Thursday, August 31, 2006

Today is a good day

Well there are a few reasons really.

1. Its a Thursday before a long weekend.

2. My cousin is coming to visit in October

3. Big brother is on tonight!!! (I AM SUPER excited about this one)

4. When my cousin comes out we get to go to Vegas WEEHOO also I will be taking her to the Knotts Scary Farm because she has PERFECT timing for it and the hubby pointed it out last night (reason #1275789 why I love the man)

5. Only 6 more hours of work.

6. Pretending to work while updating blog.

7. If I play my cards right I may get sex

8. I get to get new clothes for Vegas

9. And

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I got my 10 year green card. I am officially legal till August 2016, which to me is completely unfathomable right now.
Where will I be in 10 years? Who the hell knows. At least I will be able to go home and visit and not have to worry about any more paperwork. WEHHOO
YEAH for me.

My sister FINALLY (wink wink) emailed me today. Turns out all is well on the home front and mom is going back to work.
My sister just started college and I am SO proud of her. I am trying to convince her to come out and visit again. I am hoping to get home by the end of the year but I am a little Leary now because its GOING TO BE COLD!! Call me a baby, but last time I went home in November I was scared to leave the house. That's what 3 years living in California will do to you. (that and I am from the East coast...Really east coast -27 in the winter East coast)

Work is going well. If I must say so. I mean no one wants to work but a "few" thing have come up lately and I am looking at things a little differently than I was (yes I got more money) but its not about that. I think I am finally going to stop fighting it. I like what I do, work always sucks but if you have to work it may as well be something you LOVE to do?
Does that make sense?
Anyways I am happy for now.

I have my "interview" with Fair employment on the 6th (Wed) to see if I will be award the right to sue. Bastards who did not hire me, well they DID hire me then found out about my disability and then changed there minds. Read about it here and here
My own lawyer has also explained what will happen, once awared the right to sue the company is fined from the Gov and will settle outta court. I have kept all documentation from the "incident" so I should be Ok. I am not even looking for money its the priciple. I will have this disability for the rest of my life and its not fair that ANY company can treat you different because of it.
And they should pay and they will. Ironically I am doing THE EXACT same job as I was hired then not hired for so my lawyer says its open and shut case.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Classy lady?

Ugg getting back and getting caught up at work is SOOO much fun (NO NOT REALLY)

Ok Vegas stories, lets start with I'm a classy lady (Vegas version).

So the resort has a BEAUTIFUL pool, and 4 Jacuzzis and the hubby is not really much of a pool person. I on the other hand could lay in the sun ALL day, so when I crawled outta bed @ 1pm in the afternoon I sported my bikini and headed for the pool. It was a balmy 95- 100 degrees out and sunny, I pull up shop on a nice lounger and drop the sun dress as to be exposed in the bikini. Not being too comfortable in that situation I notice that no one really cares or is anyone pointing and laughing at the WHITE beached whale. So I gain some confidence as its clear I am not the only person who is self conscious here nor am I the grossest person at the pool (there was a man in his a hair sweater, you know that guy walking around like he's hot shit)
Anyways I have found a place to sit so its time to get some towels, I drop off my book and lotion and venture over to the towel counter. I keep my flip flops on because the ground is a little warm for bare feet and I am only going a few feet.
I get my towels (4 of them big fluffy ones in case the hubby joins me) and I turn to walk, just as I approach the Jacuzzi it happens.
My feet flip out under me on the slick spot on the deck and I BAIL HARD INTO THE CONCRETE
I look up at the sky lying flat on my back and I pray no one would notice. Did I mention the 4 fluffy towels I was holding had been hurdled up over my head and have landed in a HUGE wet spot (the one I slipped in)
Everyone saw. No one said anything. I tried to be a gracious as I could in my recovery and limped away wet towels and all back to my chair.
As if I did not feel self conscious before my crash landing (I have the bruised knee to prove it) try flying through the air in only a string bikini and landing twisted in a heap and hope you did not flash the poor children.
More to come…..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Back from Vegas

And I have so many stories to tell. But lets face it I am SOOO tired and they are going to take time to write but I will write one later!!
To sum it up it was SO much fun, the show was AWESOME!!! I got drunk, I fell and hurt my knee and believe it or not its not even related to the times I got drunk. I gambled (and won!)
I will have fun pool stories.
But I leave you with this picture that Caroline sent me that is so FRIGGIN hilarious.

Do you think my jeans are too tight? (click to see full picture)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Ok I just got home, I have not even started to pack (although I did lay out the shoes that total 10 pairs for 5 days) but the internet was down at work so I could not post today.
And that SUCKED ASS so bad as it was a really slow day and well...
Gotta Go
See you all in a few days!

Monday, August 21, 2006

You know you are addicted when??

To Big Brothers All Stars when..

1. You plan to leave to Vegas AFTER 9pm on Tuesday because you can not stand to miss an episode.

2. You are already plotting your "Thur" vacation night to include maybe a dinner AT the HOTEL as to not miss Big Brothers All Stars.

3. You GASP in horror as Howie gets backed doored by Chill Town.

4. You secretly hope that Jannelle (even though she ANNOYS THE HELL OUTTA ME) wins it all or at least stays in a few more weeks cause the WHOLE house hates her.

5. You think about getting the feed but no one at work would REMOTELY understand.

6. You secretly hope Chill Town chokes on a chicken bone

7. Chicken George is smarter than he lets on.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Links, Links, Links...

So I added more links. Some of these are great blogs that I have been lurking at but just got around to linking.
So if your linked to me and I have not linked you yet please email me or leave me a comment.
Or if you do not want to be linked same story...

Just another picture of my dream camera that I procrastinating about ordering.

My Big baby!

And I mean that in the sweetest of ways.
The hubby and I have been together for almost 8 years now and I have NEVER seen him get sick. I mean in 8 years he has had the random belly ache or headache once in awhile but I can never recall him being sick, sick.
Last night was a doozy, I mean HE WAS SICK and I heard him puke (he'll be mad I blogged about it but hey its my blog)
At first all he complained of was a belly ache so I gave him gravol (US people anti vomit stuff we call it gravol in Canada) and I thought that would be good. He slept for about 1/2 hour then jumped up to sit on the toilet for about and hour. Then he slept and at 2am he jumps outta bed and begins the worst vomit session I have ever heard.
And I mean I CAN PUKE! Ask anyone, and for any reason really but it made me really scared to hear him do it. I cried.
And today I get to take care of him for a change. But hes such a baby about being sick!!
"baby my head hurts" (which I jumped in the car and made a trip to the grocery store because I have a WHOLE PHARMACY of drugs at the house (vicodin, soma, flexeril, tylenol with codeine, valium you name it) but no friggin just plain Advil or Tylenol)
"Baby, my legs hurt"
"baby I want some ice cream"
"baby why does my body hurt so bad?"
"baby I want some cheese burgers" (McDonalds of coarse he gets this from me, no matter how sick I have been when I start to feel better its always McDonalds cheese burgers)

Its a nice change really. I guess I can not complain, its fun really for him to need me for a change.

Friday, August 18, 2006


So excited for the weekend. Not for any reason other than it’s the weekend and it means 2 days with no work. No thinking of work, no doing work, no knocking your head into walls about work..
And then that also means that only 2 more work days till out mini Vegas vacation that I am looking SO FORWARD TOO!!
I am excited to pull the blinds closed (for those who have never been to Vegas all the blinds in all the hotels have these HEAVY drapes that allow NO LIGHT WHAT SO EVER into the room so you can nap at ANY time of the day)
and stay in bed till noon.
Or sleep during the middle of the day and spend the night at a blackjack table…

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The story of this picture

Its funny really.
Ok so I used to be a bit of a bar fly, I went out A LOT and when I say A LOT we are talking probably about 6 nights a week. We (all my girls) used to have a schedule of sorts and it was grand really. Then I started working in the bar and it was more fun for the ladies. OK
I am a FIRM believer that one should NEVER for any reason drink and drive. I drive people crazy with this sometimes and I can be a little nuts about it, but I used to live right downtown only about a few blocks from the bar district so taking cabs was the only way to do it.
Well one night in the winter and the winters in CANADA are COLD!! And this particular night it was freezing rain so it was VERY WET AND COLD.
Oh and THE CAB COMPANIES HAD GONE ON STRIKE!!! so how was 3 damsels' in distress going to get home in this FREEZING RAIN with no cabs.
We took a tow truck of coarse…… True story this picture was taken with my baby cousin on the far left me in the middle and ms Harriette on the other side, I tried to get the truck driver in the picture buts it look s quite obvious that I was in no shape to be taking pictures.
But he took us home, he had no choice really as we all ran up to the truck and just climbed in, he was parked outside the bar because of the freezing rain and he was waiting to tow or jump someone's car….
I can not wait to tell my grandkids of the class I once had and the ingenuity to get home, never under estimate the will of a women (or 3 women really)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ok I am a freak!!! BUT THIS GUY IS WAY WORSE!

Do not open at work. This is so disturbing.
Hey I am all for tattoos I have 3 myself but this is a little EXTREME!
I stole this from Frankie

I mean puff the magic dragon on your penis???? See it here
I'll wait.....

What a freak!! I mean who wants the same tattoo as everyone else? And lets just say buddy has balls...Colorful but balls none the less. Lets not even talk about his ass hole......

Creative no?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

What beats a princess

A British Airways passenger cabin was being served by an obviously
gay flight attendant, who seemed to put everyone into a good mood as he served them food and drinks.

As the plane prepared to descend, he came swishing down the aisle and
announced to the passengers,

"Captain Marvey has asked me to announce that he'll be landing this big
scary plane shortly lovely people, so, if you could just put up your trays, that would be super."

On his trip back up the aisle, he noticed that a well-dressed rather
exotic looking woman hadn't moved a muscle.

"Perhaps you didn't hear me over those big brute engines." he said, "I
asked you to raise your trazy-poo,

so the main man can pitty-pat us onto the ground."

She calmly turned her head and said, "In my country, I am called a
Princess. I take orders from no one."

To which the flight attendant replied, without missing a beat,

"Well, sweet-cheeks, in my country I'm called a Queen, so I outrank you.
Tray-up, bitch."

**picture of "Dee Dee" (we call him Chris) at the Gay pride parade Ottawa, Ontario Canada 2001***

Friday, August 11, 2006

They are all dead!

They all are dead. All of them. At least they went together, but I thought it a bit strange that an WHOLE bag of gummy bears would commit mass suicide.
They had no choice really as I left them in the car (did I mention I live in Southern California and its been 100 out all week?)
So what did I do with the melted mass of gummy bears?
I ate it of coarse…. (AS IF I WOULD LET CANDY GO TO WASTE!!)
It was inevitable I guess they were yummy!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


While I perusing the isles at the mall I started to notice that there are some really "old" trends starting to come back. The first thing I started to notice was the "skinny" jeans. You know the ones that are supposed to be so tight that you lay back on the bed and wiggle your skinny ass into them and its the only way you can zip them up! (don't try to pretend you never did it) And then there are the leggings. I never DREAMED these would make a come back, I remember in high school wearing leggings with a hockey jersey and 8 hole docs (don't laugh at me)
And getting dressed up was wearing one of my moms blouses and a HUGE belt. Who knew these styles would make a come back.
Its too bad I am not a size 4 anymore and can no longer wear my mothers belts because lets just say my mother has NEVER gotten ride of anything that's ever gone outta style and she still has about 4 drawers full of belts.
Maybe that's were I get it from (the clothes hoarding)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The fuckers that are EARWIGS

Because its SOOO embarrassing I need to tell people the story of the ASSAULT/VIOLATION of the earwig climbing into my bed.
Well it happened once and I was like WHAT THE FUCK.
And then it happened again, I jump outta bed (I am such a light sleeper) ripe the covers back flip on the lights, much to the surprise of the husband who rolled over slowly, looked up at me like I was in fact crazy and went back to sleep.
I squish the little fucker in a Kleenex and try to go back to sleep.
As if you can sleep after this is the SECOND violation of this sort in less than a month. I am traumatized the husband does not remember the incident at all and thinks I make it all up.
So I starting thinking why do these little buggers like me?? Why do they never climb on him? He would be more fun and has a hairy chest to play in but they prefer to climb on my hairless arms (I shave them see this post).
Then it dawns on me, our apartment is pretty dry and the 2 times they have assaulted me its when I went to bed right after a shower and had wet hair.
AHHH it makes sense now. So I am telling this earwig grossness to a colleague cause she pointed out behind my desk that there is a family of cockroaches living in the trap that was set and she happens to mention to me that earwigs burrow into your head and lay babies.
Thus an intense search of the internet while I do weebie jebbie dances in my pants cause the proximity these little fuckers came to my head and the fact that my hair was wet was quite some drama.

The name earwig is derived from a European superstition that these insects enter the ears of a sleeping person and bore into the brain. This belief is totally unfounded. Earwigs develop from egg to adult through gradual metamorphosis with four to five nymphal instars or stages.

Weehhwww so no earwig babies in my ears. I have DOUSED the house in RAID and hopefully there will be no more violations of the fuckers.
And if there is we are going to have some serious issues because even now if a friggin hair brushes my ear/leg/face while I am sleeping I jump up like the crazy I am thinking it’s the family and they are back.


PS if anyone has any tips to exterminate these fuckers other than bathing in RAID please let me know

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The blind leading the blind (pretty much sums it up)

Are you friggin kidding me!!
Oh well that’s life I guess. Just I am not sure how much longer I can handle this.
See the way I see things if I am done my work I should go home, I have on many occasions tried and also offered to help others because this is what I do I can not sit back and "relax" so to speak while others are working on there things.
See this has bit me in the ass because I am done all my work and everyone "expects" me to help them yet no one has offered to help me.
So much so one day my own MANAGER came in after I had gotten here and I helped her with her work through the day then SHE LEFT BEFORE ME, can you believe that?
Anyways so I explained to the powers at be that I will no longer be helping ANYONE with there work. I was told I did not have to just to worry about my own stuff.
But our "supervisor" will no longer let anyone leave early because she wants us to "help" (**read do her work/filing/calling customers) and I will not.
So I sit here and blog and then I read blogs. Such is life.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I love my job

What a fun Day.

1. Work eagerly at you desk and look busy. It's important to not chat because if you do it looks like you have no work to do, listen actively to the conversation around you however only "chime" in if asked and make sure you have them ask 2 times to make it look like you are busy.

2. When someone asks you something. Hold up your band and say "Oh can you give me just one minute" and finish reading whatever you were reading (CNN, Blogs, personal email) and then after making them wait for at least 2 minutes ask what you can help them with.

3. Every once in a while sigh loudly under your breath and pick up a stack of papers (does not matter what) and walk outta the room and stop at the bathroom to check your makeup and hair. Maybe take a swing by the vending machine too.

4. Sort out the paperwork on your desk, pretend to look things up in the system and doodle some notes on the post its on your desk for authenticity.

5. Walk to the fax machine and take a look at what's arrived. Sort through it and take only what's yours. Do not distribute faxes look "too busy" to sort it all out.

6. Walk to the back of the warehouse because you have nothing better to do.

7. File your paperwork VERY slowly. This is important to avoid having anyone ask you for help.

8. Sigh loudly anytime someone drops something on your desk.

9. Don't look up when people walk into the room. Wait a few minutes and then if they ask you something make them ask again before you acknowledge them.

10. Work on this blog posting while type feverishly at your keyboard like you are doing something productive.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Drum Roll please!!

The Justin tickets sold for a whopping $416!! And to me that's INSANE!

I am so excited, and you all should be to, because I am finally going to take the plunge and buy this!!!

I AM SO EXCITED so soon to come will be MANY pictures of Random and her loved ones, maybe some cows and animals what ever I can really get my hands on.
Something some of you know about me is that I LOVE TO TAKE PICTURES, I always have. I think maybe in my past life I was a photographer or artist or something. I am a really picture whore actually I have pictures of all my loved ones all over my house but I have always opted to just use a Fuji Quicksnap, but quicksnap no more!! I have been wanting a REAL camera for so long now, and for some reason I just never bought one. I really could not warrant spending the money on it. But I love me SHANNI's blog she is such a great photographer and this is what she always used and I did me a little research and this camera comes HIGHLY recommended! WEEHOOO wish me luck!
I also imagine that this blog may have a bit of an update when I start to share some of my pics with you.
Stay tuned!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Top100 Brands

I thought this was really cool, and kinda surprising really to see where some brands made the list.

Top 100 American Brands

Who knew??

I thought for sure Starbucks would be hiring but they did grow by 20% this year which is HUGE! Also I was surprised that Coca-Cola was #1

The hubby is home tonight!!!

I am so excited. You would think he's been gone for a month. So after work I am going to go get my hair cut (it is so dire need now) get a pedicure, maybe pick up some lingerie. I am such a girly girl.

And I am REALLY looking forward to our week in Vegas. Its going to be so nice to just have nothing to do all day but lay by the pool, get drunk and gamble…

What a life. Oh and if (correction WHEN) I win big I can quit my job….

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Shopping Maniac

With the upcoming Vacation that I am SOOO looking forward too, I have been keeping my eyes pealed for some great deals for some new things to sport while we are in Vegas.
So far I bought 2 pairs off WICKED heals, I loved first pair I saw and they were so fabulous that they had them in another color so I got the exact same shoes 2 different colors.
Then I found out that Macy's has the GREATEST dress selection EVER and I found about 10 dresses that I LOVED!! and wanted to bring home but I narrowed it down to 2 one for our romantic anivesary dinner ( I tried to find pictures on the internet but there were none) and then a fun little polka dot number.
Oh and of coarse with the shoes I bought a wicked purse that matches both pairs, and with the dresses I found another...
And its still 3 weeks away.. I AM SO EXCITED!!

Oh and the tickets highest bid is $280 so far and there are still 2 more days to bid!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh Justin Timberlake

So after much thought and debate the tickets have been listed on EBAY.

I would LOVE to go to the show but then I got to thinking, its a Thursday night, in Anaheim (read**traffic hell**) I can not get the Friday off.



I am sure it would be a fabulous show and it would be fun and all but I just for some reason (and not just the money) do not think in my old age it would not be the thing to do.
I mean I can not even remember when I last stayed up past midnight and had to work the next day, and I Would not even be getting home till its time to shower and get to work


I am sure I can see it all on the internet anyways. If it was going to be a HUGE venue (like Staples center) then I would go but its just a small show and its all general admission and I am not really up to running around with a bunch of screaming hormonal women all night
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