Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The story of this picture

Its funny really.
Ok so I used to be a bit of a bar fly, I went out A LOT and when I say A LOT we are talking probably about 6 nights a week. We (all my girls) used to have a schedule of sorts and it was grand really. Then I started working in the bar and it was more fun for the ladies. OK
I am a FIRM believer that one should NEVER for any reason drink and drive. I drive people crazy with this sometimes and I can be a little nuts about it, but I used to live right downtown only about a few blocks from the bar district so taking cabs was the only way to do it.
Well one night in the winter and the winters in CANADA are COLD!! And this particular night it was freezing rain so it was VERY WET AND COLD.
Oh and THE CAB COMPANIES HAD GONE ON STRIKE!!! so how was 3 damsels' in distress going to get home in this FREEZING RAIN with no cabs.
We took a tow truck of coarse…… True story this picture was taken with my baby cousin on the far left me in the middle and ms Harriette on the other side, I tried to get the truck driver in the picture buts it look s quite obvious that I was in no shape to be taking pictures.
But he took us home, he had no choice really as we all ran up to the truck and just climbed in, he was parked outside the bar because of the freezing rain and he was waiting to tow or jump someone's car….
I can not wait to tell my grandkids of the class I once had and the ingenuity to get home, never under estimate the will of a women (or 3 women really)


Anne said...

you look so drunk!

insanity said...

Oh my god, how can you publish half of my face???? Nice memories though. If I remember corecttly, he wouldn't take any money for the ride either.....

rpm said...

You all look like you had a great evening!

steve said...

Great story and good decision!

Virginia Belle said...

that is a funny story! and that pic says 1,000 words--most of them slurred. :D

thanks for sharing!

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