Sunday, July 08, 2007

Finally almost unpacked

The rest of whats needs to be done 1. Tomorrow carpet cleaners come in again. They were done before we moved in and seeing how the previous tenants had pets and Daisy can not seem to get herself potty trained again we are having them re-done in hopes that they will be cleaner than they were before.
2. TV guy is here installing as we speak. 2 weeks without TV I feel so out of touch with the world.

And I am procrastinating about my 9 miles today. Yeah I could have been smart and got up early to do them (which I will be doing from now on) so I am going to cook and early dinner (put mine in the microwave to eat after my run) I need to get back on track and now that I have a job, the house is set up and we only have a few things left to get I HAVE NO EXCUSES!! 24 miles this week. Oh yeah back on track


RWA said...

Hope the run went well!!!

Dixie said...

Holy crap! 9 miles?? How long does it take you to do that?

Sam said...

I'm thinking 24 feet, tops. Maybe 25 feet this week if I'm feeling frisky! Good luck and congrats on the job.

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