Friday, July 31, 2009

Fabulous Fridays!! Gifts in the mail!

How exciting!! We all love surprises in the mail! Well I received these beautiful monogrammed cards from Ragus Pug

AND she has just opened her own Etsy Shop!! Go here everything is SO CUTE!! She specializes in one of a kind hand made cards!

This is one of my favorites!

7 books in 7 days!! Book Giveaway Bonanza!! Day 5
So you can read all about the giveaway here

The rules:
1. Leave a comment to enter, answering a question I will leave a the end of the post. ITS THAT EASY!!! And if you win for the day YOU PICK which book you would like to get in the mail!!

So for fun today to thank Ragus Pug for my fabulous gift in the mail Go visit Sugar Pug Paperie and pick your favorite card!! AND I will include it if you WIN today's giveaway!!!!!

Just leave in the comments which one you love the best!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Free Stuff for using the internet!

All you do is register, download the tool bar and you are randomly awarded SWAG BUCKS through your searches. Its pretty neat really. You are basically getting paid for searches you would do anyways.

It takes only an extra second to use it, and it takes a minute to get used to because I have all my frequent sites saved.

But I am ALL about getting stuff for free!!

The searches are all done through google and so its usually the same searches you would use anyways....


I have been using it 5 days and I am already at 19 points. At 45 you can get a $5 Amazon card!

7 books in 7 days!! Book Giveaway Bonanza!! Day 4
So you can read all about the giveaway here

The rules:
1. Leave a comment to enter, answering a question I will leave a the end of the post. ITS THAT EASY!!! And if you win for the day YOU PICK which book you would like to get in the mail!!

Todays Question:

Have a ever run a marathon?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A teacher is explaining biology to her 4th grade students. 'Human beings are the only animals that stutter,' she says. A little girl raises her hand. 'I had a kitty-cat who stuttered.' The teacher, knowing how precious some of these stories could become, asked the girl to describe the incident. 'Well', she began, 'I was in the back yard with my kitty and the Rottweiler that lives next door got a running start and before we knew it, he jumped over the fence into our yard!' 'That must've been scary,' said the teacher. 'It sure was,' said the little girl. 'My kitty raised her back, went “Ffffff!, Ffffff!, Ffffff,” but before she could say 'Fuck!,' the Rottweiler ate her! The teacher had to leave the room.

7 books in 7 days!! Book Giveaway Bonanza!! Day 3
So you can read all about the giveaway here

The rules:
1. Leave a comment to enter, answering a question I will leave a the end of the post. ITS THAT EASY!!! And if you win for the day YOU PICK which book you would like to get in the mail!!

Todays Question:

What size shoe do I wear?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My review of Purex 3 in 1 Laundry sheets

7 books in 7 days!! Book Giveaway Bonanza!! Day 2
So you can read all about the giveaway here

The rules:
1. Leave a comment to enter, answering a question I will leave a the end of the post. ITS THAT EASY!!! And if you win for the day YOU PICK which book you would like to get in the mail!!

And I am totally NOT getting paid for this. I wish. But I keep seeing the commercials for this and all the "hype" about it. So I used a coupon and I purchased it!! And I figured I would blog about it because "I know you were wondering too!"

Here is the little sheet that I was VERY skeptical about. Its small and does not look like much but it seems to get the job done.

Foams up nicely. More than I thought to be honest.

All it all, its a pretty easy concept. However for those of us that have been "doing it" the old fashion way for our life times it was really weird.

You know, strange weird? Like all the measuring and bounce sheet adding days are behind us? I have used it a few times now and its still weird to me. I just can not get over not pouring in the detergent or bounce sheets.

And its expensive too. Almost 2 times what you would pay for regular soap and bounce sheets.

This is the breakdown that I came up with

Purex 20 sheets (20 loads) $5.40 is $0.27 a load
Regular Detergent (96 loads we use the All Small and mighty) $11 is $0.11 a load + bounce $3 (180 loads) which adds another $0.01 So $0.12 a load regular stuff.

To be honest it was convenient and kinda handy but I am still not sold on dropping the old fashion way. It just seems too weird to me!!!

7 books in 7 days!! Book Giveaway Bonanza!! Day 2
So you can read all about the giveaway here

The rules:
1. Leave a comment to enter, answering this questions and you will be entered to WIN!!

Day 2 Question:

Which shoes are mine from left to right 1,2 or 3?? This is so fun!

Monday, July 27, 2009


7 books in 7 days!! Book Giveaway Bonanza!! Day 1
So you can read all about the giveaway here

The rules:
1. Leave a comment to enter, answering a question I will leave a the end of the post. ITS THAT EASY!!! And if you win for the day YOU PICK which book you would like to get in the mail!!

I am getting really excited for my trip!! Its coming up so fast my head is spinning. I promise this time not to let it be 2 1/2 years before I go home to visit.

You know how it is. Life gets in the way we get busy. Not to mention we knew we were moving almost a year before we actually did so that weighed on any travel home too!

I did really well on my coupon clipping and sales yesterday! I still have a lot to learn though. For instance this transaction cost me $1.39 and I was unaware you can use a coupon for the BOGO items at certain stores!! I am going back today for this same transaction and it should be under $0.39! (Walgreens)

AND THEN THE BEST YET!!! I am getting good at this!! (CVS)

And even better than getting ALL THIS for $0.37. I also received $7.98 BACK in free coupons/CVS bucks to use next time!!

There was a guy in line behind me who was AMAZED that it was only $0.37. He repeated it back to me 3 times and then asked if I taught people how to do it! (I gave him a business card!)

I am also starting a new blog to post all my coupon buys.. That way you do not have to see them all the time.

7 books in 7 days!! Book Giveaway Bonanza!! Day 1

So you can read all about the giveaway here

The rules: 1. Leave a comment to enter, answering a question I will leave a the end of the post. ITS THAT EASY!!! And if you win for the day YOU PICK which book you would like to get in the mail!!

Todays question: (I'll start you off easy)

What is my dog's name?

A) Mia

B) Daisy

C) Cloe

D) Zoe

Friday, July 24, 2009

Coffee and I are not friends..

We have never been, really. I NEVER drink coffee, or soda for that matter. Caffeine and me are on the outs. We always have been. I don't know why really I just love to drink water. And lots of it.

I drink coffee so rarely that when I came home with a 4 pack of Starbucks Mocha Frappachinos the hubby says "Who are those for? You do not drink coffee?" (they were on sale and I had a coupon)

Also he does not drink cold coffee.

SOOOOO on to my Mochas. A little tib bit about how I do not like the way caffeine makes me feel. Although when I do need it IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smell of coffee ( I did work for a HUGE coffee place as a manager for almost 2 years) I just do not like the taste.

Weird no?

Well this morning I busted open on of those cold coffees.....


I have been SUPER productive this morning:

Walk dog ~ check
Go to store to pick up sale items ~ check
Clean bathroom (after procrastinating for 2 weeks) ~ check
Shower ~ check
Laundry ~ check
Watch 2 big brother episodes I missed ~ check
Applied for 6 jobs online ~ check
Did nails ~ check
Blog entry ~ check
Walk dog (again) ~ check

Wow I think I may have to rethink this whole "I do not drink coffee bit" and its only 9:30!!

If you want to read about my NEW GIVEAWAY that starts Monday click here 7 books in 7 days Bonanza!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It is not ok!!! Version #3

1. To sit in at a table, at a restaurant WHEN THEY ARE ON WAIT for 4 hours. And only leave a 3$ tip. Yep and when I LEAVE TO GO HOME FROM MY SHIFT YOU ARE STILL SITTING THERE!! Y'all are assholes. If you tip accordingly and ARE AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT PLEASANT by all means take your time. You realize you cost me money seeing how no one else could sit there MY WHOLE SHIFT!!!

2. To snap, wave, clear your throat to get my attention. If I see you waving your hands, snapping your fingers, TALKING REALLY LOUD while I am at another table. I will walk away and make your dumb ass wait.

3. Oh and if you shake your empty glass at me while I am across the room because you consider it a sport to DOWN your drink the minute it is placed on the table AFTER HAVING 5. Yes I am ignoring you and I am doing it on purpose. You wonder why other servers are dropping stuff off to my tables? Its because your an idiot and I am MAKING YOU WAIT!

4. It is NEVER acceptable to put gum under your table or to BLOW YOUR FU*KING nose into the LINEN napkin. You are a gross, classless pig.

Coming up...

1. The reason I cut my eyelashes.

2. I hate my restaurant job and rant about stupid people.

3. We may be moving AGAIN.

4. Weight loss struggles.

5. Shoe therapy and how I stimulate the economy..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

7 Books in 7 days!! BOOK GIVEAWAY BONANZA!!


So if you have not already figured I am a HUGE reader!! I love reading and I read just about anything.. Well with exception to romance books. I have tried but I just can not get into them. Romance or Harry Potter. No offense to anyone who reads them its just not for me.

Anyway, moving on

7 books in 7 days!! How do you win?? And what book to you win? Well here is the BEST part, YOU PICK WHICH BOOK YOU WANT!! From these titles from my summer reading list (which also in turn picks which book I have to read next....
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So how do you enter??

I am going to blog EVERYDAY for the 7 days starting Monday July 27th either about a book I LOVE. Or about one that I have read more than once. Or just about life.... I will try to make sure to post as early in the day as I can so you can enter ANYTIME in that 24 hours by just leaving a comment!

Its that easy. Comment everyday for the next 7 days!! And then I will notify the winners in order of the days to pick the book they want!

But so that its NOT TO EASY!! I am also going to post a question about "yours truly" and you must correctly answer this question to have your comment entered. Its all easy stuff and stuff that can easily be found that I have blogged about here on my blog : )

Tell everyone you know, blog about it and each person that comments tell them to say where they are coming from and YOU BOTH get an extra entry for that day! So if they enter EVERYDAY and so do you thats 14 entries!

How fun. Free stuff and get to know Random Musings!

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Who wants to win???

And the winner is.....

Of book giveaway #3

L Harris over at Just Our Thoughts who is a fellow Canadian (however had no weight on her winning : )

AND Because I wanted to give away 2 books because it was SO fabulous!

The Upper West Side Writer over at Falling Into Words

CONGRATS LADIES!!! Please email me at crazyrandommusings at yahoo dot ca and I will get your books right in the mail!! I can not WAIT to see what y'all think of this book!

Also I will be posting a HUGE giveway tonight for BOOKS!! So check back soon! I will be releasing all the great details!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So this is what heroin feels like...

So coupons are like my crack. I think coupon clipping and redeeming is like what crack would feel like. Or heroin. Not to make light of people who have suffered or are dealing with families that suffer I am just saying is all...

Its SO LIBERATING and EXCITING and there is SUCH A RUSH!!!! And getting stuff for free knocks my socks off (well if I would wear socks which rarely happens cause I am always wearing flips)

Anyhoo I am doing GREAT with this coupon deal. I just wish I would have caught on sooner.. I mean some of these companies are giving stuff away!! And all you have to do is shop there with coupons when they have sales and BOOM!! 16 rolls of toilet paper and 8 rolls of paper towels for UNDER $1!! And that is with taxes...

See this??

2 things of FULL size secret deodorant for $0.07 cents!!

I just wish I would have started this sooner!!

***edit to add** How did I get this deal? Well Jacylann asked so how I did it was Hyvee was having a sale in Secret Deodorant for $.99. I had 2 coupons for $1 off Secret Deodorant so the total after coupons was $0.07** I am still learning and I use A LOT of sites that tell you where the deal are and where to go to get the deals!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It is not ok!!! Version #2

1. To BE A BITCH when you go out to dinner. And then to suggest THAT YOUR SERVER MIGHT SPIT IN YOUR FOOD!!! And when your friend agrees that "She should spit in your food" goes to say that you have been a total bitch this entire dinning experience!!

2. To let your kid SCREAM THEIR FACE OFF and just sit and enjoy your dinner like nothing is happening. Nothing at all. Its so loud EVERYONE in the restaurant is asking if the kid is ok and you continue to eat like you can not hear it. Its rude.

3. To MAKE A HUGE mess and then not even attempt to clean it. At all. I mean did you REALLY need to THROW YOUR SHIT ON THE FLOOR? Thats for penuts at some restaurants but certainly not ours. They are CARPETS you losers get some class.

4. To tip less than %10. Really. Really if the service is bad TELL THEM but still it is not ok to leave less than %10. I would NEVER leave less than %20 but the rule is AT LEAST %10. If you can not afford to tip do not go out to dinner.

5. To have an attitude when I ask you for ID. I do not care if you are 90 years old, its against the law in my state to serve you if you physically do not have your id on your person. And its a MISDEMEANOR on my permanent record. I'm not sorry, your NOT WORTH IT TO ME!! And when you cause a BIG stink and YELL at me because I refuse to serve you, and then my manager COMPLETELY backs me up and you leave in a huff.. We all laughed at you. Yes everyone in ear shot laughed at your stupid ass.

End Rant

If you have not already entered Book #3 Giveaway.. Go here!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Book Giveaway!! #3

I just can not help myself. This book was AMAZING! The hubby bought it when he was traveling, he though just by looking at it that it would be a scary or sci fi book. That it is not!

Here is the a summary (again totally stolen from somewhere on the internet)

Mack is the main character in this novel. His full name is Mackenzie Philips. He is a father of five children. One day Mack takes his three children on a camping trip to Multnomah Falls and Wallowa Lake near Joseph, Oregon. There, while playing on a canoe, it flips and two of the children fall into the lake. While one manages to escape the other son of Mack almost drowns. Mack wastes no time and immediately jumps into the lake to save his son, leaving behind his youngest daughter Missy alone at their campsite. He manages to save his son. But after he returns to the campsite with his two sons he finds his daughter missing. Later, he discovers that his daughter has been abducted and murdered by a serial killer known as the "Ladybug Killer". When the police are called they find an empty Shack in the woods where Missy was taken but her body is not found........

This is a christian book this book will touch true to so many readers. Although I rarely talk about religion or my belief in god this book if you do not believe I think you may just walk away a believer.

The hubby read it in 2 days. I would have read it in 1 day if life had not gotten in the way! And here is the BEST PART!!

I love this book SO MUCH!! That I am going to give away 2 books!! I would recommend however not to get online to do ANY research on this book. Read it blind as I did because it was SO MUCH better. If you research it makes the book sound all hookie.

How do you win??

1) Leave a comment (1 entry) before Tuesday July 21st at 12pm!

2) Become a follower or leave that you are already in the comments (1 entry)

3) Tell a friend! Have them leave a comment of how they got here! (1 entry per friend)

Good Luck!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I really amuse myself sometimes!

Yes we stopped a complete stranger to take a picture.. she was laughing as hard as we were...

And the winner is.....

First off I would like to wave hello ***waves hand in air*** to all the people who stopped by my little spot of the blogosphear! This book giveaway had the most comments to date!!! **gush**

I love how excited people get about free books!! Now I am going to have to check out a TONNE of new blogs..... But I like this giving away of books thing. It makes me feel great to be passing on the love!! I even went out to find the perfect padded envelopes so I can just pop the book in and away it goes!! Oh and on a side note did you know the US Postal Service has a media rate? Its more THAN HALF of what you would pay regular post. All you need to do to get the special rate is either ask, or tell them its a book!! Its that easy!!

Without further adieu.................

Suburb Sanity has won book giveway #2 congrats!! Please email me at and I will get your book right out!! Also included will be some other goodies.. Because we all love fun stuff in the mail!!

Stay tuned for later in the day when I tell you about Book giveaway #3!! And I am SO excited about this book!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunday morning

I woke up early (7am) went to the gas station and bought some YUMMY coffee, which I may add I only drink about once every 6 months (caffeine and I are not friends) and picked up 2 Sunday papers. I was SO EXCITED to get home and clip coupons (crazy I know)

Then the hubby and I set out to do our grocery shopping with my coupon book in hand. I asked him at one point "Does this embarrass you?"

He said "No, it just slows it down a little bit"

The grand savings was $20 on our purchases some of it was sale stuff and some was coupons but the hubby was so impressed he said we should have been doing this sooner!! We also got a $5 gift card to use at another time! If we do this 10 times that $200 in our pockets!

And because I had to work Sunday night I was not finished till about 11 so I thought I would stop back at the same gas station to see if they had any papers left. They still have about 5 so I smiled nicely and asked "Seeing how its 11pm could I maybe have the coupons out of some of the newspapers you have left?"

AND THEY LET ME!!! I only took 3 more in case someone did want to purchase a paper but WEEHOOO I love me some coupons!

One of my favorite sites to check every day is My Frugal Adventures she explains what coupons and what store is having the deals (takes all the work out of it) she also links the coupons you can clip and how to "do" the sale....and

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bloggy Give Aways!!

We all love free stuff and one of my daily reads My Blonde Reality is giving away a FABULOUS prize for getting up to 300 followers!

So go comment and enter to win!!

And if you have not entered My Book Giveaway go here!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Book Giveaway!! #2

This was SUCH a great book!! I may have cried a little its an easy read but it may not be for everyone. Here is a brief "summary" that I totally stole from somewhere on the internet.

Kim Edwards's stunning family drama evokes the spirit of Sue Miller and Alice Sebold, articulating every mother's silent fear: what would happen if you lost your child and she grew up without you? In 1964, when a blizzard forces Dr. David Henry to deliver his own twins, he immediately recognizes that one of them has Down Syndrome and makes a split-second decision that will haunt all their lives forever. He asks his nurse to take the baby away to an institution and to keep her birth a secret. Instead, she disappears into another city to raise the child as her own. Compulsively readable and deeply moving, The Memory Keeper's Daughter is an astonishing tale of redemptive love.

Lifetime actually made it into a movie too... Its a great summer read! Who wants it??

1) Leave a comment ~ 1 entry

2) Become a follower ~ 1 entry.. or if you already are let me know in your comment ~ 1 entry

3) Enter by 12pm Tuesday July 14th!

YAY!! I love book giveaways!!

Oh and make sure to check back on Monday for 7 books in 7 days!! How fun!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fabulous Fridays

Ever have that dream where you find an AMAZING shoe and then buy it in every color?

Umm yeah? Or is that only me?

I bought the pink ones first, then the yellow came out... and then the green. And in my defense I did not buy them all at once, or even in the same week. This was stretched out among about 3 months. I LOVE ROSS which is where I bought all of them for under $12 a pair. I miss my Ross SO MUCH!!

I know I have shoe issues... I blame my mom!


Thursday, July 09, 2009


I am so getting a hang of this coupon thing!! I did not do as well as I could have because I did not have a coupon for EVERY ITEM, but I did pretty good and I know where I made my mistakes.

My total bill was $56.09 and out of pocket I only paid $8.67!! A savings of OVER $47!!

So I also purchased this

So I can duplicate the binder this lady had!! I am going to be a coupon MONSTER!! I spent a few hours yesterday scouring sites with coupons. Watching you tube on "how to do it" I am SO EXCITED about saving money on stuff we need anyways..

And I also discussed with the hubs when I can get stuff for free I am going to start a big box of stuff for one of the charities or "food banks" in our area! I can see the overflow becoming a certain problem..ha ha..

Look out retailers I am going to find you and the best deal I can get!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

We have a WINNER!!

The winner of the book giveaway is

Mrs R over at Blogging away
!! You should go say "hi" She's a military wife and she plays the guitar!

I used to pick the winner.. (such a cool site!) I wish I knew how to do the cute little cut and paste thing but I can not figure it out!

Congratulations!! Email me at and I will get your FABULOUS book out right away!

I will let you know tomorrow what the next book is!! I need to get to reading!!

In other FABULOUS news. Actually in HUGE news I was at Kmart last night and I walked passed this lady with a HUGE binder of coupons. She looked approachable so I said "hi" (thats the Canadian in me) and she was SUPER nice. I totally did not get her name though however she did show me HOW TO SHOP FOR FREE!!!!

With coupons. See I can clip coupons with the best of them but I rarely use them. She had this binder set up super user friendly and she gave me a BUNCH of tips.

I think we created a MONSTER I have been up all night printing coupons for FREE STUFF, well not free really (yet) but Kmart has a double coupon week and she showed me how (I was buying shaving cream for the hubs) to do it.

Shaving cream $1.99 (on sale)
Coupon $1 off x2 (double coupon)
= FREE!!!

I am so excited to shop for free.... I am heading back to Kmart with all my coupons and I will let you know when I return how I did! I am sure I will not be able to master it like she did, her and her husband bought $193 worth of stuff for $1.89. WOW!! I am so going to learn how to do this. She says its been YEARS since she has paid full price for anything she uses on a regular basis including house cleaning supplies!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

When will I ever learn?

You NEVER go to the grocery store when you have PMS? Like EVER? Or when you have PMS and are stressed.... And never at 9pm at night because "I think I need a snack.. I am craving something sweet"...

The loot.

Pumpkin pie (A WHOLE ONE)

Whip Cream (for on top of the pumpkin pie. duh?)

Cheesecake (in case you change your mind about the pumpkin pie.. or you want both?)

Strawberries to have ON TOP of the cheesecake... with whip cream..

Last but not least 4 (FOUR) flavors of Ben & Jerry's.

Umm yeah? I already feel my ass getting bigger!! And I was doing so GOOD!! This just means 2 hours a day of cardio.. AND ITS GOING TO BE WORTH EVERY BITE!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Fabulous Fridays!!

To enter the book giveaway go here!! Good luck!

So these babies are my cute little BCBG girls shoes I bought about 2 years ago.. I tried to find the post but its lost in all my "shoe" posts.

I know I got a good deal on them I just can not remember what. Oh and I still have not worn them because I had not found the PERFECT outfit...

Until NOW!! I found this fabulous dress (Ann Taylor) for $2 at my new favorite discount store. The pictures do not do it justice its really beautiful and its perfect for all of my engagements I have this summer!! So excited!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Book Giveaway!! #1

I really love Jen Lancaster, I have read all of her books. She is such a brilliant writer and shes SO funny! Her books are all memoirs about her life. How she went from a 6 figure income to poor and living in the ghetto. I mean look at her book covers? Does that not make you want to dive in!!

So this is my first of my 33 summer reading books I will be giving away!!

All you need to do is:

1. Leave a comment (1 entry) that you would LOVE to get this gem of a book in your mail box, it may be with a little bit of a surprise to go with it because I LOVE surprises!!!

2. Become a follower ( 1 entry) so I can check out your blog too!

3. Enter by Tuesday July 7th at 12pm. : )

Pretty easy huh? I am SO excited to give away all my books... I am going to have to start reading a little faster so I can start adding to my stack!!!

YAY!! Free books!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


**note to self while on trip to Canada, get more Canada paraphernalia***

You better believe I sported my Canada T-Shirt out today on the town. Not one person said anything about it ***sigh*** Stuck in a land being the only Canadian..
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