Friday, July 20, 2007

So excited its the weekend.

OK I have a big story for you guys later I am just home for lunch and I AM EXCITED FOR THE WEEKEND.
Not for any other reason in particular but just so I can sleep in tomorrow and watch TV all day.
I had forgot that I never told y"all about the drama of my last days at work, I will post about that later I can not believe I did not tell you. (not this job my old job in Cali)

Oh and everyone wave "hi" to Rosemary shes a dear friend that I used to work with and I was finally brave enough to give her the link into my life.. (shes the little old lady I told y'all about when I first started my old job?) Anyways shes dear to me and I hope will love me anyways after reading all this

1 comment:

RWA said...

Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Hello, Rosemary!!!

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