Monday, June 28, 2010

People are so weird!

So I am a frequent shopper of Goodwill. I LOVE thrift stores! The one by my house has AMAZING books the people that work there are super cool.

Today I saw something that made me laugh so hard! I promise to get a video I was too "Amazed" to what was I was seeing that I could not think to even pull it out.

Everyday they put out new stuff all day.

Well this lady we will call her "Crazy lady" stands by the door and CHASES the people with the carts putting stuff out to try to get all the "good stuff"

The first time I saw it I thought "Well that's weird"

And then another cart comes out and she chases that guy, and another and she chases them scanning the cart and trying to grab stuff out of it while they are trying to get it to the spot they are putting it.

I have never seen anything like it.

So when I am done I tell the lady at the register what I saw and she starts laughing....

SHE DOES IT EVERYDAY! ALL DAY!! She spends 5-8 hours a day chasing people around the store...

So I will bring you videos! I know you are excited...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I promise not to "freak" out!

So this morning I had a mental break down.

Oh yeah, I had my lady wellness exam this morning. Everything is going well (or so I think because I am TALKING like crazy) because I HATE THE DR!.

No I love my Dr I just hate going to the Dr.

Anyways after the yucky girly tests are over my Dr calmly tells me she needs me to get a mammogram..... today......within the hour?

Umm what? Is there something wrong?

A mammogram.. in an hour?

Who has that kind of pull?

I start talking instantly about the history, about my other lump that was NOTHING, was there something wrong?

She says no (Dr are such horrible liars) and I go on about how I do my checks, I feel my boobies regularly, nothing has changed.

She insisted.

So I tried to do what I did last time and just stay calm. so I called my mom, and my dad and my husband.

Trying to stay just positive and I "KNOW" there are no new lumps or bumps just the existing ones!

And I think it would have worked too if at this exam they did not do so many films, I asked why she was doing so many and I was told..

"ummm, you just have really dense breasts"

Really? Could you lie a little better please.

And when I asked how long it would be for results I was told they have to wait to get my films from the other mammograms I have had so they could compare them.

But I am not supposed to freak out.

Yeah ok.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I loved this and had to share...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Not to Wear Wednesdays!

I so WISH this picture would have come out better this lady PAINTED lips up under her nose.. I can zoom in on my phone but not on line...
This lady had her ass LITERALLY hanging out.. You could see her panties. THANK GOODNESS she was even wearing them
And A little ray of sunshine for your day

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


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Sure you were not texting while driving...

So on my day off last week I was walking into CVS (one of my fav places) and I hear this DOZY of an accident, the lady that caused it all I could see in her car SMOKING BLACK SMOKE COMING FROM HER TIRES because she was STILL pushing the accelerator so black smoke and all the cars in front of her are staking up...

I run over to make sure everyone is ok.
And ask her "Was your text that important?"

To which she responds.. "Oh no I was not texting I was just changing the radio station, and then I thought I was pushing the brakes and it was the accelerator"
3 cars all underneath each other because of this idiot. With her real estate sticker on the side of her car.

Sure you were not texting and I did not see that.. My bad!
PS. Everyone was ok.

And I stuck around to fill out the police report and while I was giving my statement about watching her "change the radio station for over 40 seconds while black smoke is spitting from her tires" she comes running over and tries to explain herself to the officer

Who held up his hand total diva styles and told the lady "Back off lady"

So I guess he was pissed too that his day was interrupted by this IDIOT as well....

Oh and 3 cars all stacked under each other.. Not a scratch on her SUV...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

FINALLY!! I am so excited!

So after 6 long years of waiting on a list.. and 3 years of carrying around a pager HOPING it will go off.

It did.

At 3am the other night.

One of my dearest friends in the world is finally getting his new liver!! I am SO EXCITED FOR HIM!

I was able to talk to him before surgery and he is in good spirits. He has a generic liver disorder that his own antibodies reject his own liver. He has known since birth that it may become an issue and the last 6 years it has... This picture of us was taken 6 years ago... (and no he was not a big drinker due to the issues)

This one 2 years ago. Its amazing what a failing liver will do to you. In this picture he was REALLY sick. Losing almost 80 pounds (looks like I gained and at this point because his liver is not functioning well all his other organs were failing as well...

Because the last 6 months he has been in really good health the Dr are VERY excited for this procedure and said it could not have been a better time for it.


If y'all can keep him in your thoughts and prayers for me I would really appreciate it!!!


And also my public service announcement PLEASE fill out your donor cards and carry them with you. If you need more information or have questions click here! Also please discuss your wishes with your family! Its so important!!

I am so thankful for the person, or the family that made the decision to donate. It is such an amazing gift to donate. I ask that you keep them in your prayers as well.

For what it is worth.

I am a donor. I put a lot of thought into it and thought "Well I can not take it with me, if my last "act" is to save another life (or a couple of lives) I am happy with that"

Please think and consider it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear CVS,

You will have to excuse my randomness and punctuation in this letter.. I was pissed.. this was the clean

To Whom It may Concern,

I am writing about my concerns about a specific customer service representative at this location.

On 3 different occasions I have been so rudely treated by your associate Denise.

On this past occasion (approx 3pm on Wed June 9th) I had stopped at your store to pick up a few items. I have never been so rudely treated by any employee ever by your company. I am so offended that someone who works your cash register area would treat customers this way.

It appears to me that she goes out of her way to be rude. And it was not only to me but to other customers as well.

This particular transaction I put my items on the counter and handed my CVS extra care card while I got my wallet out of my purse she yelled at me “I NEED YOUR COUPONS” as she sighed loudly under her breath.

Now I am not sure if this is the only location that requires coupons before the transaction can be started and if this is policy then I totally understand my over site, however as much as I shop with coupons at CVS I have NEVER been “required” to hand over my coupons before the transaction can be rung up. Not to mention the lack of a smile or even a friendly tone from Denise. I always feel like I am interrupting her and she makes it very clear she is not please with her job.

Because she was so overtly rude and I am not one to create a confrontation I asked her

“Every time I come into this store it feels to me that you are always so rude to me!”

Denise responded “I am not”

So I went on to explain to her that I understand that I do use coupons and I understand that it can be frustrating (however there were only 6 items in my transaction) and if I have done something to offend her to make her always be so rude to me, Denise told me “They are such a hassle because I have a million other things to do!”

To which my response was shock, embarrassment, and I was angry.

Since when are paying customers “to much work” to a company?

I said nothing else to her other than asking her what her name was. There was another employee there as well and I asked if she was the store manager and she said “No I am just a supervisor”

Should she not have offered help? Even inquired as to if there was a problem with anything as it was obvious I was upset and she had overheard mine and Denise’s conversation?

I am so frustrated with CVS right now, I am shocked that a company would allow its employees to treat customers this way. To just tell the customers that “yes” in fact you are not important to me. I was so angry leaving that store my blood was boiling. I should have made a big scene but that is not my character. I have never seen anyone in any level be so rude or to treat people so poorly.

Because I was in shock I stood there for a moment and she was just as rude to the following 2 customers as well.

How does a company allow this to happen?

And the first time it happened I thought maybe she was just having a bad day.

For what it is worth, most of the things I get with coupons I donate some of it to local charities. I have always loved CVS for the rewards programs and ECB programs.

I am so frustrate and upset, that I have actually had my 3 prescriptions that I have always had filled with CVS transferred to another pharmacy.

I hope that this information will be forwarded to Denise’s manager. I am certain if I was treated like this, many other customers must have been as well.


Random Musings

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

You may be a jackass if...

I am so glad I have the next 2 days off.. Because its getting to the point that if I did not get some time off soon I was about to BLOW up on someone...

So without further adieu...

You may be a jackass if: (work place addition)

1. You go out to a restaurant when its 90 degrees outside wearing ONLY a tank top and shorts and then have the audacity to complain "Its really cold in here can you adjust the thermostat?"

Right lady just because you are uncomfortable (itsyourowndamnfaultanyways) we should turn off the air and make the other 200 guest uncomfortable, its all about you anyways honey.

Your a jackass

2. If you ask for a glass of hot water (not the kettle of hot water just a glass) and then when I return for your order you have your silver wear sitting in the glass.

Because "yes" we do not even bother to abide by health code and just rinse off the silver wear without washing as to make you worry your pretty little head about it.

And also because unless its held at the temp WITH DETERGENT all it is doing is sitting in hot water.

Your an idiot and a jackass.

3. You ask for something EVERYTIME I walk by your table..

Napkins - Check
Tabasco - Check
More coffee - Check
Water - Check

When I ask for the 3 times "Is there anything else you need?" and you say you "have everything" and I return with the extra straws (because you need 2) and the marmalade and the extra plate and then I ask AGAIN if you need anything and you say no and then as I walk away YOU WAVE YOUR HAND IN THE AIR..

And I ignore you

And then when I do come over and the "Oh you forget"

Your and uber jackass.

That is all... Hope y'all are having a great week!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Insert foot in mouth here...

I tend to sometimes not have a filter.

I say what I am thinking almost all the time.... And some times I should REALLY just not say anything.

For instance:

Example 1: While at the hospital with food poisoning while waiting for the Dr. 2 of the nurses explained he was called to a "code" which was what was taking so long.

Well when the Dr finally got to our room and diagnosed me the conversation went something like this.

Dr. "I apologize you had to wait so long, we have reviewed you test.. blah blah....."

Me "Yeah the nurses said you were attending to a "code" I hope you were able to save the person"

Dr. "No I was not able to, she passed away"

Me "Oh I am so sorry"

Example # 2:

A table of 10 ladies come in for lunch on a Friday

Me "Hi ladies, looks like we are a wedding party when is the big day?"

Bride to be "Tomorrow, I am so excited, all the ladies are going out for lunch and the guys are all out golfing today while we do girl stuff"

Me "Oh that's funny, I have a friend who's wedding party the guys went golfing the day before the wedding and they all forgot to wear sunscreen so all the wedding pictures they were so burnt it looked like they were all still wearing their sunglasses...pretty funny huh?"

Bride to be and WHOLE wedding party immediately start texting like mad....

Example 3 :

Table of 12 walks in, they are all hugging and kissing like they have not seen each other in forever..

Me " Hi everyone... it looks like we are out celebrating today.. Whats the happy occasion?

Party "Oh we are all in town for a funeral"

So yeah I think I have some things to work on....

Thursday, June 03, 2010

She comes by it honestly....

Its been beautiful out the last few days.

And I have been off both jobs so Daisy and I have gone on some extended walks. Lets be honest we can both use the exercise.

Well today I get suited up and lather on the suntan lotion and out the door we go, at mile 1 she finds a good spot to poop and she poops blood.

Back to the house and off to the vet. I call the hubby on the way home and explain whats going on. I have a HUGE pit in my stomach because my BIL and his girlfriends dog just died of cancer. And how they found out? He was pooping blood.

Everything is fine. She just has a bacterial infection that there is nothing we could have done to prevent...

3 days of bed rest, medication, no walks or car rides...
She is so not impressed with me.. or the thing they stuck in her bum.

I am so proud of her, she was so brave...
She loves exercise as much as her mommy though and apparently will do anything to get out of it...........

Poor thing I already feel bad about the no walk thing.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Open Letters

Dear Mother Nature,

Now before we get off on the wrong foot I would just like to say I have been enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather we have been having. Sunny and 90 degrees for the last week, I am LOVING it!

However today, without ANY notice (barely a cloud in the sky) you waited until I had just stepped out of the car locked the doors AND THEN POURED DOWN RAIN LIKE I HAVE NEVER SEEN!

Serious. It was bad. So bad that I was soaked all the way through by the time I made it to the doors at the post office (I was parked EXACTLY out front)

Now I do love me some rain. But....

I was wearing white capris. Fresh from a shower, covered in lotion.

Oh yeah the post office got quite the show.

And when I walked back out of the post office sunny skis every where and I was soaked and people were staring....

Not wanting to end up on Wednesdays "What not to wear"

Dear Post office,

You would think at 12:30 on a Tuesday AFTER a holiday you would have more than 2 people on staff during the lunch rush.

Really there were 27 people in line in front of me, 13 behind me.

I counted.

And it was raining.

Just saying

Dear pompous JACKASS 2 people in front of me at the post office,

You are a jackass.


You stood there for 35 minutes talking LOUDLY (you know those kind of people) about your business blah, blah.

Your an idiot.

And then when you get to the front, and make a call WHILE YOUR BEING HELPED to someone who should know where your mail key is and the post office does not have it..


And while you are talking on the phone so loudly while we are all still standing in line and I chim in

"Hey Don (post office workers name) would it be ok, to help the OTHER PEOPLE PATIENTLY waiting in line while this guy figures out what the hell he needs"

And the whole post office applauds.

Yes that was me you flashed a dirty look to.


And yes, I waved at you and smiled.

And when we ALL clapped when you left, yeah I started it.

You know the scary thing? You run a business. And we wonder why so many businesses do not make it.

No time for ignorant people, get some class buddy!
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