Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am BACK!!

And there are LOTS of pictures and I stayed up 24 hours the first night there, a surprise birthday party FOR ME!! Many a drunken night...

Will post soon.. Must sleep......

Friday, October 26, 2007

This was interesting...

I usually do not blog about anything political but I found this interesting....You can read about the story here.
The caption reads "Sexual Orientation is not a choice" and it has the people in Rome where the bill boards ans signs are plastered with there panties in a bunch.
I think this goes to show as a society how far we have come in terms of acceptance. I think its a great start anyways. I am not sure I would have gone with a picture of a baby but it certainly makes its point. Having grown up in Canada my whole life and being an active supporter of the gay community I think we have come leaps and bounds in the past few years. Canada is the 2nd country in the world adopting laws for same sex marriages. Who is the government to tell you who you can fall in love with and marry?
What do you think?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Quick Post

I am having a BLAST!! Montreal was awesome!!! Although for some reason there are not too many pictures from that event... (must be the booze in both hands that prevented the camera from being operated)
I have driven 5 hours to Toronto to visit an old friend and get caught up, and it was EXHAUSTING and I am sick with a cold but well worth it....

Its Friday and almost my last day here (I leave Sunday) and its been a bitter sweet vacation, I am sad to leave but I know I must and let every one's lives get back to normal as well as my own (I miss my man and my doggie)...

Cowboy country here I come... after a few more nights on the town!!!

See you all soon (I will get caught up slowly) hope all is well in blog land and I will post pictures on my return!!!



Thursday, October 18, 2007



WEEHOOOO So I out of here for 10 days... but I promise to be back in a flash with LOTS of pictures!!!!


Here's a joke for you....

A teenage boy asks his granny:

Have you seen my pills, they were labeled LSD?

Granny says:

"F**k the pills; have you seen the dragons in the living room?.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Beautiful Sunset

This is one of the many reasons I like it here...... The weather is a little wacky at times but it feels like home. ; )

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I LOVE to teach myself new lessons!!

Needed to break in the new shoes.... lol What a mess!!!
So yeah these are my shoes out on the town, me on the left, Rachael in the middle and my new BFF Jess on the right..
We had so much fun, and the lesson I learned is that the older I get the less I am able to drink like I used too.. I mean I can hold my own buy last night OH MY!!
Its 7:30pm and I am still feeling like SHIT, I have been sick all day and it is not fun at all. So yeah slow down a bit maybe? My poor body, I am on my way home next week WEEHOOOO so I am sure there will be a few days of HEAVY drinking with the ladies at home so I am going to detox my body from last night and relax the next few days..... WEEHOOOO 6 more sleeps!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Back to school

For the day anyways. Work sent me to college to brush up on my Excel skills. I thought this would put the burn in me to want to go back to school.

humm yeah... not so much.. BORING!! I learned a bunch of cool stuff but to sit in class all week for 8 hours a day would SUCK ASS!!! I would like to further my education however to spend that much money and that much time in class.... Not any time soon...

9 Days till my trip and I am SUPER excited my girls are picking me up at the airport and we are spending 2 glorious nights in Montreal, party capital of the world.. (well Canada anyways) and then I am going to Toronto for 2 days to visit friends and then home again to spend with family and friends. I am super excited to see my dad, and brother, and mom, and sisters and of coarse all my girls.. and boys...

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The best $50 I have EVER spent

I bet you are all expecting a picture of shoes... nope not shoes

Ok so I headed to the mall the other day, out 40 minutes from my house because its the only mall you can really call a mall and it has all my fav stores. Anyways tough day shopping, I have been losing weight and its very apparent that I needed some new clothes most of my pants I can pull off without un-zipping or buttoning them so I went shopping for jeans.. Yeah not so much luck I am going to wait another week 1/2 and right before my trip when I am forced to pack I can deal with the I have no pants that fit me situation....ok a bit off topic (no I did not find any shoes either)

So there is the Chinese massage place (nothing dirty you pervs) and they do deep tissue and reflexology massage, I was looking a the price list posted out on the window and this little old man comes out and asks if I want a sample and starts to massage my "bad spots" (the ones where the hubby has to break up the scare tissue from my accident or I get HUGE bumps that look like tumors) so I agree to pay $50 for 1 1/2 hour massage AND IT WAS AMAZING and weird all at the same time. The last 1/2 hour they focus on your feet, yeah a complete stranger WASHES your feet then does this freaky reflexology stuff and I thought I was going to be able to sleep but the way the massage was done it really gives you energy, anyways back to the feet thing he starts talking to the ladies in Chinese and she asks me if "I have problems with my head"
I am stunned and said "yeah I have gotten migraines since I was a baby"
It was the weirdest thing!! He would rub till they felt like they were burning then stick his finger or thumb into my foot, or heal.
And then she went on to explain that my "aura" and the tension in my feet tell him that.
Weird. He also told me about the issues with my neck and lower back and I explained about my accident and the bulges in my back. She explained that's why he spent so much time on those spots.

So yeah I am going back. Soon. It was amazing! I am hurting a bit today as is the case most times I get deep tissue and having a complete stranger stick his elbow into your ass muscle and then put all their weight onto it, is a bit weird but well worth it!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Getting EXCITED!!

Ok so now y'all get to hear about my upcoming trip home!!! I am super excited about it and I feel like screaming it from the roof tops!!

Work has been CRAZY busy, I am going to have to start a "secret" blog about all the shit I deal with on a daily basis at my day job.

Some of those highlights would be this little fuzzy guy.....yeah someone BROUGHT IT TO WORK WITH THEM!!!

Umm yeah I should start that blog.. y'all would laugh your ASSES off! Serious.

Monday, October 01, 2007



So umm yeah... 30 years old. OOOIII OIIIII (excited screams)

Its a good year so far so I bet my 30's will be the best years.

I am kinda excited really. I go home in 18 days AND I AM SO EXCITED!!
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