Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The little engine that could.. I am here!!!

My last California sunrise
Arizona moutains
Colorado (thats the Colorado River)
California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and then WYOMING!!!... Long trip but so BEAUTIFUL!! I would highly recommend it! Ok pictures and then long post tomorrow.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ok Maybe a little bored?

And y'all wonder why I love her so FRIGGIN much... lol I love this video it makes me giggle

Friday, June 22, 2007

Good news

1. We are no longer The hubby found a cute little 2 bedroom place and has already moved in.

2. Our car insurance rate has been CUT IN HALF (actually a little more than 1/2) with the move. Me and the guy on the phone had a hearty little laugh about it and he checked 2 times for me. So yeah. That's VERY good. Oh and all of our stuff is also insured as part of our home owners for the move so EXTRA bonus.

3. I am REALLY needing to run but with packing and stuff and Daisy needing so much attention I am putting it off till tomorrow after the movers come. WEEHOOO movers come tomorrow.

4. I miss my man. The first night was cool, I had the whole bed (actually I had to share with Daisy and she thinks she's about 100 pounds the way she sprawls out) but now I want my man and everyone at work is trying to convince me to just leave after the movers come and skip out on work next week. Yeah I can not do that..... not sure why I just can't.

5. I AM STILL NOT PACKED!! I am emailing my blog from work lol while I am supposed to be working, but hey I have 4 days left......So everything not already in a box is getting dumped into a box tonight and I am taking Daisy to the dog park. Poor thing when the hubby called I put him on speaker phone and she gets all excited about it. Its so cute I am going to get it on video for your viewing enjoyment.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My house is a MESS!!!

So this pretty much sums it up.. Yeah busy packing because the movers come in 3 days and well... Yeah I am not done yet so I will be MIA till its finished!! See you all in a few days!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Thank goodness its one of my last weeks

So I bet you can not guess out of 8 people how many people are here today?? Did you guess 5? 4? 3? 2? JUST ME!!!
What the hell??
Well there are 2 of us really but the other person has to do someone else's job who called in sick and will not be around to help me... Should be a fun day!
Ha ha its funny really because I will be gone Thursday of next week and they are all going to be screwed!! See I show up to work (most of the time) I get here on time (in this place its almost UNHEARD of) I do my job when I am here. I keep the bitching to a minimum. I rarely pawn off work to anyone unless I see they are spending needless hours on the internet or walking around chatting and then when I see that I go home sick. (Friday I did this and it was the only time) well in my defense I really was not feeling well, that and both managers were out so the people that were here just had a free for all and were SLACKING off something fierce. I mean when y'all call and order your breakfast, then take 20 minutes going to get your breakfast then all 3 of you take another 20 minutes to eat your breakfast THEN GO WALKING for 20 minutes for your "break". Ok you do the math for 1 hour 3 of you did NOTHING but eat breakfast and left me to do all the work. So I left. I have so much sick time and I can not take it with me so I left sick.

Yeah its going to be a long 2 weeks. The hubby leaves tomorrow so I told my manager I was going to be late coming in tomorrow. My first late day in 7 months.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!!!

This is a picture from when I was home in Ottawa, my dad me and Janice (his wife)

I promise hes a lot nicer than he looks, its funny because people are taken back when they meet him saying hes "tough" looking. Ha ha my response always is "And you wonder why I am the way I am?" I grew up on Harley's and guys covered in Tats. My mom and dad both drove Harley's till I was 13 (my mom gave up hers after the divorce.

I learned to drive a bike before I learned to drive a car, having 3 brothers did not help my girly girl side either!! I love my dad hes so much fun! For his 50th birthday he took my brother and baby sister to go sky diving!!!

Did you call your dad today???

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A good day

So I got to sleep in today which was FABULOUS!!

I headed out to the mall today to meet this young girl who had posted on Craigslist that she was looking for some clothes, she had just had a baby and put on some weight and with a new baby obviously the last thing anyone can afford is new clothes. So I meet her there and brought 2 bags with me. I wish I would have seen her add a month ago when I charted off 6 bags to the goodwill. But she was happy.

And then I got a SUPER surprise when PATTY called and we talked strategy for the marathon. Oh and we are doing a 1/2 marathon together too August 19th. WEEHOO I am so excited.

Oh and I have been taking a lot of pictures lately so when I get a chance I will update my photo blog and my 365... yeah its been awhile...

Oh and if anyone has an IN with Snarky Girl or Boobless Brigade, PLEASE TELL THEM I AM SO SAD I AM NOT INVITED!!! sniff sniff

Friday, June 15, 2007

A face only a mother could love..

Yeah more dog pictures cause I know you guys love them. I may be a little absent in the next few days while I finish up packing the house and getting stuff ready to go.
The hubby leave Tuesday morning so I will be alone for 2 weeks!! The movers come next weekend so once the hubby leave I need to finish all the little things and start living outta a suit case. Where am I going to sleep for 2 weeks? The floor with Daisy. I thought about staying with a friend but the alone time with no tv will be good. I can get caught up on some reading spoil Daisy like crazy with lots of walks and snuggles and just relax.
The BIL is moving into his new place this weekend, his girlfriend from New York is coming down for a couple of weeks so hes getting his place set up for when she is here.

Lots of changes in the next few weeks. I will be back with updates.... : )

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My version of WTF Wednesday

I think I am going to try to make this weekly thing. I am sure as I get to Wyoming there will be plenty more pictures that I do not quite So my MIL and I are sitting at an intersection this afternoon. (I called in sick today because my stomach was not feeling too good.. ok the truth was my stomach WAS not feeling well but I wanted to spend time with the MIL before we leave) Anyways we pull up to a very busy intersection as you can see and I glance over and say WHAT THE FUCK! My MIL laughs and says SHIT thats a lady on a horse she just pushed the walk button at the intersection.
So I laugh thinking only in California and I wait to get a good shot. I mean where the hell were they going??? Maybe shopping for some new shoes?? And there was really no place around there that a horse and rider could be going??? I almost thought it was a police officer because I am used to seeing them on horses in Canada but I have never in California.. It was just some girl going for a horse back ride...

I wonder if her car broke down?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Such a slacker

Not sure if I blogged out this on Friday but 6 out of 8 people I work with had called out sick on Friday while I was having my movers melt down.. Anyways so there was only 2 of us doing the work of 8 which was a fun day.

So today it looks like everyone has "recovered" from there long weekends so today is my day to slack.

Oh yes. I never do this but today is an exception. Oh and I am also using the internet, printer and fax machine to apply for jobs in Wyoming while I pretend to be busy at work.

Oh yes today is a good day... lol but I also feel so sneaky...Well the way I look at it is I am doing all my work and everything is getting done so really "its not that bad" except for when your manager (who probably does not care anyways) walks passed my desk and I have 4 windows open with my resume, cover letter and the internet. And its weird because I would NEVER do anything like this on a usual day because I am too afraid of it coming back to haunt me and I still feel a little guilty.

I think I am over it.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

No worries

So in light of Fridays mover fiasco I called some more movers and we have secured our move with United Van Lines. So now nothing to worry about. They came out the next day which was a HUGE relief and they are more expensive than anyone else but. Piece of mind costs money. So its done and booked and now I am relieved!!!

Went out and did my 6 miles today. Yeah legs are a little hurting!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Just for sh*ts and giggles

Our mover just fell through. Yeah can we say FU&K!!!

Long story short they are incompetent and had charged us for the move and NEVER BOOKED THE FRIGGIN TRUCK!!! And then they try to say.." Oh no problem we can try to find someone to fill in??"" WHAT

Anyways busy putting out this fire.

Oh and for fun too just to add to my day....6 out of 8 people called in SICK!!! So needless to say today he HELL day for me at work, I need to do my own job and 6 other peoples!!!

Needed to take this moment out to vent!!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I told you she was a star!!!

Ok so interesting thing happened today. Y'all know how much I LOVE Daisy, she's the cutest little thing. Well guess what? They wanted to put her and her story on TV!! ON ANIMAL PLANET!!
Can you believe that??
How the hell did this happen? Well about a month ago I posted an add on Craiglist about Daisy wanting a playmate. I post a little blurb about how we found her and how spoiled another pup would be and if anyone had a small breed that they were no longer in need of. Oh and I posted some pictures as well.
Well the casting director from Animal Planets new show called Pet finder emailed me about my add. Being the skeptic that I am I was a little leery but I thought, well I will call and see. Well it was Animal Planet and it was a production studio and this very nice lady told me all about the new show they are having to find pet owners dogs, or additional dogs to your family. What they do is send out a team of trainers and dog professionals to talk to you and size up your family and your pet. Then they help you with there recommendations find the perfect pet!!!
So I was squealing in delight and she said we would be a PERFECT fit for the show....

BUT WE ARE MOVING OUT OF STATE!!!! And filming would not start till next month.... sniff sniff BUT HOW FRIGGIN COOL IS THAT???

I mean Daisy was almost famous.....

See how upset she is about it?? Well the lady did say she will keep my contact info and if anything comes up in Wyoming or they have a crew out there for something else she will call us.

Monday, June 04, 2007

It comes in 3's

So I mentioned that 1 person left.
And then I gave my notice.
Then the new girl who was hired to replace the 1st girl who left just gave her notice.

Umm yeah... and it does not effect me because I WILL BE GONE!!! WEEHOOO

I do feel a little bad about the others being left behind. I am sure I will get over that RIGHT QUICK but I do think I may miss this place. I have been looking online for jobs to apply for out in Wyoming and there are not too many to chose from. I did give my "official" notice today and it was proceeded with a very colorful compliment to me and my work ethic and business practices!! WEEHOO off to a good start and that compliment came from someone who lets just say "Has a little pull and status" within lets say a Gov position, (NO, not the president smart ass!!)

So today is a good day.. and I did my 5 miles yesterday I can barely walk today but its a good day!

On a bad note (cause there is ALWAYS a bad note) The hubby had been busily calling many apartment complexes to try to secure at least a few places before me move. Well yeah no one will take a dog and the ones that will are rent controlled and you have to make no money to live there (not that we would want to). So yeah Daisy is posing quite the issue. I offered to give her up and he cried like a AS IF I could never do that now, she's our little baby. So the hunt continues....

** mental note to self, do not try to walk up stairs after having run 5 miles the day before. 1) Its just not going to happen, 2) Yes to lady in the walker, walking up the stairs is in fact LAUGHING at you***

Saturday, June 02, 2007

4 months 18 days and 10 hours!!

So tomorrow my training officially starts for the Detroit Marathon. And guess what happens today when I wake up??
I HAVE A FRIGGIN COLD!!! AS FRIGGIN IF!! Ok for the record its been 70 all week last week then the last 4 days its been OVER 80 and I get a cold. Figures!!

But if you want to keep up with what I am doing this is my training schedule. Go ahead go have a look....

Ok finished laughing? Thinking I am crazy? Thinking I bit off more than I can chew?

Just a little teaser for those who are too lazy to click the link

Sunday 5 miles
Monday 3 miles
Tuesday Day off
Wednesday 3 miles
Thursday 3 miles
Friday Day off
Saturday 4 miles (walk)

So did you count that? Yep 18 miles my first week and that's only the start.

I am excited but nervous, so nervous I feel like I am going to die but I think if I just get past the first couple of weeks I will be fine. First week coming up only 22 to go!!
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