Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ok tell me these do not make you laugh just a little?

Ok call me high school or silly and when I first saw this I laughed. I mean who ever named this gas station/ store I wonder... But serious. Does your mind not think dirty thoughts??

Well seeing how we have no access to a truck and the delivery guy would not be in till tomorrow my good old convertible was used in the transport of the hubby's new 42" Plasma HDTV.
Yeah look how happy he But this is a good example to "Use what you got!"

Best pizza EVER its from Papa Murphys and its called "The Cowboy" Serious, this pizza place is a TAKE AND BAKE so you pick up the raw pizza come home and cook it and it was the BEST pizza I have EVER had in my life!! The hubby agreed too!!

And Daisy refusing to get out of the car. She has gotten REALLY bold and LOVES car rides since the trip so now every time I let her out to help me get things from the car she jumps in and cries when I try to take her I LOVE this dog!!


Jonathan Zero said...

Been meaning to post for awhile. Sounds like the move went well and things are starting to settle somewhat.

One county over there is a store called "Pump and Munch". I will see if I can get a picture to share.

ooo nice TV.

yakimafarmgirl said...

That sign cracks me up! Yes, I had the same thought when I read it. Looks like you are settling in nicely. I remember making the transition from big city to small town life...forget CPK, now it's Papa Murphy's (but it is good!) :-)

Jenster said...

OMG! There's one of those gas stations in Harrison, Arkansas. I had no idea it was a chain! And yes. Hubby and I were reduced to perverted little teenagers every time we drove by. LOL

RWA said...

"Kum & Go" - that's hilarious!

Nice TV. Good luck with Circuit City. I had nightmares with them years ago on a car stereo.

Daisy likes to ride, huh? I guess that means you're "Driving Miss Daisy"?

I'm sorry. That was bad.

Boobless Brigade Master said...

Ahhhh Papa Murphy's. My Daisy's first job. I'll have to ask her what she puts on the "Daisy special"'s a big hit around these parts;)

~ Amanda X&O said...

We have Kum and Go's here too... and I feel the same way.

We also have Jizz and Jet

Dixie said...

Now that is funny. A kum & go. Oh that's priceless.

That dog is precious. I just love Daisy!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys are getting all settled in.
Hope all is going well

rpm said...

I love it...carrying the big tv in the little car! That pizza looks yummy. I love your dog, too.

~ Amanda X&O said...

For Miss Daisy

Dee said...

Kum & Go - so funny!

Daisy is so so cute. She looks happy in that car :)

Sam said...

Pizza! Yummy. I love nasty signs, and it's their fault for not having dirty minds when they name something that!

AM said...

What's so funny about that sign?


That's great that Daisy likes car rides!

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