Thursday, July 12, 2007

I am such a BAD pet parent!!

So I spent yesterdays post bitching about how Daisy just was not getting it. Well truth be told the last couple of days she has not really "been herself" at lunch 2 days ago I offered her some turkey and she did not want it. For anyone with a dog to say no to human food there is SOMETHING wrong. Well I put it in her dish and went back to work. She still did not eat it by the time I got home and I mentioned to the hubby that I thought something was wrong.
We thought of all the ideas why she was not going potty on the pads. Well this morning I went out for my 4 mile run and when I got home poor Daisy had diareah ALL over the bedroom (with some of it making it onto the puppy pads) Then she barfed on the bed and was crying. I snuggled her whilst trying not to barf myself and she cried and cried. I needed to get to work so as soon as I got to work I asked if I could go home and take her to the vet. THANK GOODNESS they had no problems I came home and she had barfed again on the bed so I took her to the vet that EVERYONE I work with takes their doggies.

Anyways shes sick. Like REALLY sick and they have kept her overnight for fluids and to keep an eye on her. She had a temperature and they are going to give her anti nausea stuff to calm her poor belly. She had blood in her diareah that she had an accident all over the floor at the vets..... That's what alarmed the vet the most. Dogs usually will not just poop anywhere and for her to have just let it go. Also she pooped in my car. And then she also barfed on the table when the vet was checking her.

The vet was please to know that less than 3 weeks ago Daisy had all her blood cultures done so she knows that she "is" healthy other than what ever this is.

I cried leaving her with the vet. (I know its a secret)

Ok everyone please keep her in you thoughts I know shes going to be OK its just so tramatic for her and us not having her here.

Its so sad at home without her. Its amazing to realize just how much this poor little dog means to you when shes not here begging for food or sneaking in for kisses.


Anonymous said...

Well, T-Girl had it pegged. The little pain in the ass is being missed around here.

ally said...

Keeping Daisy in my thoughts.

Patty said...

Not having children you have not had the experience most people have at least once when they miss signals from their kid, the kid ends up with an ear infection or whatever and the parent feels horrible when they find out because they had been crabby to the kid before knowing. It happens to the best of parents so don't worry about it. You are a great mommy with the best of intentions for Daisy. I am sure you both will recover from this and be fine.

Patty said...


The last couple of pics of Daisy have been remarkable, capturing her expressions. I vote for an entire blog all about Daisy with lots of pictures. Like you have time for another blog!

RWA said...

I am sorry to hear about Daisy's illness. I hope she feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope Daisy is doing better.
It is true about not catching on to the illness and then next thing you know they (kids & dogs) are down for the count.
Hope she is better soon.

rpm said...

I sure hope she gets better quick. It really is hard for us humans when those babies get sick and can't talk to us. That is so nice that your workplace let you go to take care of her.

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