Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Classy lady?

Ugg getting back and getting caught up at work is SOOO much fun (NO NOT REALLY)

Ok Vegas stories, lets start with I'm a classy lady (Vegas version).

So the resort has a BEAUTIFUL pool, and 4 Jacuzzis and the hubby is not really much of a pool person. I on the other hand could lay in the sun ALL day, so when I crawled outta bed @ 1pm in the afternoon I sported my bikini and headed for the pool. It was a balmy 95- 100 degrees out and sunny, I pull up shop on a nice lounger and drop the sun dress as to be exposed in the bikini. Not being too comfortable in that situation I notice that no one really cares or is anyone pointing and laughing at the WHITE beached whale. So I gain some confidence as its clear I am not the only person who is self conscious here nor am I the grossest person at the pool (there was a man in his a hair sweater, you know that guy walking around like he's hot shit)
Anyways I have found a place to sit so its time to get some towels, I drop off my book and lotion and venture over to the towel counter. I keep my flip flops on because the ground is a little warm for bare feet and I am only going a few feet.
I get my towels (4 of them big fluffy ones in case the hubby joins me) and I turn to walk, just as I approach the Jacuzzi it happens.
My feet flip out under me on the slick spot on the deck and I BAIL HARD INTO THE CONCRETE
I look up at the sky lying flat on my back and I pray no one would notice. Did I mention the 4 fluffy towels I was holding had been hurdled up over my head and have landed in a HUGE wet spot (the one I slipped in)
Everyone saw. No one said anything. I tried to be a gracious as I could in my recovery and limped away wet towels and all back to my chair.
As if I did not feel self conscious before my crash landing (I have the bruised knee to prove it) try flying through the air in only a string bikini and landing twisted in a heap and hope you did not flash the poor children.
More to come…..


srchngformystry said...
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srchngformystry said...

you are so hilarious, random. hair sweater? landing on your butt? hoping not to flash the kids?

god, thanks for the first laugh of the day.

glad youre back.

Anonymous said...

I knew we could count on you!

tee hee

astrocoz said...

Oh my! Hilarious and embarassing, such is the case! I love the hair sweater comment!

curmudgeon said...

Sorry I missed that!

Anne said...

Somehow I knew this was going to a trip and fall post.

Im so sorry..but thats so funny..

Hair sweater...gag me!

jennster said...

LOL- oh man! you're okay though, right?!

Andy said...

whewww, there is another great reason for not going to Vegas. Give me that good old ice and snow anyday, those wet pools though...how do people put up with that?

Mommy off the Record said...

Ouch. To fall is bad enough, but to fall in a string bikini in front of a bunch of people is quasi tragic. At least it would have been for me! LOL

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