Saturday, December 31, 2005


I received a love letter yesterday.
It was beautiful.
It was thoughtful
It made me cry.
I love love. True love.

WEEEHOO A day of shopping

Well not really but any chance I get to spend money is considered shopping. Have to do groceries and make a stop at wal-mart for a bunch of random things. Oh and I always sneak a peak at the shoes, and it also helps there is a shoe store next door too.
AAHHH Shoes.
New word in high rotation: Random

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The panty thief

I finally got to replace some of my undies that were stolen by the laundry bandit! There were a bunch of sales so I got some great deals. Still sad about losing all of my favorites but I bought a bunch more to replace them.
There was a lady at the counter at one of the stores who was trying to return a girdle thing. The thing was it was obvious it was worn. And it was REALLY obvious it was worn and she was trying to argue with the sales lady, who called over a manager who also explained she can not return it because there was a panty inside the girdle (eeww gross) So the manager tried to diffuse the situation but the lady was freaking cause she paid $90 for the thing and she did not want it anymore... AAHH the drama
See its wrong to return any sort of underwear, even if the store allows it I think its still wrong. Except bras those can be returned, but who buys a bra without trying it on anyways? And who tries on undies at the store? I never have (eeww gross) and if they do not fit then they get put at the back of the drawer till a friend that they would fit comes for a visit.

Figure this one out

So the "Final" doctor wants a copy of the first MRI that was done so I called the "first" doctor I saw (worst doctor ever!) and they say they gave it to one of the other doctors I saw, (another horrible doctor), and then that office says they sent it to another doctor, (yeah I have been to a tonne of doctors its the worst system ever!)and then that office says they sent to the doctor I saw before the doctor I have now... So I have to now drive all over town to try to have the films released so the "Final" doctor can look at them.
Did I mention of the 5 different doctors I have seen none of them have touched my back? Funny how its a back injury and 5 specialists don't even look at or touch me?
Oh and after all this the lawyer says he could have tracked them down however the last place "that alleges" they should have them however it may take 7-10 days to locate them from storage, I need to go there myself with ID to have the films released.

AHH The gym

So I am busting ass (hopefully) on the elliptical and working up a great sweat listening to Kelly Clarkson "Since you've been gone ( not a huge fan but great to work out to) and this man...oh my goodness
See I respect the fact that he was there because he really needed to be there, and it was great he was so sweaty because that means he's burning calories but he decided he would climb on the the stationary bike right smack in front of me with his too short t-shirt and too low shorts and non exsitant boxers/briefs, AND GREAT BIG HAIRY ASS!!
I laughed out loud at first because I thought I might be on Americas funniest videos or there was hidden cameras somewhere and everyone that was behind him was a little taken back.
Oh well that was it for the workout.

Happy New Years- 2006

Wow I can not believe its here already.
Ok here's the list. This may be sappy but honest and from my heart
1) Laugh more.(try to find more humor in the crappy stuff that happens)
2) Call friends more random to catch up.
3) Volunteer more than I did this year ( Houston was a huge experience and I hope to continue with the Red Cross for future disasters)
4) Train for a marathon. (only a 1/2 marathon to start)
5) Travel to at least 2 different places this year.
6) Love with all my heart even more than I do now.
7) Find the good in situations no matter what cards are dealt.
8) Learn a new language (or start to)
9) Call Big Brothers and Big sisters and bug them about not letting me be a big sister because I am not a US citizen.
10) Plan a trip home to let lose and visit friends. ( I MISS THEM ALL SO MUCH!)

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


This was my second MRI it was way scarier than the first one, when they did my middle spine I got to just lie there, but today they did the neck and they had to strap me down. (oh and some how "all of a sudden" the films from my first MRI have been lost)
It was freaky, I have never been the claustrophobic type but anyone put it that situation would be even just a little. I almost threw up.
First you lay down on the table, wiggle up to the thing you put your head in, once its in he gives you ear plugs, then the bastard straps your forehead down, then your chin, then he puts another part of the machine over your head and tells you to lay back and relax... Sure buddy let me do this to you and have you relax.
When the machine starts you start to worry what would happen if there was a fire and if anyone is looking up your gown.
The machine starts and it sounds like 100 people playing loud video games with all the speakers circling your head.
Oh did I mention this goes on for 20 minutes. Super fun.

I am off the meds

Geez that makes me sound like a crazy person. No I am just not taking the pain killers unless I really, really need them. I have been on them so long that when I stopped taking them I actually got really sick. No serious I have been taking them for 10 months now daily to numb the pain and when I stopped cold turkey I got sick. I threw up for about 3 days. But now I am OK. I stopped and I have not taken them for about a week now which is interesting cause my body seems to be dealing with the pain better. My neck is killing me and I have a MRI later today so that should be good. I get to stick my head in a great big loud machine while it ticks away taking pictures of my bones.

I hate doctors

The last few days have been interesting. I have been having really bad dizzy spells and to compliment that I have been getting random nose bleeds. And I am not a bleeder. Or I guess its better to say that I rarely get nose bleeds ( did any one else find that funny?)
Anyways I called my doctor and she's on vacation (of coarse when I get the nerve to book an appointment she's on vacation)
So she's back for 3 days and then she goes back on vacation again so the kind nurse was able to fit me in. Now I get to dread the days leading up to the appointment.
What fun. Did I mention I really do not like doctors? Or actually correction I do not like American doctors.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


So I went on my shop, instead of getting up at 6am like I had planned I was up at 8am to head out. I was really surprised at how well organized everything was. I went to a few major retailers and they had all staff on hand. There were no lines, no fighting.
See I do not understand how this works, before Christmas everyone is crazy and rude and there never seem to be enough cashiers, however after Christmas they finally get there acts together?
I bought some new workout clothes. Cute stuff. Hopefully in a few months I'll grow out of it and get to buy some cuter stuff. I will never be that girl at the gym walking around in only spandex and a sports bra, sometimes I would like to say stuff to these people "um excuse me, did you forget to put on a shirt?"
and to the men "Um excuse me knuckle head, did you realize your shirt is full of holes?"
Or "Excuse me sir I think you are wearing your wife's/girlfriends shirt by accident?"
And trust me not all these people should be walking around in these outfits.
Last time I went to the gym some ass walked past mt elliptical and unplugged it, then the ass did not even apologize.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Boxing Day Shopping

I haven't done it in a about 4 years but tommorow I am going to venture out with all the crazy people trying to use thier gift cards, return gifts,get better gifts, take advantage to all the sales people and buy a few things. I am going to get up early
and head out. I need to pick up some new gym clothes and clothes for the gym must be bought with a huge discount. If I had an ass like Jessica Alba then I would spend the money on expensive workout clothes. But until that day...

Merry Christmas!

I have cooked my first Turkey, I have graduated in the world of women who know how to cook a turkey!! Woo hoo.
And Toot Toot ( sounds of me tooting my own horn) My turkey turned out amazing. I had a weird experience while I was getting ready to cook it, I was told it would turn out best if I rubbed it down with butter before I put it into the oven, so as I got the butter out and started to rub it down I felt like Marvin Gaye playing in the back ground "Let's get it on"
Ok that sounded better in my head.
No I am not crazy

I Love Lunch

Actually I love any kind of food gathering ( which would explain the ass) but today I got to speed lunch with a friend that I never get to see, probably ( actually the only) normal person I have met in the last 2 years.
There is nothing like having food and getting caught up on each others live. I wish she did not live so far away.

Things I have learned in my life: A true friend is one who no matter how much time has lapsed since your last meeting they can still make you laugh, and you pick up where you left off.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Spiders on Steroids

Spiders 0- Me 5
I have started to keep a can of raid in everyroom
of the house. Sounds crazy I know but the spiders
are nuts! I was taking a late night pee and I
usually never turn on the lights, well this time
I did and the spiders were watching me. No serious
there were 2 huge spiders one on the counter
(beady eyes staring me down) and there was another
one a little bigger right across from me.
The first one dies quickly with a shot of raid the
big one however put up a fight, I sprayed the thing and it stumbled and I thought it died....Then it starts to walk away like the shot of raid was something to laugh at, I sprayed it again (a little more this time)and again it played dead for a minute then walks away like he's mocking me!
I squished the bugger!

Friday, December 23, 2005


Why are people so nasty? I am at a random store doing random shopping when I realize I have forgotten something, so to avoid holding up the line I have the sales lady charge me for two of the same item and I would run to grab another. Well when I walked back through the line there was this lady ( and I need to add she was a big fat lady) that when it came to me having to pass between her big ass and her cart she sighed heavily under her breath and rolled her eyes.
"Listen Bitch just cause your big ass has to move about half and inch give you no right to be fucker about it"
I wish I had said that.
I really should have, but being so close to Christmas people are really crazy I was worried her head may start to spin or she would sit on me.
She was kind enough to pose for a picture.

The Waxing Question?

So as I stand in the bathroom with my leg wedged up on the bathroom sink, hot wax in hand.. I pondered a thought...or two... See I have been waxing the whoo whoo for about 9 years now... yeah crazy I know I did it once and after the pain subsided I was hooked...and I think that is when it began, actually I think it began before that in high school because of Salinna and her arm shaving craze. See I never really had an aversion to body hair before I met Salinna, yeah I used to shave the thing, but when did body hair gross me out...
HHUUMMM not sure, but Sal started me shaving my arms, lol I needed too you could probably braid the hair on my arms if I did not. But being the perfectionist that I am the waxing has become such an art... I used to see a professional to have it done but moving out to California put me in a bit of a pickle, I had seen the same lady for over 6 years, she was great quick and pretty, I occasionally did it myself if I was in a pinch but more often I had it done for me, well when I moved out here I tried to find an estitician to take over but I became cootchy shy, yeah it was pierced but the thought of being stretched eagle on a table with a complete strangers head between my legs again left me shy....which was weird cause California was the place if you were going to get waxed it would probably be the best place to do it..All the pretty people walking around.... Well this left me to fend for myself after being here for about a month I took the plunge went to the Beauty Supply shop and bought the best thing they had ( as per the sales lady) well when I got it home it was too complicated to use, heat the wax, slather it on, add the strip... Well I finally found the best wax ever!! It’s called Brazilian Bikini you heat it and no strips required and it no longer Some spots are a little iffy but no pain... Lol,... which makes me flash back to Sara sitting on my toilet on Waverley screaming her head off....
AH the memories. But this worried me a little cause when I get old and I can no longer balance with my foot over my head to get the best leverage for removal I feel bad for the estitician that is going to have to do it.. Serious could you imagine a 70 year old walking in saying "Take It all off" See this is something I do not think I will grow out of.. I thought I would..but no, and what will I do when I get pregnant? Lol oh the worries and shaving it is no way an option I will never shave her again!!!
So this leaves me to a question does anyone else go all bare down there?
Is it still popular?

Moving the Livejournal-

I think it was time, I have spent many an evening perusing a few Blogs on this site and I like the set up way better. Its cleaner and this way I can bitch about shit that I am sensitive to in my other journal. Which is sneaky on my part. Some people I may not want to read my stuff, I will still keep that Journal but I started it 3 years ago so it was time for a change... so here it is... I think I will move over some of my better postings.
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