Monday, June 11, 2007

Such a slacker

Not sure if I blogged out this on Friday but 6 out of 8 people I work with had called out sick on Friday while I was having my movers melt down.. Anyways so there was only 2 of us doing the work of 8 which was a fun day.

So today it looks like everyone has "recovered" from there long weekends so today is my day to slack.

Oh yes. I never do this but today is an exception. Oh and I am also using the internet, printer and fax machine to apply for jobs in Wyoming while I pretend to be busy at work.

Oh yes today is a good day... lol but I also feel so sneaky...Well the way I look at it is I am doing all my work and everything is getting done so really "its not that bad" except for when your manager (who probably does not care anyways) walks passed my desk and I have 4 windows open with my resume, cover letter and the internet. And its weird because I would NEVER do anything like this on a usual day because I am too afraid of it coming back to haunt me and I still feel a little guilty.

I think I am over it.


Dixie said...

Girl, do what you gotta do. You won't be there for much longer anyway. What are they going to do? Fire you?

RWA said...

I doubt they'll say anything. I mean, it's not like they don't know you're leaving!

Patty said...

Hey! I meant to tell you that one of the girls I was with over the weekend was talking about companies in Wyoming having job fairs in my state because they are desperate for workers and know how badly our economy sucks right now. This is good news for you moving into that state.

On your least productive day you are still much more productive than most of your co-workers right? Just think of this as a fringe benny for all the other days you busted your ass for the company!

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