Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Friggin DAISY!!!

Ok I LOVE her to death I do and I understand that this move has been a HUGE stress for her BUT THE LITTLE SHIT KEEPS PISSING AND SHITTING EVERYWHERE!! In the 4 months we have had her she had only 2 accidents at the old place and both were my fault (forgot to put down pads) Anyways since we got here she keeps peeing and shiting in the house.

We walk her. We just had the carpets clean AGAIN because we were worried maybe she was marking the place because she smelled another dog? Then we placed a BRAND new carpet and in less than 12 hours she peed on that too.

Went to Pet Smart to get the puppy training spray and the Natures Miracle carpet cleaner and now we wait.


Ok asides from beating her TINY ass I am at my wits end....


T-girl said...

Girl that is not her fault THAT is because someone before you had a dog and the bugger wasn't trained!!!! She probably is smelling the residue and thinking it is the spot. Does that make sense? The best thing to do is to get some Natures Miricle (there are other enzimers out there but I think it is the best) and run it trough a steamvac with just plain water... don't worry or anything, just lay it down and let it dry. You can also do this with a spray bottle if it is only a small carpeted area and mop the rest of your floors with it. Just make sure it gets down good. Also make sure to really soak the spots she is going (it gets down into the floor backing and hides and she will keep using it if you don't). It is a pain but if you keep it up for a week or so she will stop even if the smell is still there. I use to have the same exact prob with my dogs EVERY move... it actually got to the point where we only rented or bought houses with hard surface floors (Never once did we have a prob in the houses we had with only hard surfaces, it was only the carpeted houses) We had one house that I called in professional cleaners in (it was THAT bad and with two big dogs... ikes!) you should have SEEN that mess, he actually pulled up sections of my carpet and did the backing and the pads because it was that bad. Anyways, that is more then likely the prob, the move is tramatic but normally they snap out pretty quick as long as you are there so I would bet the carpets and previous occupants are the issue. Good luck and let me know if you want more tips, believe me I know how frustrating it can be, I almost shot our dogs at the one house!

Boobless Brigade Master said...

The number one reason that animals potty where they 'know' they shouldn' typically a medical problem. A trip to the vet is in order. Even if it's not a physical problem at the moment...the move has something to do with it. Hence, some temporary puppy prozac might be in order.
My biggest suggestion to people though, is to get an animal behaviorist. Not a an animal trainer. Do your homework, check references, research and find one that will come to your house. Instead of paying that pesky carpet company to come an animal behaviorist once or twice and problem solved:)

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Maybe she just isn't used to the new surroundings yet?

Of course, I would have no idea. I don't have a dog, and I never have.

Dixie said...

Poor Daisy! I've got no idea what to tell you. I've never had dogs that lived in the house. They can come in and visit but they must live outside.

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