Wednesday, June 09, 2010

You may be a jackass if...

I am so glad I have the next 2 days off.. Because its getting to the point that if I did not get some time off soon I was about to BLOW up on someone...

So without further adieu...

You may be a jackass if: (work place addition)

1. You go out to a restaurant when its 90 degrees outside wearing ONLY a tank top and shorts and then have the audacity to complain "Its really cold in here can you adjust the thermostat?"

Right lady just because you are uncomfortable (itsyourowndamnfaultanyways) we should turn off the air and make the other 200 guest uncomfortable, its all about you anyways honey.

Your a jackass

2. If you ask for a glass of hot water (not the kettle of hot water just a glass) and then when I return for your order you have your silver wear sitting in the glass.

Because "yes" we do not even bother to abide by health code and just rinse off the silver wear without washing as to make you worry your pretty little head about it.

And also because unless its held at the temp WITH DETERGENT all it is doing is sitting in hot water.

Your an idiot and a jackass.

3. You ask for something EVERYTIME I walk by your table..

Napkins - Check
Tabasco - Check
More coffee - Check
Water - Check

When I ask for the 3 times "Is there anything else you need?" and you say you "have everything" and I return with the extra straws (because you need 2) and the marmalade and the extra plate and then I ask AGAIN if you need anything and you say no and then as I walk away YOU WAVE YOUR HAND IN THE AIR..

And I ignore you

And then when I do come over and the "Oh you forget"

Your and uber jackass.

That is all... Hope y'all are having a great week!


Steph said...

I always bring a jacket with me to a resturant in the summer because I am not a jackass.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Enjoy your days off work! I'm going to email you back about the airbonne.

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