Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I am crazy!!

Yeah so I got up at 5:30am to go to the gym.... One of the girls I work with her dad is military so we went to the Army base and the gym is BEAUTIFUL!!! So yeah I go home in 2 months and its going to be lighter than last time I went because when I look back at the pictures... umm not so nice....
So all week @ 5:30 this should be interesting...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

FINALLY the race post.....

So Friday I picked Patty up from the airport and we were off in the convertible. Just for fun we drove around the airport 4 times because it was so cute (more because we KEPT MISSING our exit) and kept taking the airport return to go back.. ha ha

(The Thelma and Louise theme I will need to take a picture of the sign Patty made so I would not miss her at the airport)

Well we were on the road talking a mile a minute (reason 1, 2 we missed the exit) it was like being with an old friend, the minute she got off the plane it felt like we had known each other FOREVER! And it was a great time, no awkward silences, we spent 5 full days together and it was SO MUCH FUN!! There were people in both our lives worried about if we would get along or if she was crazy (just like me) but it was AWESOME!!

We finally hit the road and we were South Dakota bound, we stopped for a healthy (er) lunch at Subway on the way and talk about EVERYTHING (I am so sending you a SEXY thong) life, marriage, running there was just something so comfortable about being with her, we finally got to Spearfish and checked into our hotel. The guy at the front was rude when I had explained that I had called to make sure we could have a late checkout on Sunday after the race so we could have a shower before the 5 hour drive home. It was funny really.

Saturday morning we headed to the Expo and met Elaine its amazing what hearing ones persons experience can set a fire in someone else. We picked up our packages and chips and headed out for lunch. We decide to plot the coarse and drive it just to see what it would be like. We mapped it from where we were told we would start and headed on our way, I was almost in tears at the end when I realized there was a HUGE HILL we had to run up at the end to the tune of 3 miles!!! Patty told me not to worry and I would be fine (secretly I was PANICKING!!) we were so sure this was the way we paid special attention driving it back. It was SO BEAUTIFUL out there the scenery really was relaxing and calming. We headed back to the hotel to rest a bit before the spaghetti dinner.

At dinner we met these amazing ladies. They had all met online as well and have been running marathons together ever since. Me and Marjorie (first one on the left) chatted like old friends and even teared up a few times talking about running and what running means for each of us. Harriette having only know 1/2 hour offered to let me use her camel back as I was stressing that I had left mine at home and Mary actually lives and runs in the same area as Patty.
Dinner was AWESOME and we met some great friends. I hope to keep in contact with these ladies and maybe see them again and run with them next year!!

We woke up at 3am just to be sure we had plenty of time to get to the finish line where the buses were going to pick us up and take us to the start. We drove to where we had mapped the coarse and we saw all the water stations along the way so we knew we were heading in the right direction. And we drove and we were both wondering out loud "WHERE THE HELL IS IT!!" We were the ONLY car on the road so we double checked the time to see if we had made a mistake and drove the coarse AGAIN (me in panic about the 3 mile hill at the end) then we FINALLY saw another car and wanted to follow it. We at this time realized we had already missed the bus to the start so we just drove there and sure enough everything worked out. Within minutes of us parking the buses with everyone else pulled up.
We made it to the Porta Potties just before the buses unloaded and you could feel the nervous tension in the air. We walked the 500meters to the start and we did a little stretching AND WE WERE OFF!!!

It was amazing and beautiful, and fun, and exciting, and emotional..... Words can not express what this experience was like...

After the race Patty and I went for a "dip" in this waterfall.. yeah it was BELOW freezing water but its great for muscle issues and helps with cramping... I wish I was CRAZY enough to post the picture that Patty hard taken of my in the water.. Yeah its not pretty At all and it was so PAINFUL!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

The most amazing time ever!!

But y'all are going to have to wait for the good stuff because at this point my toenails hurt, and it hurts to BREATH!!! But there is much more of this adventure to share!!

Oh and thats me and Ms Patty who is now my BFF for sharing this experience with me!!

I will be back to blog land soon I just need to be able to work on wlak ing again first...lol Oh yes this is PAINFULL!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Big Brother


Seriously!! Seriously!!

Ok and that was a STUPID move from the night crew because now they are out numbered.

Thats all I have to say about that.

Sara your dead for getting me to like this show....JK

So nervous I am going to PUKE!!

So my 1/2 marathon is coming up THIS SUNDAY!!! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I am SUPER excited to pick up Patty at the airport Friday and spend 5 glorious days together. WEHHOOO finally meeting someone from blog land. Patty is a GREAT runner and for fun the other day (part of her training) she RAN 20 miles!!! Frigging hell. I feel ready for this and then I do not. Considering today is the first day in 5 days that I have been able to hold down food (everyone at work has been sick) I am thinking I need to work up my strength!!! If worse comes to worse then I will be walking. I know I can walk it but I was looking to RUN at least 1/2 of it seeing how I still can not run the full 13.1 miles!!

So I pick up Ms. Patty Friday morning
We drive to South Dakota
Saturday we pick up our packs and EAT LIKE KINGS
Bed early because we have a 4am bus ride up to the start.

Wish me luck.
BIG post if I live through this with pictures and all!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A little peek at what I have been up to!!

Ok so I have been working on a few pages for All Up in the Kool Aid for her little girl Emma here are 2 that are almost finished. Obviously there are no pictures in them and I did not want to be all creepy and "borrow" them from her site so you will have to imagine pictures of the MOST BEAUTIFUL little girl in them.....

Which one is your Fav so far?? There are more to come but they will have to be a surprise so when I send them she is SUPER surprised..

Friday, August 10, 2007


Well there was some bad news running up to the good news so I am going to keep that a secret but the great news is.


Oh and more great news!! I AM THE MATRON OF HONOR!!!

Can I tell you how excited I am!! And to give you a little back story on my dear friend Jessica she is the kind of person who always told me "I will never get married" oh and " I will never have babies" Well now shes GETTING MARRIED AND GOING TO TRY HAVING BABIES!!!

I am so EXCITED for her that shes happy and finally after kissing a few frogs has found "the one"

Oh and this is SORT of what our bridesmaid dresses will look like the top look the same but they will be cute little short dresses the site it was posted on would not let me steal it (these are COMPLETELY stolen from D*vids BR*dal .... She is torn between Pink and Red and I am PUSHING for the Red because its her favorite color (I mean which ever she chooses I can WORK either color and hey NEW SHOES!)
But I LOVE the dress style. What do you think? Red or Pink?

*** added note there are sure some UGLY ass wedding party shoes on that site. I mean I understand the need to be "practical" but I am not 80***

Sick like a dog

I am even typing this as I sit on the toilet... lol Just kidding. But I have seemed to have picked up a stomach bug and its SUCKING ASS right now.
3 people at work are sick with it, and even though I went in yesterday they sent me home and today I was going to go in even though I am not 100% but my guts are telling me different.

I need to kick this so that I can finish up my training for my run next weekend. 13.1 miles friggin hell lets hope by tomorrow I can hold food down because that would be GREAT.....

Monday, August 06, 2007

Started my new job tonight.. well sort of

So yeah I went in @ 5:15 as requested.
There were 5 different people trying to get my stuff into the computer so I could start. And let me just explain the "caliber" of employees here in good old Wyoming. Well lets just say its a VERY small town. And no offense to anyone who lives here or knows anyone who lives here or wants to live here..... well anyways.
They could not get me into the system and have to wait till tomorrow till the "big" manager is in in order for me to get into the system.
So I asked if there was anything I could do, maybe read some manuals or something and the lady said "no" because I am not in the system they can not have me in the store.

"Oh so you want me to leave?"

"Yeah you'll have to then we will have the "big" manager call you tomorrow"

"Ok no problem but you do know legally you need to pay me for 3 hours?"

Blink, blink (picture a dear in headlights) "Oh, how would you know that?? I will have to talk to the "big" manager about that"

So I skipped away leaving the dear in headlights sitting there ponder that even before my information is in the system I am telling her they owe me for 3 hours.

I can be SUCH a bitch some times

Friday, August 03, 2007

I am a nut for scrapbooking!!

Ok serious tonight was the first night in FOREVER that I pulled out all my scrap booking SHIT!! And there is a lot of it!! So I have posted an add on Craigslist for some of the shit I mean seriously I have 6 (yes 6) BINS full of crap. Crap that has been "ideas" forever!!..
So I thought to myself what other NUT BALL scrapbookers are out there.

Sam **stop waving I took out some of the best stuff to send to you in a care package!

Alfreds Mom** I am in the process of putting together some cute "pre-made" pages so all you have to do is put pictures of Emma in them (lots of lady bugs and butterflies)

And other than that I am not sure who else is a scrap booker like me? Anyone?

And you know the scary thing... yeah this is not even a glimpse of all the shit I have!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

So I got a part time job!!

I walked into my interview and literally the gentleman asked me when I could start and what "position" would I like? Serious. He then went on to explain that although I have tonnes of experience he understands that my primary job takes priority over my part time job and blah blah blah he started me at the HIGHEST amount he could and promised a raise in 90 days. Oh and I can have as much time off as I need (for my marathons) and he was going to use me and all my experience all over the store....so WEEHOOO I have a part time job!! And I am kind of excited about it and I have been busily spending my new found earnings.

These are all so cute!!!

Which ones should I get first??? Ha ha.. and you thought my shoe thing was bad before?? But I will be also spending some hard earned cash on some bills and some stuff for my running and some surprise gifts for the hubby because y'all know how I LOVE to put together care packages...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lesson learned!

You like my new knee highs? Friggin hell they hurt like a BITCH!! I went out on Sunday for 9 miles and lets just say I learned the valuable lesson that here in Wyoming because the altitude is 6200 feet that the sun is WAY hotter out here. Oh and I burn quite easy.....

Umm yeah...

Moving on I have a job interview tomorrow for a part time job and I am kind of excited. There is really NOTHING to do around here so I figured I would get a part time job so I have more shoe money and with more shoe money comes having to TRAVEL to actually buy shoes. I have scoped out all the shoes stores in the area and unless I plan on turning 80 any time soon or want cowboy boots it is VERY slim pickings....

Getting REALLY excited about my 1/2 marathon on a couple of weeks.. more about that later!
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