Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunday morning

I woke up early (7am) went to the gas station and bought some YUMMY coffee, which I may add I only drink about once every 6 months (caffeine and I are not friends) and picked up 2 Sunday papers. I was SO EXCITED to get home and clip coupons (crazy I know)

Then the hubby and I set out to do our grocery shopping with my coupon book in hand. I asked him at one point "Does this embarrass you?"

He said "No, it just slows it down a little bit"

The grand savings was $20 on our purchases some of it was sale stuff and some was coupons but the hubby was so impressed he said we should have been doing this sooner!! We also got a $5 gift card to use at another time! If we do this 10 times that $200 in our pockets!

And because I had to work Sunday night I was not finished till about 11 so I thought I would stop back at the same gas station to see if they had any papers left. They still have about 5 so I smiled nicely and asked "Seeing how its 11pm could I maybe have the coupons out of some of the newspapers you have left?"

AND THEY LET ME!!! I only took 3 more in case someone did want to purchase a paper but WEEHOOO I love me some coupons!

One of my favorite sites to check every day is My Frugal Adventures she explains what coupons and what store is having the deals (takes all the work out of it) she also links the coupons you can clip and how to "do" the sale....and Coupons.com


Jacylann Nix said...

wow! go you! i still have to motivate myself to coupon clip!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! That's awesome!

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