Sunday, August 06, 2006

Drum Roll please!!

The Justin tickets sold for a whopping $416!! And to me that's INSANE!

I am so excited, and you all should be to, because I am finally going to take the plunge and buy this!!!

I AM SO EXCITED so soon to come will be MANY pictures of Random and her loved ones, maybe some cows and animals what ever I can really get my hands on.
Something some of you know about me is that I LOVE TO TAKE PICTURES, I always have. I think maybe in my past life I was a photographer or artist or something. I am a really picture whore actually I have pictures of all my loved ones all over my house but I have always opted to just use a Fuji Quicksnap, but quicksnap no more!! I have been wanting a REAL camera for so long now, and for some reason I just never bought one. I really could not warrant spending the money on it. But I love me SHANNI's blog she is such a great photographer and this is what she always used and I did me a little research and this camera comes HIGHLY recommended! WEEHOOO wish me luck!
I also imagine that this blog may have a bit of an update when I start to share some of my pics with you.
Stay tuned!

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jennster said...

holy crap=- THAT ROCKS!

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