Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The blind leading the blind (pretty much sums it up)

Are you friggin kidding me!!
Oh well that’s life I guess. Just I am not sure how much longer I can handle this.
See the way I see things if I am done my work I should go home, I have on many occasions tried and also offered to help others because this is what I do I can not sit back and "relax" so to speak while others are working on there things.
See this has bit me in the ass because I am done all my work and everyone "expects" me to help them yet no one has offered to help me.
So much so one day my own MANAGER came in after I had gotten here and I helped her with her work through the day then SHE LEFT BEFORE ME, can you believe that?
Anyways so I explained to the powers at be that I will no longer be helping ANYONE with there work. I was told I did not have to just to worry about my own stuff.
But our "supervisor" will no longer let anyone leave early because she wants us to "help" (**read do her work/filing/calling customers) and I will not.
So I sit here and blog and then I read blogs. Such is life.


astrocoz said...

Sounds pretty typical. I've had that happen to me so many times, its incredible!

T-girl said...

LMAO! So you joined the government huh?

Anne said...

Work blows. Sometimes you just cant win. I would cut out all of that helping other people stuff immediately.

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