Friday, June 22, 2007

Good news

1. We are no longer The hubby found a cute little 2 bedroom place and has already moved in.

2. Our car insurance rate has been CUT IN HALF (actually a little more than 1/2) with the move. Me and the guy on the phone had a hearty little laugh about it and he checked 2 times for me. So yeah. That's VERY good. Oh and all of our stuff is also insured as part of our home owners for the move so EXTRA bonus.

3. I am REALLY needing to run but with packing and stuff and Daisy needing so much attention I am putting it off till tomorrow after the movers come. WEEHOOO movers come tomorrow.

4. I miss my man. The first night was cool, I had the whole bed (actually I had to share with Daisy and she thinks she's about 100 pounds the way she sprawls out) but now I want my man and everyone at work is trying to convince me to just leave after the movers come and skip out on work next week. Yeah I can not do that..... not sure why I just can't.

5. I AM STILL NOT PACKED!! I am emailing my blog from work lol while I am supposed to be working, but hey I have 4 days left......So everything not already in a box is getting dumped into a box tonight and I am taking Daisy to the dog park. Poor thing when the hubby called I put him on speaker phone and she gets all excited about it. Its so cute I am going to get it on video for your viewing enjoyment.



Mummy said...

oo, its getting exciting ... countdown!

the cottage sounds sweet, post pics!

Patty said...

Why you don't skip work next week? Your mamma raised you better than that! I am proud that you keep your word and honor your commitments.

T-girl said...

#4... The whys of it... because you have WORK ETHIC!! Something too many people are missing out on these days! I am secondign Patty, be proud girl, we are!

Also, head up, it will all be over soon! Moving is so exciting and scary all in one! I know you will love it though, you appear to be the type of person who does good no matter... a surivior as my aunt says! ;)

AM said...

That's great news about your car insurance rates!!

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