Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Shopping Maniac

With the upcoming Vacation that I am SOOO looking forward too, I have been keeping my eyes pealed for some great deals for some new things to sport while we are in Vegas.
So far I bought 2 pairs off WICKED heals, I loved first pair I saw and they were so fabulous that they had them in another color so I got the exact same shoes 2 different colors.
Then I found out that Macy's has the GREATEST dress selection EVER and I found about 10 dresses that I LOVED!! and wanted to bring home but I narrowed it down to 2 one for our romantic anivesary dinner ( I tried to find pictures on the internet but there were none) and then a fun little polka dot number.
Oh and of coarse with the shoes I bought a wicked purse that matches both pairs, and with the dresses I found another...
And its still 3 weeks away.. I AM SO EXCITED!!

Oh and the tickets highest bid is $280 so far and there are still 2 more days to bid!

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Battlerocker said...

Nice. Enjoy it. :)

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