Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dep Leppard ROCKS!!

The show was AWESOME!! It was everything I thought it would be. It did occur to the hubby and I that some of the "kids" there have NO IDEA how big Def Leppard was in our day.

I also recorded LOVE BITES for Dixie (winks at her) and I leaned into the husband and on the video you can sort of hear me say "The song makes me hot" BUT IT TOO BIG FOR YOUTUBE!! So the hubby is going to figure out how to make the file smaller for all your viewing pleasures!!
This guy was READY for some Def Leppard and made me wish I would have done BIG hair and blue eyeshadow!!

They really put on a GREAT show they sang all of there good songs and then some, it was funny looking at them and remembering when I first saw them and there big hair back at a fair with my brothers and they opened for White Snake. LMAO I guess that really dates me. It was such a good show I waited the whole show to be ready to take video of Pour some sugar on me but when it came on I had to jump up and scream and dance around with the rest of the sold out crowd!! Face it the concert was so good it even got the hubby on his feet. Maybe it was my GREAT Capella that I was singing because you can BET YOUR ASS I was singing every song at the top of my lungs! Its funny how a song can bring back SO MANY memories

Friday, July 27, 2007

My day at the Rodeo!!!

I had to work 1/2 day but there it was OFF TO THE RODEO!!! It was so much fun. Different but fun. It helped that we had AWESOME seats with free food an all.
I even remembered to capture some action for y'all. I have been to a little tiny rodeo way back in the day but nothing to this caliber. It was neat to see so many different people there. Hubby and I certainly stood out like sore thumbs (or we felt that way anyways) it was almost like we were the only ones not sporting cowboy boots and hats.

There were horses and cowboys as far at the eyes could see!!! I will certainly go again next year. It was fun screaming and yelling at the cowboys. The weather started off a little grey with a few drizzles but then the sun came out and it was beautiful. I did however forget to get any pictures of the hubby and I...*** sigh*** there were all those cowboys to take pictures of....

I only ended up running into the VP in the VIP booth and he's super cool. I was really hoping that the hubby would have gotten at least a little drunk seeing as I drove but he was not feeling much like drinking. I had a Mikes hard lemonade and did not feel much like drinking either.
So I am hoping for this time next year to have my mom come out and join me for the festivities. I think she would really love it. Actually I know she will so for her birthday I am going to get her tickets to one of the shows and put them in an envelope with her plane tickets...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Always with good intentions

Today I had to do 6 miles. When I woke up at 5am I thought no problem, got up peed let the dog out but because I had not slept the previous night when I started to get dressed I thought "I will do them tonight...."
Well get home from work and its a little bit drizzling no big deal to run in so I make the hubby dinner and then out of no where comes the wind and the thunder.. Oh and the tornado ALARMS!! So yeah no run for me tonight. Which sucks because I will have to do it tomorrow morning.
But the good news is I get off work at noon tomorrow to attend the RODEO!!! Free booze and food HELL YEAH!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

They just grow up so fast.... lol

Ok you must know by now my sense of humor. And for some reason this really makes me laugh?

The things they seem to be teaching them at the vet now a'days.... Because I have NO IDEA where she picked this up...AND SHES A GIRL!! Why would she do this???? And she does it for HOURS at a time taking short breaks.... So strange

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Horoscope for the day

A lifelong dream is finally beginning to happen. Make sure you find the time to truly appreciate it, even if it comes with hard work, sweat and tears.

Remind me to come back to this in a month.... Interesting

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lucky Upstairs Neighbor

I gave away my Reba Tickets. Yeah I am not such a country fan and the husband is not either so we took a vote and I talked to the neighbors that happen to be HUGE country fans so I gave them to them. (all of there friends were going too)
So yeah. I gave them away.

My mother (HUGE country fan) is going to kill me.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ummm yeah, can we say HOOKED UP!!

I know, I know I will stop. But I just wanted to find out who wants to be my best friend at this time next year to be dragged to all these FREE concerts.
I mean really?

Friday, July 20, 2007

So excited its the weekend.

OK I have a big story for you guys later I am just home for lunch and I AM EXCITED FOR THE WEEKEND.
Not for any other reason in particular but just so I can sleep in tomorrow and watch TV all day.
I had forgot that I never told y"all about the drama of my last days at work, I will post about that later I can not believe I did not tell you. (not this job my old job in Cali)

Oh and everyone wave "hi" to Rosemary shes a dear friend that I used to work with and I was finally brave enough to give her the link into my life.. (shes the little old lady I told y'all about when I first started my old job?) Anyways shes dear to me and I hope will love me anyways after reading all this

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So Daisy has gotten a little fat....

ha ha I promise last Daisy post for a bit y'all must be getting sick of
Ok so I took this picture of her in our bed and I could not BELIEVE how fat she looks in it. I mean I know the neighbors we talking the other day about her but I just assumed it was that she was so cute.....

So we put her on a

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yes I realize its called GLOATING!!

So I got these babies FREE!! FREE!! FREE!! FREE!!! The wonderful new job I got is a major sponsor for the events so VOILA!!

Oh and I also get rodeo tickets for free. And not just any old rodeo.. the kind that COMES WITH FREE FOOD AND BEER ALL NIGHT!!!

Ok yeah I scored big and I am kinda excited about the rodeo.....and not just for the free booze either.....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Gosh I LOVE that girl!!

Isin't she the CUTEST thing.. Yeah shes getting back to her old self. Little bastard has figured out that we are slipping her pills. Well at least I never have to worry about someone slipping her something at the bar.....
Ok so we started feeding her the pills in peanut butter and that worked one time till she licked around and spit out the pill.
Then we tried slim jims cut a little hole in it and feed her a little pre-cureser to get her to eat the pill. Well this worked for 2 days and then she started eating around it again. So I tried whip cream which she loves same thing. So tonight I out smarter her this time and dipped the spiked slim jim in peanut I am so crafty

Oh and when out shopping the other day I took a picture of THIS SO ILLEGAL asshole who left his dog in the car in 90 degree weather. AT WALMART so you know he was not just able to "run in" and get something. I feed the poor thing water through the window and worried that the owner was going to come out and yell at me..

Friday, July 13, 2007

Shes going to be OK!!

She has a urinary track infection and needs lots of rest which is what she has been doing. THANK GOODNESS it is treatable and WE ARE SO EXCITED TO HAVE HER HOME!! I was scared shit less this morning when I called at 8pm to see how she did through the night and they told me the dr. had to call to discuss it with me. The first thing she told me was Daisy could not come home yet she still was be observed and needed to stay until at least 2pm. I WAS FREAKING THE HELL OUT!!
Well she still had bad runs all night and then in the morning when they took another pee sample there was blood in her pee and they started treating her for that and she started to get a little better. We have to medicate her and its so good to have her home but she should be just fine.

And we got told not to feed her any more human food. Because lets face its SHES SPOILED!! I mean she always gets whatever we are having after we are done eating and that's always been the way we do it. Now. No more (per vets orders) it could have been something that we feed her that set off her belly issues which are being treated with anti nausea stuff and then stuff for the urinary track infection pills.

Buts shes ok. And now all we gotta do is find her cute ass a job so she can start paying her

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I am such a BAD pet parent!!

So I spent yesterdays post bitching about how Daisy just was not getting it. Well truth be told the last couple of days she has not really "been herself" at lunch 2 days ago I offered her some turkey and she did not want it. For anyone with a dog to say no to human food there is SOMETHING wrong. Well I put it in her dish and went back to work. She still did not eat it by the time I got home and I mentioned to the hubby that I thought something was wrong.
We thought of all the ideas why she was not going potty on the pads. Well this morning I went out for my 4 mile run and when I got home poor Daisy had diareah ALL over the bedroom (with some of it making it onto the puppy pads) Then she barfed on the bed and was crying. I snuggled her whilst trying not to barf myself and she cried and cried. I needed to get to work so as soon as I got to work I asked if I could go home and take her to the vet. THANK GOODNESS they had no problems I came home and she had barfed again on the bed so I took her to the vet that EVERYONE I work with takes their doggies.

Anyways shes sick. Like REALLY sick and they have kept her overnight for fluids and to keep an eye on her. She had a temperature and they are going to give her anti nausea stuff to calm her poor belly. She had blood in her diareah that she had an accident all over the floor at the vets..... That's what alarmed the vet the most. Dogs usually will not just poop anywhere and for her to have just let it go. Also she pooped in my car. And then she also barfed on the table when the vet was checking her.

The vet was please to know that less than 3 weeks ago Daisy had all her blood cultures done so she knows that she "is" healthy other than what ever this is.

I cried leaving her with the vet. (I know its a secret)

Ok everyone please keep her in you thoughts I know shes going to be OK its just so tramatic for her and us not having her here.

Its so sad at home without her. Its amazing to realize just how much this poor little dog means to you when shes not here begging for food or sneaking in for kisses.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Friggin DAISY!!!

Ok I LOVE her to death I do and I understand that this move has been a HUGE stress for her BUT THE LITTLE SHIT KEEPS PISSING AND SHITTING EVERYWHERE!! In the 4 months we have had her she had only 2 accidents at the old place and both were my fault (forgot to put down pads) Anyways since we got here she keeps peeing and shiting in the house.

We walk her. We just had the carpets clean AGAIN because we were worried maybe she was marking the place because she smelled another dog? Then we placed a BRAND new carpet and in less than 12 hours she peed on that too.

Went to Pet Smart to get the puppy training spray and the Natures Miracle carpet cleaner and now we wait.


Ok asides from beating her TINY ass I am at my wits end....

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Finally almost unpacked

The rest of whats needs to be done 1. Tomorrow carpet cleaners come in again. They were done before we moved in and seeing how the previous tenants had pets and Daisy can not seem to get herself potty trained again we are having them re-done in hopes that they will be cleaner than they were before.
2. TV guy is here installing as we speak. 2 weeks without TV I feel so out of touch with the world.

And I am procrastinating about my 9 miles today. Yeah I could have been smart and got up early to do them (which I will be doing from now on) so I am going to cook and early dinner (put mine in the microwave to eat after my run) I need to get back on track and now that I have a job, the house is set up and we only have a few things left to get I HAVE NO EXCUSES!! 24 miles this week. Oh yeah back on track

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ok tell me these do not make you laugh just a little?

Ok call me high school or silly and when I first saw this I laughed. I mean who ever named this gas station/ store I wonder... But serious. Does your mind not think dirty thoughts??

Well seeing how we have no access to a truck and the delivery guy would not be in till tomorrow my good old convertible was used in the transport of the hubby's new 42" Plasma HDTV.
Yeah look how happy he But this is a good example to "Use what you got!"

Best pizza EVER its from Papa Murphys and its called "The Cowboy" Serious, this pizza place is a TAKE AND BAKE so you pick up the raw pizza come home and cook it and it was the BEST pizza I have EVER had in my life!! The hubby agreed too!!

And Daisy refusing to get out of the car. She has gotten REALLY bold and LOVES car rides since the trip so now every time I let her out to help me get things from the car she jumps in and cries when I try to take her I LOVE this dog!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Settling in just fine...

So I think I may like it here. This is the puppy I tried to get the hubby to buy for me and Daisy.. I know, I know you should never buy a dog but he was SO CUTE... I named him Charlie. And Daisy would have LOVED him.. yeah no go with the hubby to the tune of $800 BUCKS. Its sick I know.

Moving on I have been pretty quite since I got here because of a few things. I have been busy scouting for a job that I am going to love with my time here. I was not even here 24 hours and on Thursday I was already interviewing at a couple of different places. One that I was REALLY hoping to get because it would be a perfect fit for me but because they were not going to know until after the weekend (last weekend) I went to 2 more interviews today that went REALLY well. So my fingers were crossed all weekend.


So now tomorrow I have to call the 2 interviews I went to today and thank them for the opportunity blah blah just to make sure I do not burn and bridges. Anyways want to hear about how small town this place is? Ok the job that I REALLY wanted and interviewed for on Thursday? Well one of the jobs that I interviewed for TODAY was the company that the girl I am replacing is coming back to work for. I mean what are the chances?
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