Saturday, July 18, 2009

It is not ok!!! Version #2

1. To BE A BITCH when you go out to dinner. And then to suggest THAT YOUR SERVER MIGHT SPIT IN YOUR FOOD!!! And when your friend agrees that "She should spit in your food" goes to say that you have been a total bitch this entire dinning experience!!

2. To let your kid SCREAM THEIR FACE OFF and just sit and enjoy your dinner like nothing is happening. Nothing at all. Its so loud EVERYONE in the restaurant is asking if the kid is ok and you continue to eat like you can not hear it. Its rude.

3. To MAKE A HUGE mess and then not even attempt to clean it. At all. I mean did you REALLY need to THROW YOUR SHIT ON THE FLOOR? Thats for penuts at some restaurants but certainly not ours. They are CARPETS you losers get some class.

4. To tip less than %10. Really. Really if the service is bad TELL THEM but still it is not ok to leave less than %10. I would NEVER leave less than %20 but the rule is AT LEAST %10. If you can not afford to tip do not go out to dinner.

5. To have an attitude when I ask you for ID. I do not care if you are 90 years old, its against the law in my state to serve you if you physically do not have your id on your person. And its a MISDEMEANOR on my permanent record. I'm not sorry, your NOT WORTH IT TO ME!! And when you cause a BIG stink and YELL at me because I refuse to serve you, and then my manager COMPLETELY backs me up and you leave in a huff.. We all laughed at you. Yes everyone in ear shot laughed at your stupid ass.

End Rant

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New Girl on Post said...

Ugh. Some people! Those are always the people I hated dealing with in retail too.

Jacylann Nix said...

holy moley! some people have no manners! hope your night got better!!

Sandy said...

I agree with you on all of that. I hate to see servers get treated ugly. I usually tip 20 percent if not more. But if a server is so bad, I start deducting before the end of the meal and see what I have left...but I still leave something decent...just not the extra that I would have left. We saw a big family eating at a mexican restaurant..not a taco bell... and they left the BIGGEST MESS I've ever seen on the table and the floor. There were lots of kids with them. but honestly, I don't get it. It's so so rude.

Mrs R said...

I totally get all of what you wrote. Kids screaming. Booh! Bitchy women. Booh! Kids that make a big ole mess and then thier parents seem like they dont even notice. Booh! If you cant tip at least 15% then hit up the drive thru somewhere. Where I work we have to tip our busser 1%, the hostesses 1%, the bar 1%, and on the weekends we have a food runner and its the norm to tip them $10, which is usually 1.5 or 2%. So that means if I dont get tipped more than 15% I have to pay taxes on more money than I make.

But on the bright side, I only have 3 more shifts to deal with and then I am dunzo. I never leave a bad tip and neither does my husband (he was already a good tipper when we started dating).

Karma is a bitch and I try to remember that when I get hosed or people make me mad.

I got my book in the mail the other day and I can't wait to start reading it. I have a lot of packing/stuff to get done before the hubby comes home so I think I'm gonna wait till I fly out there.

The Mrs. said...

oooh you have inspired a post for me.

I cant imagine the stories you must have from working at resturants.... please share. I've done retail but never food, my friend was a server for a couple years and her stories have me rolling on the floor.

Magnolia Sun said...

I really don't know why people have to be so rude. For the record we always clean our table and stack our plates!

Teresa said...

Oh no lol some people just have no idea how to get it together and be proper in public ahha.

secret agent woman said...

So how do you really feel about it? :)

I agree, and I also wish (after expereincing it this weekend) that people should cart screaming babies out of the movie theater.

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