Monday, June 18, 2007

Thank goodness its one of my last weeks

So I bet you can not guess out of 8 people how many people are here today?? Did you guess 5? 4? 3? 2? JUST ME!!!
What the hell??
Well there are 2 of us really but the other person has to do someone else's job who called in sick and will not be around to help me... Should be a fun day!
Ha ha its funny really because I will be gone Thursday of next week and they are all going to be screwed!! See I show up to work (most of the time) I get here on time (in this place its almost UNHEARD of) I do my job when I am here. I keep the bitching to a minimum. I rarely pawn off work to anyone unless I see they are spending needless hours on the internet or walking around chatting and then when I see that I go home sick. (Friday I did this and it was the only time) well in my defense I really was not feeling well, that and both managers were out so the people that were here just had a free for all and were SLACKING off something fierce. I mean when y'all call and order your breakfast, then take 20 minutes going to get your breakfast then all 3 of you take another 20 minutes to eat your breakfast THEN GO WALKING for 20 minutes for your "break". Ok you do the math for 1 hour 3 of you did NOTHING but eat breakfast and left me to do all the work. So I left. I have so much sick time and I can not take it with me so I left sick.

Yeah its going to be a long 2 weeks. The hubby leaves tomorrow so I told my manager I was going to be late coming in tomorrow. My first late day in 7 months.


Patty said...

I think you should call in every single day until all of your sick leave is used up. That is crap that you can't cash it out. Too bad you didn't know about the move a bit sooner so you could have doled out the sick leave on the sly!

The ones that are left after you leave are in for a big surprise when there is no one there to do any actual work. Just that thought just make you cackle with glee? It should, but you are probably too nice!

Dixie said...

I'm with Patty. Cash that shit in!!

laluna said...

Life is short - call in sick! I generally take a sick day a month - preventative! Keeps me from actually getting sick ;-)

Sandy said...

Gee, I wish I knew where you worked. They actually don't fire these people who call in sick like that? When I quit my job, I gave one month's notice and I had 180 hours of sick leave that I didn't use. Now I wish I had called in sick once or twice a week but I was too dedicated to doing my job.

Mermaid Melanie said...

can't you use up some of your sick time before you leave? just a suggestion.

kathi said...

Geeze, and I'm killin' myself looking for a job. I don't mind the commute either, or a move. :)

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