Friday, June 08, 2007

Just for sh*ts and giggles

Our mover just fell through. Yeah can we say FU&K!!!

Long story short they are incompetent and had charged us for the move and NEVER BOOKED THE FRIGGIN TRUCK!!! And then they try to say.." Oh no problem we can try to find someone to fill in??"" WHAT

Anyways busy putting out this fire.

Oh and for fun too just to add to my day....6 out of 8 people called in SICK!!! So needless to say today he HELL day for me at work, I need to do my own job and 6 other peoples!!!

Needed to take this moment out to vent!!



T-girl said...

Sigh, I think it is in the water right now. I am feeling a bit down myself because it feels like the world is just not filling my cup of tea right now. In fact it keeps giving me lemon juice and I am tired of that, I know, I know add sugar but at some point you run out and think, "I just don't have it in me today! Tomorrow, tomorrow I will go and buy a new bag but right now I am just going to try and suck this down!" LOL

I hope it get's better soon for you, moving long distances is so stressful and yet whenever I get to where it is I am going I think, "what was my major malfunction?" LOL Hang in there... the store will be open tomorrow and you can buy a new bag of sugar! ;)

~ Amanda X&O said...

Good luck honey. A big chunk of my family makes regular trips to Cheyenne every few years, and they all absolutely love it. I'm sure once you get up and settled everything will be just fine.

Dixie said...

Oh, that sucks. I hope you can find some more competent movers. I can't believe they forgot to book a truck. That's a wee bit of an important detail to be forgetting.

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