Saturday, June 02, 2007

4 months 18 days and 10 hours!!

So tomorrow my training officially starts for the Detroit Marathon. And guess what happens today when I wake up??
I HAVE A FRIGGIN COLD!!! AS FRIGGIN IF!! Ok for the record its been 70 all week last week then the last 4 days its been OVER 80 and I get a cold. Figures!!

But if you want to keep up with what I am doing this is my training schedule. Go ahead go have a look....

Ok finished laughing? Thinking I am crazy? Thinking I bit off more than I can chew?

Just a little teaser for those who are too lazy to click the link

Sunday 5 miles
Monday 3 miles
Tuesday Day off
Wednesday 3 miles
Thursday 3 miles
Friday Day off
Saturday 4 miles (walk)

So did you count that? Yep 18 miles my first week and that's only the start.

I am excited but nervous, so nervous I feel like I am going to die but I think if I just get past the first couple of weeks I will be fine. First week coming up only 22 to go!!


Patty said...

Your cold has you confused Random. It isn't nerves your feeling, it EXCITEMENT! YOU CAN (AND WILL) DO IT!

Dixie said...

Like I said, I'll be cheering you on, from my lounge chair!

Magnolia Sun said...

Wow good luck.

RWA said...

I couldn't find a link, so I'm glad you published the schedule. That is a LOT of training.

Good luck!!!

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