Saturday, June 16, 2007

A good day

So I got to sleep in today which was FABULOUS!!

I headed out to the mall today to meet this young girl who had posted on Craigslist that she was looking for some clothes, she had just had a baby and put on some weight and with a new baby obviously the last thing anyone can afford is new clothes. So I meet her there and brought 2 bags with me. I wish I would have seen her add a month ago when I charted off 6 bags to the goodwill. But she was happy.

And then I got a SUPER surprise when PATTY called and we talked strategy for the marathon. Oh and we are doing a 1/2 marathon together too August 19th. WEEHOO I am so excited.

Oh and I have been taking a lot of pictures lately so when I get a chance I will update my photo blog and my 365... yeah its been awhile...

Oh and if anyone has an IN with Snarky Girl or Boobless Brigade, PLEASE TELL THEM I AM SO SAD I AM NOT INVITED!!! sniff sniff


Ally said...

that was truly a nice thing you did for that pregnant girl. i'm still 50/50 on Craigslist. but, every time i hear a good story, it makes me happy and an inch closer to putting up an ad.

Dixie said...

Can you believe I've never been to Craigslist?

Snark and Boobless go private, did they? Lots of people seem to be doing that lately.

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