Monday, June 04, 2007

It comes in 3's

So I mentioned that 1 person left.
And then I gave my notice.
Then the new girl who was hired to replace the 1st girl who left just gave her notice.

Umm yeah... and it does not effect me because I WILL BE GONE!!! WEEHOOO

I do feel a little bad about the others being left behind. I am sure I will get over that RIGHT QUICK but I do think I may miss this place. I have been looking online for jobs to apply for out in Wyoming and there are not too many to chose from. I did give my "official" notice today and it was proceeded with a very colorful compliment to me and my work ethic and business practices!! WEEHOO off to a good start and that compliment came from someone who lets just say "Has a little pull and status" within lets say a Gov position, (NO, not the president smart ass!!)

So today is a good day.. and I did my 5 miles yesterday I can barely walk today but its a good day!

On a bad note (cause there is ALWAYS a bad note) The hubby had been busily calling many apartment complexes to try to secure at least a few places before me move. Well yeah no one will take a dog and the ones that will are rent controlled and you have to make no money to live there (not that we would want to). So yeah Daisy is posing quite the issue. I offered to give her up and he cried like a AS IF I could never do that now, she's our little baby. So the hunt continues....

** mental note to self, do not try to walk up stairs after having run 5 miles the day before. 1) Its just not going to happen, 2) Yes to lady in the walker, walking up the stairs is in fact LAUGHING at you***


RWA said...

The apartment/pet thing can be a problem sometimes. I am sure y'all will get it worked out.

~ Amanda X&O said...

Just keep looking honey, Daisy is small, and someone will take her.

CruiserMel said...

I love how dedicated to being Daisy's mommy you are. You'll find a great place to live (and a great job, I just know it).

And can I jump back a few posts and say WOO HOO to the Def Leppard and Bon Jovi show? Color me jealous.

KB said...

Holy crap I haven't been by in forever and look at what all I have missed. Moving to Wyoming!! Training for a marathon!!!

God woman you have been busy!!!

Dixie said...

If I didn't have a dog, I'd take her! She's such a cutie! But I have one already and the hubs might kill me if I bring another one home.

Sam said...

Job? Need job. Want job. Job? Damn, I already said that didn't I? About the dog problem, I've found that many places will look the other way if you talk to the right person. There is also an online guide to pet-friendly apartments in San Diego, might there be one for your new area?

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