claims" she was cooking one day and this little dog was under her feet and she burnt him with cooking grease. So how I know this story is BULLSHIT is she has 6 kids. Yep you read that right 6 kids all under the age of 9. So needless to say he is a bit jumpy. He is very jittery around me and the hubby and I know he will get better but it breaks my heart that someone would hurt a little dog. She also told me that he is locked in his kennel ALL DAY because he does not get into trouble. He NEVER got taken on walks so will need a lot of leash training. Poor thing, oh and the house was a DISASTER!!!
I think we need to rename him but for now we are keeping his name Riot. The hubby knows a bit about dogs so I went shopping to get Riot a new bed, blanket, food bowls, treats, toys.
Yeah he's gonna be spoiled! And the hubby and I have decided that if we do not keep him (Daisy still hates him after a week) Then we will find him a home.

Can you see that bald spot on his back about the size of a dime? Yeah thats where she "claims" cooking grease landed on him. And I am so sure with 6 kids running around the dog was burned and not the children?
Umm Yeah.

Friday, January 25, 2008


This lady at work gave me a FREE DIGITAL CAMCORDER... Can I tell you how excited I am? Her hubby used to work for the fire dept and it was used in fire investigations and they were going to throw it out. She already had one so she brought the other one into work and GAVE IT TO ME!! How cool is that?
Its an older camera but its a Sony and with a good cleaning and some new batteries it will be as good as new.
I love me some free stuff!! Now when we travel I can really walk around like a real tourist with a camcorder around my neck.. Lol My digital camera does video but it takes up so much of the card...
So now I am going to have to take a trip home so y'all can see how silly us girls get with some alcohol in us... Ha ha.. and then at our 60th birthday parties I can whip out the video at how HOT we all once were... **sigh**

Oh and yes I am blogging from work. Why? Well I just figured out (the hubby helped) how to clean my history. That and I just do not give a shit anymore. Umm yeah long post about that. I am also looking for jobs online while at work. I am so going to hell, but hang on here is my FUCKING I DO NOT CARE ANYMORE FACE ; )

Y'all think you have the worst boss. Just you wait....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Delurking Pictures!!

Dixie requested a pic of my favorite shoes...The ones I want to be buried in here they are!!

Ok to be honest I could not pic just one pair. It would depend on the fabulous outfit that was chosen for me... So here you have.. My ENTIRE shoe collection. Ok thats a lie. Just my favorites.

Alfreds mom requested a picture of my bathroom counter top.

I did not even clean it per her request... Ugg. I am one messy girl. I would try to blame it on the hubby but lets face it he does all the cleaning.

jstzznu requested a picture of my kitchen.

Here you are straight from the 1970's. And just to clarify we do rent.

Lady Wanderlust
requested one of my favorite pictures.

This is one I took at the Aquarium in Washington DC. I love the way it turned out and I am going to use it as the picture on my credit card.

Patty sent me the one she wants me to post and for some reason I CAN NOT GET IT TO WORK... so Patty this ones for you.. My new pretties!! Do you like? They were $3.50. Umm yeah I HAD to buy them...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Things going on in Random Land:

* I apologize for dropping the "lump bomb" with no follow up. The reason I will not blog about it, is well because it makes me worry. And until I know for sure that everything is ok I would rather not dwell on it. It is what it is, and at this point there is nothing I can do about it and stay positive and just pray its only a cyst (which I am becoming more and more sure it HAS to be)

* Its cold as hell out here. Like freeze your tits off cold -20 with the wind chill. THIS SUCKS ASS!!

* I am busy planning a girls only weekend and I am now realizing I am going to have to work more PT hours to afford this trip......Maybe I need to start working in a restaurant again?

* I am looking for another job... long story and HUGE post coming about that.

* I am DYING for this stupid gym that was supposed to open on the 1st to open. I have called every week for the last 3 week and its always a different story. I need to get on track to look fabulous come the girls trip in May.

* Its so COLD and dry out here I am going through a friggin GALLON of body cream a day AND I AM STILL DRY ITCHY GROSS!! And yes ladies I have tried it ALL I bought one of those kits that had the Olay in shower moisturizer and that stuff works well but within and hour I am dry and itchy again. At this point all suggestions are welcome!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

I am so going to hell!!

So the boots are in... And yes I giggle everytime I see her waddle around in them...

I LOVE this dog

Ok lets put it to a VOTE...

I bought this new shower curtain. I kinda like it, but I am still not sure about it. The hubby says its "Too Grandma"
So I put it to you my faithful readers. Most of the stuff in the bathroom is brown which is why this one caught my eye...

What do you think?

Ugly Grandma? Or cute but not to girly? Humm I think I am way off with this one.. the more I look at it the more I am not so sure...

So Keep it.. Or get a new one??

Oh and this is GROSS!! I will never donate at the blood mobile again. This is the second time they butchered me... Can we say ouch??

What's that??

Hubby "Whats that why are you looking at me like that??"

Mw "What? That's my sexy look? I am giving you sexy eyes..."

Hubby "Babe you need to work on your sexy look, that looks more like a "your not getting any look""

Gotta love the honesty in our relationship...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baby its COLD outside

Its been minus 20 off and on with the wind chill. Can we say FREAKING COLD!! Serious my car door barely wanted to open in the cold. Thank goodness for heated seats! I love my little convertible but if we are staying in these cold crazy climates I think I need a bigger car. Oh and a remote car starter. On that all I do is push the pretty little button and let it warm up and I no longer would have to run out the door with wet hair and freeze my butt off to start it.

One can dream.....

I never thought I would mutter these words... I miss California

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pictures are coming!!

So y'all who commented and left picture requests on NATIONAL DELURKING DAY should see them this weekend, and if you have not yet DELURKED.. you know who are!!!!

IS ANYONE ELSE SUPER EXCITED THE AMERICAN IDOL starts tonight??? If you are looking for me I will be in front of the TV yelling things like "I can sing better than that" and **snicker***snicker*** And the first few weeks are AWESOME and horrible all at the same time all the BAD singers... So excited!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ok lets get personal for a minute

So y'all know how I HATE the Dr. Seems you never get any good news. Well today was one of those days.
I thought that I may not blog about it. I was going to keep it to myself, but I feel the need to write, its seems the more I talk about the more it feels like its going to be ok.
Y'all have been great and supportive and I am going to have faith its going to be ok.

They found a lump in my breast, and I have a mammogram on the 28th. I freaked the fuck out and had a mental break. I then came to my senses that this was all out of my control. Cancer runs in my family on my mom's side. My mom has had cervical cancer 2 times now. They found a lump when I was 21 too, I went for the ultrasound and mammogram and it was just a cyst. But at that time my doctor assured me it would be nothing and I had nothing to worry about. Well this time was REALLY different.
He found the lump, and then had the nurse feel it. Until she touched it, it did not hurt, he then felt it again and read its dimensions to the nurse in a very concerned tone, he also mentioned "It was not a small lump". He then told the nurse after she schedules the mammogram to also schedule the biopsy. THIS.FREAKED.ME.THE.FUCK.OUT.
The one time before it was nothing like that. Maybe it was his bedside manor, I am up all naked on the table in my paper gown ready for my pap and I was trying to keep it together. It worked for a bit and I opted out of the rest of my physical. This was enough for one day.

I called the hubby and freak out, always the voice of reason tells me not to worry about it till we know anything for sure.
I know its going to be fine this is just routine.
But I am mad at myself a little. Because of the risk and family history, I know I should have kept up on my self exams. More boob play for the husband (ha ha ok I need to laugh about this a little)
I should have found the lump.

So ladies.. husbands... go feel up your boobies.. I expect a full report in the morning.

"One's first step in wisdom is to question everything - and one's last is to come to terms with everything."
Georg C. Lichtenberg

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I have been SUPER busy!

I worked 24 hours at the PT job this week which is not my usual but I covered it and the following schedules I am only on 12 hours which I could live with.

Question for you all....

At the PT job I watched this little boy probably 7-9 (not sure because I am not so great with ages) steal a pack of gum. When him and his mom came up to the register I asked him if he was going to pay for the pack of gum he put in his pocket? He looked at me with tears in his eye's and whispered to his mom "Should we tell her?" And the mother just looked at me and said "My child would never steal anything!"
So I respond and at the time I did my manager came around the corner "Well I am sorry Mame I watched your son who would never steal put a pack of gum in his pocket would you like me to add it to your order or would you like him to put it back?"
My manager pinches me from behind and I know I am stepping over the boundaries of "good customer service"

She looks me straight in the eye reaches in the kids pocket only to pull out the pack of gum in question and state "We bought this at another store" Kid is in tears, mom is lying out her ass about it IN FRONT OF HER FUCKING CHILDREN!! It is clear its from our store with price attached and everything.


Would you knowingly let you child steal and cover for them??

Friday, January 11, 2008

National Delurking Day..

Ok so I did this last year and it was fun. So I realize I am a day late, but better late than never. Today is delurking day... so if you are a regular commenter or new, or just stop by for the drama please leave me a comment (we all LOVE comments) This year I am going to follow Alfreds Mom's lead and if you delurk or comment you may request me to take a picture of whatever (no keep it CLASSY people.... or not we are all a little strange) and I will post it in the next few days.....

Monday, January 07, 2008


What a day... So I get this call today on my private line

"Hi this is (company name) Random speaking how can I help you?"

"Yeah I would like to order some Assless Chaps please.. your company does that sort of stuff right?"

"Umm you called Random in (this dept) are you sure your calling the right place?"

"Yeah, I wants me some chaps.. you think those would look good on me"

"Umm how did you get this phone number?"

"Do you guys deliver to the UK?"

Fucking hell its one of my best est friends Harriette I was actually blushing on the phone till she started to giggle. She got me good!

Oh and we are doing a girls trip to Vegas in May for the long weekend (Canadian long weekend) and I am SO friggin excited!! All the girls are gonna be there!! WEEHOO that should be a messy weekend FOR SURE!

I am so shopping for Chaps now and I am going to mail them to her at her job... Mess with me at work...lol

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Shopping always seems to work

I am feeling much better today.. WEEHOOO, I think it was just a little bug. I woke up this morning feeling well rested and the stomach no longer rumbles.. Maybe it was the lure of having to go shopping today..at my favorite place that I have to drive 40 minutes to get to. Actually I have to drive 40 minutes to pick up my prescription.. Yeah my prescription. Funny thing when I moved out here to COWBOY country I made sure there was a Target because that's where all my prescriptions are. I checked the city we were moving to (ASSUMING) thinking all Targets had pharmacy's, and with the wonders of technology you can have your prescriptions filled any where in the US its BEAUTIFUL.
Anyways our little small town in cowboy country has a Target, and a Super wall mart, and a Sam's club... yeah our Target does not have a pharmacy.
So every 20 days I have to drive 40 minutes to have my prescription filled. AND I know you all are wondering "Why" would I just not go get a new one from a Dr. in town.

I HATE DOCTORS!! I do, actually hate is a very stronger word its more like "I am afraid" of Drs. Yep there you have it. Stubborn at its finest... Humm maybe I can find some more new shoes???

Oh and I read this today and laughed
... Could you imagine in the US if all you had to do is declare 3 times you wanted a divorce and POOF by law you would be divorced? And this guy did it by text message because his wife did not pick up the phone????
Wow we thought our laws were too easy to get a divorce!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

At least I can keep down my spit..

So Friday night I worked the PT job and I was not feeling very well at all. I actually asked to leave early and my manager said it would be OK but there was only 4 of us (all people who I love working with) so I stuck it out my whole shift (that's a lie I left 1/2 hour early because the store was already closed and stock was all done) So I BARLEY made it home before the barf fest started.

You know the kind of barfing that hurts, and you taste last weeks lunch. Yeah that kind of sick. So I was off to bed early and slept till 11am, I was up for an hour, then back to bed till 3pm, then a little nap and finally about 5pm I jumped in the shower to try to shake it off (I am so silly thinking if I have a shower I will feel better.
Well I pretended to feel better and we had NO food in the house so I headed out to the grocery store thinking it would make me feel better.
When I got home I ate and "thought" I was feeling better so I took Daisy for a ride in the car (she LOVES the car) and when I got home I puked again.
I called in sick already for tomorrow. I think I may have a bit of the flu so tomorrow I will spend all day in bed and not even shower. And it will be great...

Hey question for all you dog owners/lovers the other day when it was REALLY cold out Daisy went running out with daddy to take out the garbage and she started SCREAMING at the top of her lungs the hubby grabbed her and we warmed up her paws.
Well now she will not go outside. She will if we pick her up and I have ordered THESE for her little doggie mits so the salt and cold will not get on her feet.

Does anyone have them? Do they work? It breaks my heart she will not go outside anymore and when they get here I will have to throw her in a snow bank with them on so she will not be scared anymore....
And there will be MANY pictures of how silly she will look and maybe some video...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I love me some ROSS!!

The new pretties..... You can not tell really that great in this picture but they are purple... and oh so pretty....

So I worked at the PT job again tonight and you would not BELIEVE who sought me out the moment I walked into the store. I was cordial and said "hi" and as he stood in front of me looking like he was about to unload again I started to blurt out how my car was acting up (totally a lie) and did he know much about VW's.. Seems to have diverted attention and the minute my stuff was put away I acted like I was late for work (I punched in 20 minutes EARLY) And I really wanted to ask how his family was doing but I was afraid of what he may have said..
Is that so wrong??

Why does this always happen to me??

So the PT job has be scheduled for 35 hours next week. Umm yeah.. too many hours for me. So I talked to the store manager about what I was looking for in a Part time gig and explained that I would like a max of 10-12 hours a week, Again reminding her that I do work full time already to the tune of 40+ hours a week.
Anyways she said this would be the last week because 3 people quit and she was stuck. And then I think about it and I should just walked away.. but me being the nice person I am, and also having shoe purchases dancing in my head..... I am such a sucker...
Then last night too, one of the mangers says to me "Hey Random, can I talk to you a minute?"

Me "Sure, whats up?" (thinking I did something wrong or screwed something up)

Manager "Ummm, my dog died today and my 10 year old thinks its her fault for letting him of the leash"
**crying ensues***

Me *blink*blink* "Oh?"

Manager "And I am not sure I can handle this because my family and I are still dealing with the death of our 5 year old"

Me *blink*blink* "Oh"

Manager "Yeah I am not sure how much more crap our family can take, first my son dies, then our dog......"

Me *blink*blink*
I feel bad, and I do not deal with death great myself so its hard for me to deal with this. And to make matters worse this is the first time I have EVER worked a shift with this man. OR TALKED TO HIM!! I understand he needed to talk to someone, and I was the closest, and I think I may have that face, or maybe its because he felt he could trust me...
Anyways not to sound like a heartless BIATTCHH but it was weird for me. And strange...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Resolutions for 2008

I have decided that I am not going to do resolutions this year but more a list of things I have learned, and things I am thankful for 2007 was a great year and 2008 feels like it will be even better.

Things I learned from Daisy: (shes my 6 pound Chihuahua that we found in a dumpster with 2 broken legs and 2 broken ribs for those just tuning in)

1. Snuggle in close every chance you get.
2. Take pleasure in the small things, even if she is just driving around the block because you love the car so much.
3. Give kisses freely and for no reason at all.
4. Perk up at the sound of their voice. And let them know you love them by a gaze or a paw pat.
5. Get so excited that you pee... just a little.
6. Listen closely
7. Always wake them up with kisses and put them to bed with kisses too.
8. Its always nice to share....

I am excited about what this year with bring. Looking back we have much to be thankful for, going into 2008 the hubby and I will celebrate 5 years of marriage. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?? 5 years? I mean that would mean that in February we have been dating for 9 years?? 9 Years is FOREVER!! But I feel blessed. I would not have it any other way.
Daisy will turn 1 year old. Well, we are going to celebrate her 1 year birthday on the day we found her seeing how we will never know her real birthday. And I can not believe its been almost a year since I found her, stinky and broken in the dumpster.

This year has been a year of changes. New jobs for both the hubby and I. New city, new State, who knows what 2008 holds for us but having had just had such a great year I look forward to what 2008 will be.

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE, From our family to yours!!!!
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